New Arrival-Amazing Snap Buttons for Jewelry Making

Hello dear readers, happy Monday, and welcome to New Arrival. Last week, I shared with you many ready-made beautiful bracelets that you could buy directly from our Now this week, I will share you some new arrival-snap buttons for jewelry making. Normally snap buttons are flat round but today’s snap buttons take on rather adorable shapes. I am so sure that you will like them. Now take a look.
snap buttons Snap button-plants
snap buttons-plants How lovely it will be to use these snap buttons to make cute hair clips with hair findings! They will look extremely good for little girls.
Snap button-animals
snap button-animals Aren’t they cute and lovely? I love the butterfly snap most. Which one is your favorite?
Snap button-Christmas
snap jewelry-christmas Those snap buttons are best for Christmas, don’t you think so?
Snap button-umbrella
snap button-umbrella Have you ever thought of snap buttons of umbrella shape? Then you can never miss this new snap buttons lines.
Snap jewelry 
snap jewelry1 Gorgeous! Look at those fabulous and charming snap jewelry, aren’t they a feast to eye? Combine the snap buttons with bracelet clasps and ring findings, these beautiful snap jewelry will be yours. Nice try.
Here is another example of those interchangeable snap buttons for jewelry making. Aren’t they too easy to make for you jewelry lovers?
snap jewelry So what do you think of those snap buttons? Are they charming and attractive? This interchangeable snap buttons are versatile that they can be made into necklaces, bracelets, hair accessory and so on to satisfy different needs. Now check more charming and cute snap buttons at new snap button lines.

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2 thoughts on “New Arrival-Amazing Snap Buttons for Jewelry Making

  1. Hi I am looking a snap bracelets that’ll hold a standard size charm. Would like it with an adjustable link chain as my wrist is an 8. I’m also looking for the same kind of bracelets but with like a place for 4 standard size stamps or 4 Petit snaps Vermont May June July and February if you have time it would be because that way I can put heart in the middle or is infinity sign please get back to me as soon as you can thank you

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