Funky Blue Pom Pom Ring Tutorial

free jewelry making ring diy pom pom ring

Sometimes I just want to try to create something a little bit unusual and different from the jewels I usually do. And this time I just wanted to try something with a pastel blue pom pom I had. What I did? A funky blue pom pom ring that you are going to love it for sure! You only need 5 mins from your time and three materials!

diy fluffy pom pom ring

What are we going to need for the funky pom pom ring

Ring Blanks
– Pom Pom Bead
– Glass Painted Bead (or any beads you like)
– Jewelry Glue
– Needle
– Sewing Thread
– Scissor
blue pastel pom pom ring tutorial

Step 1: Let’s start with the pom pom bead. First cut it with the scissor on the one side just to make it more flat.

embroidery beaded pom pom ring diy

free ring tutorial

Step 2: Use the needle and the thread and sew the glass bead on the pom pom. Make a simple knot on the back in order to make the bead more stable.

free diy stackable funky ring

Step 3: Add glue on the ring base and put the pom pom on it. Let it dry for a few hours.

tutorial how to create a fluffy funky cute ring

Your pom pom ring is ready!!! What do you think? Is this something that you could wear??? Well for me…yes! Because sometimes it is really great to use uncommon accessories and jewels that are funky or so cute! My fluffy ring is one of this kind!

Happy Crafting!!!!

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Brand New Stainless Steel Pendants for You

Hello guys! Monday again! Wish you guys a happy week! Last Monday I’ve introduced you some cool stainless steel bracelets, do you like them? Today I’m gonna share you some stylish stainless steel pendants! You know, it’s really difficult for me to choose pictures for this post, because there are sooo many lovely pendants on our website! So finally I decided to list some of my favorite ones here, if you wanna see more, please search them on

Skull pendants

skull pendants

Wow! Those skull pendants are cool and creepy! They are definitely great for the coming Halloween! Do you like them? I like the first one and the goat skulls, they are delicate in design and good in quality. Just look at the red crystal in the skull’s eye, so cool!

Halloween pendants

Halloween pendants

Apart from skulls, those spiders and scorpion are great for Halloween either. If you wanna make other accessories rather than pendant necklaces, you can search for Halloween beads on our website, you’ll find more items there.

English letter pendants

English letter pendants

Do you know why I choose the letter “L” and “C” here? Because “LC” is short for “Learning Center”, which is a place you can find many jewelry making tutorials, ideas, and videos.

Chinese character pendants

Chinese character pendants

The first one means love, the second one means destiny, and the last one means luck and happiness. Which one is your favorite?

Heart pendants

heart pendants

Since we are talking about pendants, how can we forget heart pendants? We’ve got heart shaped pendants and other shaped pendants with heart patterns, no matter what kind do you want, there must be one could meet your need.

Pendants for couples

pendants for couples

Well, apart from heart pendants, we’ve got more for couples, do you like them?

At last, here come my favorite ones! The superhero pendants!

super hero pendants

Thor, superman, and batman, which one is your favorite hero? I have to say it’s really hard for me to make a choice! I love them all! I’m a super fan of Superhero Movies, I wanna all of these lovely pendants!

So, after viewing all those cute stainless steel pendants, do you find your favorite one? If you wanna see more, welcome to visit our website, you’ll find more jewelry making supplies which will surprise you! Welcome to PandaHall, and happy shopping!

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Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory

Hi Guys, It’s always excited to show you these brilliant jewelry works created by our dearest customers every week! Because that’s really a perfect time to showcases the variety and quality of our beads and findings in different designs! So today, you’ll see some classic accessories in jewelry world – Pearl jewelry! I know most of young girls would feel that pearls are something only for our moms or grand moms. However, I don’t think so. Pearl jewelry can be also stunning to wear if we change up the colors, sizes or patterns. Like below pearl jewelry designs, you can find our customer Eileen McRory finished these gorgeous pearl jewelry projects with different diameters of pearl beads and beading patterns. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 1
The multi-strand pearl necklace used the big pearl beads in lines and made it a elegant choker one. However, if you look it carefully, you may find she actually did one lines of pearl beads first, and added pearl dangles in the middle then thread the 3rd line along with the dangles in between. How smart!

