A Collection of Eye-Catching Jewelry Worth of Your Attention!

Good afternoon dear friends, welcome to see today’s customer show! Today I am going to share you a series of wonderful jewelry designs by Prathima Acharya. You will fall in love with them I promise~ now let’s see together.
cool necklace1.cool pendant necklace design
Wow, I am fascinated with the jewelry pattern, especially the cool pendants! Why do I say the jewelry pattern is cool and special?Here is the reason below: even if these pendants are at different length, they are placed according to a certain rules! Do you find out? Yes, they are placed symmetrically. The longest pendant is in the center and others are decreased progressively both on left and right sides.
personalized necklace2.personalized necklace
Here, I’d love to share you another personalized necklace. What occurs to you when seeing such a pretty necklace? I think it’s so funny~ frankly speaking, I thought about octopus and jellyfish at sight of it. The necklace loop is the head of octopus and the part below is the claws. Do you think so?
fresh jewelry setting3.fresh jewelry setting
Do you love natural green gemstone beads? Anyway, I love them so much! Natural green color is inclined to make people have a placid mood and reveal a kind of quiescent beauty. This type of jewelry usually suits quiet and graceful female.
wonderful jewelry setting4.vintage jewelry setting
What allures me most is the Tibetan silver spacer beads. These silver spacer beads look so exquisite and a unique national style. If the jewelry setting has no these Tibetan silver beads, it will lose the glory. The whole colors are inclined to dark, so you had better wear dark clothes when in the jewelry setting~
Hey guys, which one do you like best? Maybe it’s hard to say. Because all of them are so fabulous~ hope you like today’s sharing, see ya next time~

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