DIY Choker Necklace with Pearl beads and Seed beads

Hello lovely readers! It’s been a while since we share you video tutorials last time, really sorry to let you wait for so many days. Today I’ll share you a new video tutorial on how to make a beautiful choker necklace, hope you like it.

DIY Choker Necklace with Pearl beads and Seed beads

You know, choker necklaces have been on trend for centuries, and they were only accessible to noble ladies and rich women in the past. But now, they are not so unreachable as before, any girl can have one if she wants. And we can even make one at home! If you want to make your own choker necklace, here is a video tutorial for your reference, enjoy it!

To make this elegant choker necklace, you’ll need:
2.0~3.0mm Honeydew Seed Beads
8mm Lavender Blush Pearl Beads
3~4mm Pink Pearl Beads
3mm Pink Seed Beads
2mm White Seed Beads
Tibetan Style Toggles
0.3mm Tiger Tail

Choker necklaces are popular not only because they are graceful, but also because they can well match girls’ daily outfits and make them eye-catching. If you want to be more charming, try a choker necklace!

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