DIY Pearl Pendant Necklace with Silver Pendant Tray

How to Make a Colorful Pearl Pendant Necklace with Silver Chain at Home 680330Happy Thursday, guys, after long time working, it’s time to relax. Today I’d love to share you a very relaxing tutorial—DIY long pearl pendant necklace with colorful pearl beads. Making the cheap pearl pendant necklace is so easy and funny, come on with me to see HOW!

Supplies needed for DIY pearl pendant necklace:
2.5mm pearl acrylic beads, silver twisted chain, silver lobster clasps, silver jumprings, silver pendant trays, glue gun, needle nose pliers.
How to Make a Colorful Pearl Pendant Necklace with Silver Chain at Home 600400
Step 1: Prepare the pearl pendant.
Add a certain amount of 2.5mm pearl acrylic round beads to the silver pendant tray with glue gun.
How to Make a Colorful Pearl Pendant Necklace with Silver Chain at Home 1600400
Step 2: Combine silver twisted chain and lobster clasp.
Trim a proper length of silver twisted chain, and pass it through the finished bead pendant.
Hang a jumpring to both of the ends of silver chain, then combine the 2 ends of necklace with a silver lobster clasp.
How to Make a Colorful Pearl Pendant Necklace with Silver Chain at Home 2600400
Here is our finished DIY long pearl pendant necklace.
How to Make a Colorful Pearl Pendant Necklace with Silver Chain at Home 6004001
Wanna learn more great tutorials with us? Please go visit our Jewelry Making Tutorial page! Have fun~

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Adorable Rings Designed by Customers

Hello there! Customers’ beadwork show as usual! We’ve shared you various of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets designed by our customers. But it seems we’ve never shared you rings made by our customers. So today I’d like to share you some simple yet cute rings. Hope you like them and get inspired.

Easy DIY rings

easy DIY ring

Designer: Nancy Baquet
Materials: silver cooper wire, gold jewelry wire, mixed color seed beads
This is one of the easiest types of DIY rings, all you need to do is thread the beads onto the wire and fix the wire.

Pink pearl ring

pink pearl ring

Designer: Eileen McRory
Materials: pink pearl bead, pink seed beads, pink glass beads, jewelry wire
This pearl ring is very elegant. And it’s not so difficult to make. If you wanna make one, just go find an online tutorial and try it.

Spike ring

spike ring

Designer: Hajnalka Tot Kanjo
Materials: ring base finding, black seed beads, black glass beads, jewelry wire
It looks really cool! If you wanna make something punk, try this cool spike ring!

Vintage ring

vintage ring

Designer: Ginalicious Trouve
Materials: vintage ring base finding, resin cabochon
What a graceful ring! And it’s easy to make either! Just go get a vintage ring base and a resin flower cabochon, and glue them together, then you get a lovely ring. Sounds really great right?

Wire wrapped ring

wire wrapped ring

Designer: Minh Hang
Materials: natural labradorite bead, jewelry wire
If you don’t like dark colored beads, you can replace the labradorite bead with glass bead, crystal bead, jade bead, or any other gemstones you like. If you are going to make one for your friend, I think birthstone could be a great choice.

So, after viewing all these lovely rings, do you want to make one by yourself? If you want to, but you don’t know how to, just search a tutorial online! Once get started, you’ll enjoy your crafting!

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Cool Accessories Made with Tibetan Style Pendants

Hello guys! Today I’m going to share you some Tibetan style accessories designed by our customers. I know many of you may be crazy fans of Tibetan style jewelry, but we all know it’s difficult to make a delicate Tibetan accessory. So, how about let’s get start with the simple ones? What I’m gonna show you are very simple accessories, even a green hand can make one quickly. Let’s take a look!

Cool Tibetan Owl Pendant Brooch

Cool Tibetan Owl Pendant Brooch

Designer: Марина Кириченко
Main materials: green glass beads, Tibetan style owl pendant, antique sliver leaf pendants, flower shaped bead caps, glass pointed back rhinestones (eyes of the owl), iron brooch finding.

Hippie Leaf Earrings with Flowers

Hippie Leaf Earrings with Flowers

Designer: Susan Gammons
Main materials: Tibetan silver leaf pendants, flower beads, earring hooks

Tibetan Anchor Love Earrings

Tibetan Anchor Love Earrings

Designer: Stavria Pan
Main materials: Tibetan style anchor carved word love pendants, earring hooks

Tibetan Instagram Pendant Earrings

Tibetan Instagram Pendant Earrings

Designer: Radka Bílková
Main materials: vintage Tibetan style camera pendants, glass pointed back rhinestones, earring hooks

Tibetan Pirate Pendant Necklace

Tibetan Pirate Pendant Necklace

Designer: Susan Gammons
Main materials: Tibetan style alloy anchor with skull pendant, grade A glass pointed back chaton rhinestones, Czech glass beads, chain, jump rings

As I’ve said before, all those five accessories are very easy to make, now you must be agree with me right? If you like any one of them, all you need to do is to gather the materials and link them together. And if you ask which one is my favorite, I’d like to choose the last one, because it’s great for the coming Halloween.

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Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

Sometimes you just want to make an “wow” piece! Why not make this tassel pendant necklace with crystal beaded hoop? You just need a few beautiful jewelry making supplies!

Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

Materials for making the tassel pendant necklace:
-crystal glass beads (I used 4mm)
-a ready-made hoop for earrings
-a jumpring
-some chain
-a tassel (I also used an end cap to make my tassel more beautiful)

You’ll also need flat-nose pliers and round-nose pliers
Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

Glue the tassel in the ending cap. Then take the hoop and thread the beads the way you like and the tassel in the middle.
Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

To secure the hoop use your flat pliers the way you see in the picture.
Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

This is how it should look like when secured.
Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

I glued some small decorations on that gap between the beads where the hoop is secured.
Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

Finally with a jumpring attach your new pendant to the chain.
Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

That’s it! Wear it and be happy!
Beautiful Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace DIY

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Fresh Shell Pendants for Your Jewelry Designs

Hello guys! Happy Monday! Any new plans for this week? As usual, today I’m here to share you some of our new arrivals of this week! So far, we’ve shared you various kinds of beads, chains, jewelry sets, and so on. And now, I’d like to introduce you something special – shell pendants! Wanna know more details? Let’s have a look together!

Freshwater shell pendants

freshwater shell

Freshwater shell is a kind of common shell. You must have seen many kinds of freshwater shells in different waters, but have you ever thought those ordinary shells can make such beautiful pendants? What a lovely surprise!

White shell pendants

white shell

Can you believe these gorgeous white pendants are made by shell? I thought they were made by jade or white emeralds! They look so clear and kind of transparent, which is quite similar to jade and emeralds.

Black lip shell pendants

black lip shell

Wow! They are so delicate! Look at the elephant pendant, it seems the elephant is walking under the sunshine, so warm! I love those wonderful color variations!

Pink shell pendants

pink shell

Pink is a warm color, it is not so enthusiasm as red, but it can make people look young. If you want to make some girly earrings or simple pendant necklaces, you can try these pretty pink shell pendants.

Paua shell pendants

paua shell

If you are looking for something dreamy and fantastic, you shall never miss these fabulous paua shells. Their dreamy colors are so attractive and dizzying, they’ll absolutely make your works amazing!

Other sea shell pendants

other sea shell

There are so many kinds of sea shells, so I don’t know which the exact shells are used to make these pendants. However, they look really great right?

Apart from what I’ve listed above, there are many other shell pendants on our website, if you want to see more, welcome to visit

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