6 Jewelry Making Ideas for Halloween

Hello everyone! Halloween is coming, do you have any plan for it? Do you wanna make something special this year? Today I’d like to share you six adorable Halloween jewelry, hope you guys like them, and wish they can give you inspirations for your own Halloween DIYs.

Halloween jewelry

When we are talking about Halloween, apart from treat or trick, there are many other traditional items, like the pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, skeletons, witches, and of course other countless scary things. Now I’ll share you some stunning Halloween accessories made with those traditional factors, they could do you a favor to make your Halloween more exciting!

A set of sugar skull accessories

a set of sugar skull accessories

Skulls and black roses, not so creepy, but these earrings, bracelet, and necklace are definitely great for Halloween. And they are not difficult to make. If you like them, just go get those Halloween beads, you can make them within an hour!

Bottle necklace – jar of eyes

bottle necklace - jar of eyes

Wow! This one is creepy! If you are looking for something horrible, you can take this bottle necklace into consideration!

Halloween necklaces made with hot glue

Halloween necklaces made with hot glue

Have you ever thought of glue can make jewelry? I’ve used hot glue while I was making jewelry, but I’ve never thought the glue itself can be made into accessories! That’s really amazing!

Kawaii ghost earrings

kawaii ghost earrings

If you think all ghosts are creepy, then you’ll know you are wrong when you see these kawaii ghost earrings. They are made by two different kinds of glass beads, easy, but so cute!

Super cute swinging necklace

super cute swinging necklace

Here comes another kawaii ghost, a super cute ghost swinging necklace! You can decide the materials by yourself, both polymer clay and wood could be made into such a cute necklace. But I think it will be easier with polymer clay.

Pumpkin earrings

pumpkin earrings

Last but not the least one, pumpkin earrings! It is Halloween, how could we celebrate Halloween without pumpkins? Just gather the beads and make a pumpkin accessory for yourself!

Well, I know you may say we still have almost two months to prepare for Halloween, but you have to admit our minds are changeable! So, since we have enough time, we could gather more ideas and then we’ll have more choices! Any new ideas, welcome to share!

Images from Pinterest.

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