Charming Coral Bead Jewelry from Our Customers

Coral jewelry has a timeless appeal, and is even more popular today. Nowadays fine coral jewelry is getting rarer and rarer, which makes the price of coral jewelry upsoar rapidly. However, DIY coral jewelry is much cheaper as long as we buy some charming coral beads to mix DIYs with other jewelry findings, like antique style spacer beads, pendants, bead caps, etc. Today, I will share some major coral bead jewelry made by our customers. Hope their wonderful designs can give you some inspirations!
Coral Bead Necklace
coral bead necklace
This coral bead necklace from Evgeniy Slomintsev is dainty and elegant. The white coral beads are well matched with the blue Mashan jade beads and the Tibetan style toggle and T-bar is a perfect touch to the wholeness. They’ll be a great embellishment to engagement parties and birthday brunches.
Coral Bead Bracelet
coral bead bracelet
Thanks Наталья Дудова for this Bohemian style coral bead bracelet. It is fairly impressive and attractive, isn’t it? The smooth appearance and antique colors catch people’s eye. To make things even more enjoyable, this coral bead bracelet is easy to make with no sophisticated skills involved. If you get inspired, you can try to recreate your own customized design with more affordable alternatives.
Coral Bead Earrings
coral bead earrings
Gorgeous!!! What beautiful earrings they are. These lovely coral bead earrings are made with lovely flower-shaped resin cabochons, drop-shaped coral beads and turquoise gemstone beads. I am really into this charming vintage coral bracelet. Special gratitude should be grant to our customer Ildar Gataulllin.
So, what do you think of those coral bead jewelry? Do you have the impulsion of DIY one by yourself? If you like these coral beads jewelry, don’t forget to share it. Never miss more amazing works by our customers. Nice day!

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