5 Chic Beaded Hoop Earrings Worth Attention

As an indispensable part of women’s stash, hoop earrings have been adored by young girls, especially beaded hoop earrings have been a hit in recent years due to the bold design and diversified jewelry making supplies. Today I want to share 5 chic beaded hoop earrings with you, hope you like them.
beaded hoop earrings
Acrylic beaded hoop earrings
acrylic beaded hoop earrings
As new material beads, acrylic beads are widely used in jewelry making nowadays. Made by acrylic beads, this pair of beaded hoop earrings looks elegant, and Tibetan style pendants add much vintage style to them.
Glass beaded hoop earrings
glass beaded hoop earrings
Glass beads are never out of date with their smooth edges and clean surfaces. This pair of hoop earrings would be so dull without the glass beads. Frankly speaking, I thought they were bracelets the first time I saw them before I saw the earring hooks.
Seed beaded hoop earrings
seed beaded hoop earrings
I myself love this design so much. Pink seed beads are being inlayed inside the hoop, which makes me feel like that the petals of flowers are being inlayed inside the hoop earrings.
Gemstone hoop earrings
gemstone hoop earrings
As my favorite jewelry making supplies, gemstone beaded jewelry have always attracted my attention. So the first time I saw this pair of earrings I fall in love with them. This gemstone hoop earrings is perfect when you want a little luxury but don’t want to be too dressed up.
Wooden beaded hoop earrings
wooden beaded hoop earrings
Wooden beads have been more and more popular among jewelry makers. Clorful wooden beads add much glitter to the beaded hoop earrings. In a vesture of brilliant sunshine, I really feel that spring is close to us.
So what do you think those 5 chic beaded earrings after appreciating them? Do you fell in love with them just like me? In fact, those beaded earrings are easy to make with simple skills involved. If you are looking for more DIY details, just check here.
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