Beaded Bow Ring DIY

bead bow ring diy
Sometimes you don’t need expensive supplies to make cute accessories, this is the case of this beaded bow ring,
the jewelry making supplies are very cheap and also you only need 5 minutes to make it.
I made a rainbow beaded bow ring, but you can use your favorites colors.
Let’s start to create!
bead bow ring

We need:
Jewelry wire
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (2)
Insert 9 beads into the wire
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (3)
Insert the other extreme of the wire into the holes of the beads
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (4)

Tighten the 2 ends of the wire
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (5)
Insert 9 beads into the wire
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (6)
Insert the other extreme of the wire into the holes of the beads and  tighten the 2 ends of the wire.
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (7)
Twist the 2 circles of beads
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (8)
Insert 6 beads in one of the wire, and introduce the wire in the holes of the beads, except in the last one (like in the image)
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (9)
Repeat the last step with the other wire until you reach the ideal circumference of your finger. Then let wire go into the holes of the beads.
bead_bow_ring_diy_s (10)
Cut the excess of wire and hide it using the pliers
And this is the finished beaded bow ring! I hope you like it!
bead_bow_ring_diy_r (3)
bead_bow_ring_diy_r (5)
bead_bow_ring_diy_r (6)

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Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry – from Customers

Hello guys, are you a lover of skull jewelry designs? Most of Halloween fans would always use either cute skull beads or creepy ones to decorate their costumes, accessories, gifts to others, and so on. With the funny holiday approaching, may I have your attention please? Yes, I’m sharing some customer designs of lovely skull bead jewelry with you. Now scroll down below amazing skull jewelry ideas and time to whip up some by your own hands!

Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers Awesome project made by skull beads, electroplated glass beads, and watch head. So creative!
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 1 Skull beads and black thread combined adjustable macramé bracelet. We normally call it Shamballa bracelet too! Love it?
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 2 Wow, this skull bracelet is pretty easy to make, isn’t it? You’ll only need to get bunch of red skull beads or any colored beads you love and string it through elastic nylon thread, then dangle a small charm on. Perfect one for new jewelry makers.
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 3 Orange colored skull beads are so autumn-themed! Being well matched with antique bronze jewelry findings, the whole designs look just fabulous.
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 4 Well, this pair of skull earrings is a little funny and ridiculous. How skull and wings can be incorporated together?! But it’s indeed shown so beautiful, right?
Halloween Themed Skull Jewelry - from Customers 5 And here goes the skull pendant necklace; you’ll need to do just the dangling!

Have any of the above skull bead jewelry inspired you? Get skull beads and start your own project at once!

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Chic Pendant Necklaces Designed by Ginalicious Trouve

Hello guys! Do you like pendant necklaces? Today I’m gonna share you some simple but very beautiful pendant necklaces made by our brilliant customer Ginalicious Trouve. All Ginalicious’s designs are very simple, which makes those necklaces are great for our daily wearing. I bet you guys will like them just as I do. So now, let’s have a look together.

Beaded pendant necklaces

beaded pendant necklaces

The first two are made with hematite beads, the third one is made with seed beads, and the last one is handmade porcelain beads. They are very simple to make. All you need to do is to gather the materials and link them together. Even a green hand jewelry maker can do it within few minutes.

Crystal suncatcher pendant necklacescrystal suncatcher pendant necklaces

Wow! I love these crystal suncatcher pendants, they are so cool! And the silver bead cones are very cool either! Once they are combined together, it makes the pendants exotic and fascinating.

Glass pendant necklaces

glass pendant necklaces

Among all those six colors, which one is your favorite? Well, my favorite color is blue, but when it comes to these lovely drop pendant necklaces, I’m not only interested in the blue ones, I love them all! I just can’t resist the temptation of those cute accessories.

Heart pendant necklaces

heart pendant necklaces

They are soooo adorable! Look at those shining transparent heart pendants, they are so cute! I think no girl can resist these cute necklaces.

Vintage pendant necklaces

vintage pendant necklaces

Of course, the most eye-catching components of these vintage pendant necklaces are the well-designed locket pendants. The pierced pattern is very delicate and locket pendant itself can be opened so that you can put a picture in it. I think those lovely pendants are similar to pocket watches, but the former are much girly.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other simple yet chic pendant necklaces on Ginalicious’s page. And not only necklaces, Ginalicious’s other accessories are very simple in design either. If you want to see more, or learn how to make those lovely accessories, leave a message to Ginalicious!

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Wax Cord Friendship Bracelet DIY

With the days are cooling down, most of you may don’t like wearing jewelry accessories made by cold beads and findings. So it’s the season of macramé project, I believe! Lately, PandaHall craft team presented a new video on teaching you how to make a macramé friendship bracelet with wax cord. See below picture! Do you love it? Anyway, I’m fascinated about the light cyan colored wax cord and those frosted pink acrylic beads, what a great camo for girls and also perfect gift idea for BFFs. Click to see how the tutorial goes and learn to rock your own!


Things you will need to make this macramé friendship bracelet are:
1mm light cyan wax cords
Frosted pink acrylic beads

After viewing the video, did you get the hang of the knotting skills? If not, please repeat watching the tutorial or leave comments below the video~ For more video ideas, click our board Jewelry Making Video.

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Vintage Chandelier Earrings Made by Our Customers

Hello there! Last Sunday we’ve shared many beautiful vintage necklaces designed by our customers, do you like them? I have to say our customers are so creative and their designs are really great! I’m a fan of vintage jewelry, so after viewing all that lovely necklaces, I’ve collected more vintage accessories made by our customers, and now I’d like to share you some vintage chandelier earrings, I bet you’ll like them!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 1

The first one is my favorite one! Designed by Julie Kirichenko, made with stardust beads, zinc alloy links, and iron cross chain. These chandelier earrings look really elegant, right? I love that shimmering stardust beads, they are eye-catching, and low-key at the same time, that’s really amazing!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 2

Designed by Line Hogden, made with steelblue pearl beads, chandelier component links, and chains. There is no doubt that pearl accessories are timeless, and they’ve always been regarded as symbols of elegance and nobility. These steelblue pearls are not only elegant, but also unique. Every girl who likes wearing earrings should have a pair of earrings like these!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 3

Wow! A pair of mysterious black beaded chandelier earrings, do you like them? They are designed by Jill McFee, and the materials needed are alloy cabochon connector settings and two different kinds of glass beads. It’s not so difficult to make them, if you like them, just have a try!

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 4

Bright colored chandelier earrings, designed by Marilii. I like the flower cabochons and the lovely Tibetan style butterfly pendants, they are so cute! I bet many enthusiastic young ladies will love these earrings.

Vintage Chandelier Earrings 5

The last pair is designed by Anne Plettenberg. The combination of Tibetan style connectors and acrylic rhinestone cabochons is really impressive. I always think Tibetan style findings can only be used together with something antique, but now I find it could also make great works together with modern style shining rhinestones, that’s magic!

If you wanna see more vintage jewelry, or inspiring accessories made by our brilliant customers, please focus on our Customers Beadwork Show board. Or if you have any works to share, welcome!

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