Elastic Arm Candy Bracelet for Young Girls!!!

tutorial beaded bracelet for young girl

Having a young daughter is actually a challenge! Every day she grows up so fast and now that she is already a young lady, she wants jewels for herself. So, we have crafted a cute stretch arm candy bracelet in orange shades with silver details and a millefiori glass bead. Just check out the below to see how to make this arm candy bracelet! It is really easy…

materials elastic bracelet making

Jewelry making supplies  for elastic arm candy bracelet:
– Orange Acrylic Beads (5mm)
– Silver Plated Beads (2 beads of 5mm)
– Millefiori Bead (6mm)
Elastic Wire
– Needle
– Scissor

diy beaded millefiori elastic bracelet

Step 1: Let’s prepare the bracelet. First cut a piece of the elastic wire at least with double length of the wrist and pass it from the needle.

how to create an orange bead bracelet

Use the needle to pass the beads from the elastic wire. First the orange acrylic beads, then a silver bead, the millefiori one

diy free tutorial strech bracelet

and complete the bracelet with the remaining acrylic beads.

baby girl elastic floral bracelet diy

Step 2: Close the jewel by creating a triple knot for more stability.

how to end an elastic bracelet

Finishing the wrist candy bracelet by cutting the remaining elastic wire!

tutorial orange beaded floral bangle

Pull the elastic wire in order for the knot to be moved and hide it in the beads.  The bracelet is ready!

diy arm candy bracelet for young girls

And my daughter loved this arm candy bracelet so much! I am sure your girls will too! Happy Crafting!

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