Fashionable Ladder Necklace DIY

Hello guys! What do you think of this glass bead necklace?

Fashionable Ladder Necklace

When it refers to glass bead necklaces, what first occur to me are the necklaces made with various round glass beads. So when I saw this glass bugle bead necklace, I was really surprised! But I have to say it’s gorgeous! It looks so cool! And now, I’m here to share you the video tutorial on how to make this cool, fashionable, and unique ladder necklace, enjoy it!

If you are going to DIY it, following are the materials and tools you will need:

Black Glass Bugle Beads
4mm Gold Round Beads
Crimp Beads
Toggle Clasp
Jewelry Wire
Wire Cutting Pliers
Flat Pliers

And of course, for the beaded pattern, you can choose different color beads as you like. I bet you will be amazed by your own handwork, just do it!

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