A Collection of Eye-Catching Jewelry Design by Our Customer

Happy Wednesday dear friends, as usual, it’s our customer show. Today I am going to share you some fantastic jewelry design by Алена Венгер. Let’s see together~
Beaded Dangle Earrings1. Beaded Dangle Earrings
Stunning! I love this pair of earrings so bad! Have you been attracted by the natural obsidian pendants? Its shape is so cute. In addition, the glass bugle beads also absorb me a lot. I think the designer is so innovative to use glass bugle beads to decorating its pendants. Blue plus black looks so mysterious! Do you think so?
beaded necklace with conch2. Beaded Necklace with Conch
What comes into your mind when seeing the beaded necklace with conch? Do you think it bears an exotic style? Anyway, it’s very unique in my eyes! Imagine that you enjoy the wind and water by the sea wearing such a conch necklace and a beautiful dress, how do you feel? It’s so cozy! I will try it in next summer~
Black Dragonfly Ornament3. Black Dragonfly Ornament
What a nice ornament! I hardly see black dragonfly ornaments before, so I think it will stand out among various ornaments. You can either hang it on your purse or children’s schoolbag, which are both very chic. It looks so vivid. I love the black glass beads used~
Fashion Seed Bead Necklace4. Fashion Seed Bead Necklace
Wow, it really shocks me! This kind of jewelry design is soooo personalized! Frankly speaking, i thought about the pretty feather of peacocks. The pendants are so similar to peacock’s feather, do you agree with me? Besides, I think seed beads suit to be used to make such jewelry of this style perfectly!
Hey how do you think about today’s jewelry introduced? Even though they are different styles, they all are pretty stunning and unique, right? Hope you like them. And wish you a happy day~

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