Personalized Paracord Keychains Tutorial

Hey, my dear readers! Today I’ll show you how to make paracord keychains! Personalized keychains for men with almost about every material you are familiar easy-to-use!

Personalized Paracord Keychains Tutorial
Do you feel dizzy to find SATISFIED GIFTS for men on Father’s Day 2015? Most of them do have really extraordinary tastes. However, wearing keychains are a necessity for men who wear keychains no matter whether the keychain is made of thread, washer, loom band, beads or else supplies. Though there are lots of customized keychains to make FOR HIM, paracord keychains which you customized are a fun idea to come up with something cool… And you will finish making the easy paracord keychain at home on the spot to match his taste. Here are the simplify details for you.

Personalized Paracord Keychains Tutorial
Supplies you will need:
paracord ( I choose two nylon thread and melt them together)
key ring
Once you prepare all the supplies, let’s go to the next step.
The easiest way to explain the steps is with pictures, so just follow the pics and read all the detailed words.
Step 1.  Cut a piece of mix color thread and tie two lark head knots over the key ring, as the picture 1 shows. Then fold the black thread in half and attach it on the key ring between the knots, like picture 2.
Step 2.  Pick one piece of thread across the front horizontal, then bring the second thread over the top of the first, behind the back and up through the hole made by the first thread. Follow the picture 3 & 4.

Personalized Paracord Keychains Tutorial
Step 3.  Keep braiding by repeating the step 2. Till left an inch loop of thread on the end, like picture 6 shows. Then trim off rest threads and melt the ends with lighter.
Now the paracord keychain is done! The paracord knot used is one of typical knots in paracord crafts which are both fun and useful. Share this if you love it!
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