Beads and Accessories Haul from a Humorous Customer

Hello lovely readers! Product review’s time! Today I’d like to share you a beads and accessories video haul from our customer Jays Alvarez, yes, just as you can see from the name, is a male customer! Sounds funny, right? Actually Jays is really a humorous man. When I was watching the video, I just couldn’t help laughing together with him. He’s so funny!

Before watching it, one thing for your information, the video progress bar shows the video is 43 minutes and 15 seconds, but actually it only 21 minutes and about 36 seconds, there is a soundless repetition in the video, you can just ignore it. Okay, let’s enjoy the humorous product review together!

Jays is really funny and the beads are so beautiful right? Here are some comments for this video:

* Great haul Jays!! I’m just smiling as you have evolved into such a great blinger!!! Lots of love my friend!!

* Love the color of the suede cord nd the crystal pendant beads are bling bling 🙂

* This is breathtaking!! You must have spent a fortune on this!!!  I just got my “minihaul” today too and I was happy just like you! :). But my haul will be gone real fast 🙂 Enjoy it, Jays, can’t wait to see your perfect work. You are a real artist with a noble taste.

* WOWOWOW!!! So excited to see your renditions with all these blings!!

* Just placed an order on their website thank you for letting us know about that website!! Really appreciate it!!

It seems many people like Jays’ video as well as PandaHall products, so here I’ll list some of the items Jays mentioned in the video.

Threads and cords

threads and cords

Handmade Indonesia beads

Handmade Indonesia beads

European beads

European beads

Spray painted draw bench glass beads

Spray painted draw bench glass round bead strands

Polymer clay beads

Polymer clay beads

Grade A rhinestone spacer beads & Grade A rhinestone pave disco ball beads

Grade A rhinestone spacer beads & Grade A rhinestone pave disco ball beads

Colorful resin beads

resin beads

Since there are so many items mentioned in the video, I cannot list all of them here. If you wanna know the details, please leave a comment below, I’ll reply ASAP, or you can search the items on Wish you a happy shopping on

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