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 2
Personally, the pearl necklace is really a great wedding jewelry piece, as the pretty combinations of pearls and pure clear glass beads can never be wrong for any wedding gown. Don’t forget that you can make a ideal gift for one of your girl friends who’s going to be married!

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 3
Well, a little intricate pattern I must say! An experienced beader can make it without problem. If you truly love this one, go online and learn some basic stitch pattern first and then start digging into it. Or leave a message her here.

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 4
What do you think of this pearl necklace? It looks like the zig zag pattern being used, however, it’s just made with the basic stitch pattern right angle weave varying with different sizes of pearl beads. Wanna have a try?

Stunning Pearl Jewelry Designs from Eileen McRory 5
The last one is my favorite, because I’m always struggling in between girly and eccentric styles. This piece brings mix of ladylike staple and a kind of vintage feel, could be great accessories for a night party!

So which of the above pearl jewelry designs you love best? Here, we want to express our deep gratitude to Eileen McRory who shared with us her amazing designs. And below are some other beautiful works made by her. Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for customer beadwork show next week!

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Vintage Inspired Necklaces by Customers

Every time I went to the flea market with my girls, I would always be obsessed in the beautiful vintage jewelry, especially vintage inspired necklaces. All are fancy but highly priced, however I’m pretty sure everyone can make it with their own hands. In today’s post, I’m sharing some pretty awesome DIY vintage jewelry necklace made by our creative customers. Let’s check them out one by one!
Vintage Inspired Necklaces by Customers
Cabochon Pendant SettingClear Glass CabochonsAntique bronze heart pendant
Dangled with 3 cool pendants on necklace chain, namely flower & butterfly pedants; photo cabochon pendant; filigree heart pendant, which all make the vintage design so charming.

Vintage Inspired Necklaces by Customers 1
Tibetan Style Links, FlowerFlower Resin Cabochons
Antique style flower link are used in this vintage necklace. Being glued with purple flower, it looks retro also a little girly. :)

Vintage Inspired Necklaces by Customers 3
Tibetan Style Cabochon SettingRound Gemstone Cabochons
Cabochon pendants are one of my favorite. And such a way of mixing the cabochons with antique jewelry findings can never be out of the fashion trend!
Vintage Inspired Necklaces by Customers 4
Tibetan Style Charms, GourdHeart Lobster Claw Clasps;
Have to say that those coiling charms are so adorable. Well, well in fact they are actually made by machine, instead of handmade wire coils. Love this light blue gemstone beads as well!

Vintage Inspired Necklaces by Customers 5
Antique Bronze Chandelier Components; Flower Bead Caps
Pearls and old style jewelry findings are well matched. They are so classic and can never be wrong in vintage jewelry designs. Don’t you think so?

In short, if you want to make vintage jewelry, go for some earthy jewelry making supplies, like antique bronze colored pendants, chains, etc. or some lace, ribbon, rhinestone… Just come and visit our web site,, where you’ll find numerous antique style beads and findings for sale. And also don’t miss our monthly sale – 75% OFF!!

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Cord Statement Necklace

Who doesn’t love a good statement necklace? I am, so I’m always trying to find new ways to make one! This time I used cord in 3 different colors. Read on to see how to make this DIY statement necklace!


Here are the materials I used for this statement necklace:
-cotton cord (rope) in 3 different colours
-magnetic clasp
-faux stone cabochon
-flat aluminium wire

Start by placing the cords the way you like. The two smaller pieces were the same length and I used the black one as the primary color. It’s hard to keep them in place so add a dab of glue between them to make it easier.


Then cut two pieces of your wire and use it to wrap the cords together so they stay together. You can wrap that wire with your hands, it’s very flexible. Just make sure to tack the ends nicely at the back using pliers.


Now glue the cabochon in the middle.


Finally you’ll need to glue the clasp. The ends of this cord fray easily so to be able to fit them in the clasp a good trick is to cover them with some tape first.


Glue them, let it dry and you are ready!


Now go ahead and wear your new necklace! Be happy!


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