DIY Simple Bar Pendant Necklace within 10 Minutes

Recently, bar pendant necklace is increasingly popular among the jewelry fans. And most of them tend to make something they like by themselves. I believe you will understand how to diy a simple beaded bar necklace after seeing this tutorial.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner680330
Things needed to diy simple bar pendant necklace:

  1. 2mm seed beads
  2. Silver lobster clasps
  3. Silver jump rings
  4. Silver eyepins
  5. Silver twisted chain
  6. Round nose plier
  7. Needle nose plier
  8. Diagonal plier

Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner600400
Step1: Make the bar seed bead pendant
Firstly, slide 2mm seed beads onto the sliver eyepin, and you can choose all kinds of colors you like, red, blue, pink, green and so on.
Secondly, make a loop at the other end of the eyepin.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner1600400
Thirdly, attach the two jump rings to the two ends of the loops.
Fourthly, repeat the first and second steps for several times to get the seed bar pendant you want. Then connect all the seed bar pendant you did with the two jump rings we referred in third step.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner2600800
Step2: Make the necklace chain
Firstly, trim off the two silver twisted chains, and combine them with the jump rings at two ends respectively.
Secondly, using a silver lobster clasp to connect the two twisted chain.
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner3600400
Then it is done, a colorful simple bar pendant necklace!
Easy Multi-colored Seed Bead Pendant Necklace Instructions for Beginner6004001
I believe you will never doubt any more it is so easy to diy a beaded bar pendant necklace. Try by yourself and it will not let you down.

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Collection of Butterfly Accessories

Happy Friday guys! Today I’d like to share you something really beautiful – butterfly accessories! I believe everybody has the experience of chasing after butterflies. As a symbol of beauty and freedom, butterfly can always remind us of our innocent and happy childhood. How beautiful those gold old days are! We cannot stay young forever, but we can make something to remember our wonderful days! So now, let’s make some pretty things to souvenir those beautiful days!

Beaded butterfly earrings
Beaded ButterflyDesigner: Daniela Buzziol
Materials used: green jewelry wire, tiny pearl beads, green glass beads, seed beads, alloy flower charms, jump rings, and earring hooks.

Butterfly hair clip
butterfly hair clipDesigner: Silver Flower
Materials used: brass hair clip and resin cabochon

Butterfly link bracelet
Butterfly Link BraceletDesigner: Nancy Baquet
Materials used: alloy butterfly link, blue glass beads, blue cat eye beads, headpins, jump rings, and clasps

Butterfly on leaf earrings
Butterfly on LeafDesigner: Ihor Leskiv
Materials used: earring hooks, silver leaves, acrylic butterflies, and jump rings

Tibetan style butterfly earrings
Tibetan Butterfly EarringsDesigner: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials used: antique bronze earring hooks, Tibetan style butterflies, clear glass beads, Czech glass beads, Tibetan style bead caps, cross chains, and jump rings

So, among all those five fantastic butterfly accessories, which one is your favorite? I love them both, but my favorite is the first one. Because the light colored beads can remind me of beautiful spring days. But for wearing, I think the last two earrings would be better than the first one for autumn days. And the blue colored hair clip and bracelet could be great for every season. Do you agree with me?

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Inspirations for DIY Halloween Accessories

Hello guys, happy Wednesday! Customers’ beadwork show as usual. Since Halloween is coming, I’d like to share you some Halloween accessories made by our lovely customers, hope you guys can get inspired for your own Halloween DIYs.

Wire wrapped skull beaded Halloween tree

Colorful Skull Beads Halloween Tree

Designer: Sunny Smith
Materials needed: skull beads, cat eye beads, jewelry wire, and jewelry making plier sets.
This colorful skull family tree is cute rather than creepy. But there is no doubt this lovely pendant is great for Halloween. If you wanna make it, be patient with those wire things.

Earrings and necklace for Halloween night

Earrings and neclace HALLOWEEN NIGHT

Designer: Ihor Leskiv
Materials needed: earring hooks, bat charms, moon charms, moon night charm, chain, clasps, yellow cord, and black cord.
It’s not difficult to make this adorable Halloween night jewelry set, and they are great for young girls and kids.

