DIY Big Statement Beaded Necklace Presented by Pandahall

I believe that no fashionista can resist the beauty of big statement necklaces. Matching such a gorgeous piece with a low-key dress can definitely make you look more stunning among the crowd. So here today, I’m showing you a trendy bold pearl beaded statement necklace presented by Pandahall craft team. So if you don’t know how to begin, just take a look at this tutorial video and learn to make one for yourself. Come on now and rock your style with this big statement necklace in this summer!

DIY Big Statement Beaded Necklace

Materials you’ll need are:

2mm White Seed Beads
8mm White Pearl Beads
6mm White Pearl Beads
8mm Green Pearl Beads
0.38mm Tiger Wires
Magnetic Slide Lock Clasps
Flat Nose Pliers

Check more jewelry making tutorials and have fun making them! Enjoy your day!

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Charming Coral Bead Jewelry from Our Customers

Coral jewelry has a timeless appeal, and is even more popular today. Nowadays fine coral jewelry is getting rarer and rarer, which makes the price of coral jewelry upsoar rapidly. However, DIY coral jewelry is much cheaper as long as we buy some charming coral beads to mix DIYs with other jewelry findings, like antique style spacer beads, pendants, bead caps, etc. Today, I will share some major coral bead jewelry made by our customers. Hope their wonderful designs can give you some inspirations!
Coral Bead Necklace
coral bead necklace
This coral bead necklace from Evgeniy Slomintsev is dainty and elegant. The white coral beads are well matched with the blue Mashan jade beads and the Tibetan style toggle and T-bar is a perfect touch to the wholeness. They’ll be a great embellishment to engagement parties and birthday brunches.
Coral Bead Bracelet
coral bead bracelet
Thanks Наталья Дудова for this Bohemian style coral bead bracelet. It is fairly impressive and attractive, isn’t it? The smooth appearance and antique colors catch people’s eye. To make things even more enjoyable, this coral bead bracelet is easy to make with no sophisticated skills involved. If you get inspired, you can try to recreate your own customized design with more affordable alternatives.
Coral Bead Earrings
coral bead earrings
Gorgeous!!! What beautiful earrings they are. These lovely coral bead earrings are made with lovely flower-shaped resin cabochons, drop-shaped coral beads and turquoise gemstone beads. I am really into this charming vintage coral bracelet. Special gratitude should be grant to our customer Ildar Gataulllin.
So, what do you think of those coral bead jewelry? Do you have the impulsion of DIY one by yourself? If you like these coral beads jewelry, don’t forget to share it. Never miss more amazing works by our customers. Nice day!

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10 Do-It-Yourself Ring Designs

Do-It-Yourself should be fun, and here at Jewelry Making Ideas Part. Here we have a great collection of 10 DIY ring designs for you to do them in one a day, one a week or one a month!!! I am 100% sure you will love to see DIY ring designs that bring some fun into fashion while still looking amazing. There are so many chic ring designs like wire ring, slave ring, beaded ring, lace ring, chevron ring, stone ring, bow ring, stacking rings, nut ring and chain ring. And the choices are yours!

10 DIY Ring Designs
The summer is a festive time. If you want all your friends to sit together at a table, you are gonna need some craft ideas. All these DIYs are super easy, even if you are an absolute beginner. Have fun!

wire ring
Wire Ring – a gorgeous wire wrapped rose ring! Need jewelry wire and basic wire wrapped skill. :)

Slave Ring
Slave Ring – add a twist to handmade gold ring creation by making a double ring version attached by a simple gold chain.

Beaded Ring
Beaded Ring – learn how to make your own precious beaded ring with glass beads.

Lace Ring
Lace Ring – Cute little favor ring for young girls attending their friends’ wedding. So sweet and easy to make!

Chevron Ring
Chevron Ring – make this lovely knuckle ring yourself, using some basic jewelry making supplies and tools, jewelry wire and a lip balm.

Stone Ring
Stone Ring – so love this from the girls in Hollywood. Try to create your own stone ring!

Bow Ring
Bow Ring – The little bow ring is under $1 and only takes minutes to make.

Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings – mix for stacking is really pretty.

Nut Ring

Nut Ring – easy and cheap handmade nut and polymer clay ring.

Chain Ring
Chain Ring – decorate your digits with fall nail art and chain ring!
We’ve shown you many designs to decorate your hands which are front and center every day. Which one do you like best? Personally, I want to make almost every single one of these ring designs shared above.:)
Image source:

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DIY Long Tassel Necklace with Agate Connector

A beautiful long tassel necklace is the ideal summer jewelry! This time I’m showing you how to make this long golden tassel necklace with an agate connector!

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

Jewelry making supplies you’ll need :

-A tassel

-2 jumprings

-A big agate connector

-Dainty golden aluminium chain (length will determine on the length of your necklace)

-Rosary chain (or you can make your own)

Also, you’ll need round-nose pliers and flat-nose pliers.

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

If you don’t have a ready-made rosary chain you can make one with headpins and small beads.

With the help of your round-nose pliers connect the rosary chain with the chain. Determine the length you want.

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

Now with the help of one jumpring connect your agate with the long tassel on one side.

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

Finally, attach it to the chain at the rosary part with the second jumpring

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

And your beautiful long tassel necklace is finished. Easy peasy, hah?! Just try to make one for yourself!

DIY Long Tassel Necklace

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Colorful Acrylic Beads for Handmade Accessories

Hello dear friends! Are you ready for this week’s new arrivals? Today I would like to share you some colorful acrylic beads!
acrylic beadsThey are so cute right?
Actually, acrylic beads are new material beads. From the beads’ name, you can easily figure out that this kind of beads is made by acryl, which is a kind of chemical material. These beads are very light in weight, and they are called “plastic crystal” because of their high luminousness. Even though the history of acrylic beads launched on the market is not so long as glass beads, they are just as popular as glass beads for jewelry making because of their reasonable price and high quality. Here let’s some handmade acrylic bead accessories together!

Acrylic alphabet bead bracelet
alphabet beads braceletThis multi strand alphabet bead bracelet could be a very great present for a whole family. And if you change the acrylic alphabet beads into different letters, it will turns into a totally different bracelet. The meaning of alphabet beads in jewelry making is to make your accessories unique and personalized. You can combine those letters freely and make something significant for yourself and your beloved ones.

Acrylic beaded necklace
acrylic beaded necklaceIf you want to make something cute to your kids, you can try this adorable acrylic beaded necklace. It is made by many different types of acrylic beads and an Elsa cabochon pendant. It will be very nice to make this together with your kid; after all, a kid is much more creative than an adult. She can surprise you!

Vintage necklace with acrylic beads
vintage necklace with acrylic beadsWow! How elegant this necklace is! It’s made with glossy acrylic pearl beads and a lovely acrylic flower cabochon. I am not a fun of vintage jewelry, but I do love this stunning necklace!

Acrylic cabochon rings
acrylic bead ringsRings made with flower shaped acrylic cabochons. These bright colors make the rings lively and the flowers look so alive!

You see, there are so many adorable accessories made with acrylic beads that I cannot list all of them here one by one. If you want to learn more about acrylic beads, welcome to visit our website We’ve got a large range of acrylic beads, they are various in shapes, colors, styles, and usages. And of course you can find many other findings, there must be something that can suit your taste!

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