DIY Glitter Hair Pins for Girls!!!!

diy stardust on hair accessories

How many hair accessories do you have for your princess or for yourself? I have sooo many! My princess adores to wear every day something different, so have decorated a few of them with different schema and colors in order to use them with different cloths. But of course, they all have glitter dust on them!

diy materials for girly hair pins

Materials for Glitter Hair Pins for little girls:

– plastic alligator hair clips

– glitter dust in many colors

– no colored nail polish

– wash tape

– tiny flower paper patcher (or any schema you would like to use)

tutorial gliter hair girly accessories

First Procedure: Actually this one is really easy. Just add nail polish on the alligator clip and throw glitter dust on it.

diy pink hair pins for girl

Let is dry for a few minutes and then pass it again with the same nail polish to make the dust more stable. Let it dry well. Your clips are ready!

diy floral glitter hair pin

Second Procedure: Now let’s try to make a few tiny flowers on your hair clips. First cut a piece of your tape and use your paper pancher to make a couple of tiny flowers on it. Glow it on the hair clip.

tutorial tiny flower stardust on hair accessories

Add the nail polish on the empty from tape spaces and then throw the glitter dust. Allow to dry for a while and remove the tape carefully. Add again nail polish to make it more stable and let it dry well.


how to decorate hair pins with glitter

Your alligator hair clips are ready! Full of colors, with glitter and so unique! Your princess or your friends are going to love them!

diy stardust on hair accessories

Happy Crafting!!!

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