Evil eye pendant necklace

evil eye pendent necklace

Designer: Marginean Liana Georgeta
Materials needed: evil eye cabochon, glass beads, seed beads, jewelry wire, jump rings, and clasps.
When I saw this evil eye at first sight, it reminded me of the eye of Sauron. It must be very cool to wear a Sauron eye at Halloween night!

Pumpkin charm bracelet

Pumpkin Charm Bracelet

Designer: Marina Akinina
Materials needed: pumpkin charms, green glass beads, transparent acrylic beads, chain, jump rings, and toggle clasps.
When it refers to Halloween, how can we forget pumpkins? Besides the pumpkin pies, we also need some pumpkin accessories! And this pumpkin bracelet could definitely be a great example!

Spider and web earrings

Spider and Web Earrings

Designer: Susan Gammons
Materials needed: earrings hooks, jump rings, web links, headpins, crystal beads, and spider charms.
Wow! I love the combination of cold color and warm color. The web and spider links are cool and kinda creepy, they are great for Halloween. And the bright colored crystal beads will absolutely make the person wearing the earrings eye-catching!

So, that’s all we get today, do you like them? Any new ideas, welcome to share!

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DIY Beaded Glass Charm Tutorial for Christmas

diy Christmas dinner table decor

Christmas is near and I am already thinking gifts for friends and decor ideas for dinner table. Well, little cute wine glass charms for Christmas, yeah!! You are going to love them… so let’s make the DIY glass charms together in less than 5 minutes!

diy wine glass charm materials

What are we going to need for beaded wine glass charms:
– Small silver charms
Aluminium wire
– Crackle glass beads
– Jump Rings
– Plier set
free tutorial dinner table decor

This is a really easy to make craft. First cut a small piece of the wire.

diy silver star beaded wine glass charm

Pass the silver charm and the glass beads in the wire according to your taste. Make a close loop with the plier in each and and we are done!

diy Christmas dinner table decor

The loops will work like two small lobsters and will make stable the charm on the wine glass.

how to decorate wine glass for dinner tablecrackle beaded wine glass charm decor

Aren’t the DIY wine glass charm sooooooo cute? Your guests will be surprised and your Christmas dinner table decor will be unique! Happy Crafting!

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New Arrivals of Gorgeous Bib Necklaces

Hello guys! Last Friday I’ve shared you four fantastic bib necklaces made by our brilliant customer Evgeniy Slomintsev, do you like those beautiful necklaces? We all know it takes time and asks for skills to design and make a successful bib necklace at home, then how about buy a gorgeous one with very reasonable price? Here, I’m gonna show you some of our new arrivals of bib necklaces, I bet you’ll love them! Enjoy the show!

Alloy bib necklaces

alloy bib necklaces 1

Do you like these Boho style bib necklaces? They all made by alloy and decorated with colorful beads and metals. I think they are really pretty! Of course, besides the Boho style ones, we’ve got many Tibetan styles either.

alloy bib necklaces 2

They look pretty cool and exotic, right? And apart from those previous two styles, there are much more alloy bib necklaces on our website, but we need to save some space for others, so, following are another six alloy bib necklaces, if you wanna see more, click here.

alloy bib necklaces 3

Acrylic beaded bib necklaces

acrylic beaded bib necklaces 1

These three necklaces are made with metal and decorated with acrylic beads. Three different styles, but both of them are cool!

acrylic beaded bib necklaces 2

And all these three are made with acrylic beads. Look at those colorful beads, they are so pretty! They could be very popular among kids.

Glass beaded bib necklaces

glass beaded bib necklaces

Among all those four necklaces, which is your favorite one? I love the first one best. Because the glass beads are so shiny, they look like real crystals and I love crystals!

Resin bib necklaces

Resin bib necklaces

Well, to be honest, I’m not quite familiar with resin, but whatever, I love those resin necklaces! LOL~ They are gorgeous!

Shell and pearl bib necklaces

shell and pearl bib necklaces

Yes, as you can see in the images, the first three are mainly made with seashell and the last three are made with pearl beads. I’ve seen many kinds of pearl accessories, but shells, wow, they are surprising me!

Now, after seeing so many fabulous bib necklaces, do you find your favorite one? If you wanna buy one, click for more choices!

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