Three Typical Types of Handmade Crystal Jewelries

Hello guys! Today I am going to show you three types of impressive handmade crystal jewelries. I don’t know how much do you guys like crystal jewelry, but for me, it’s really hard to resist the temptation of those sparkling things. And I can bet that most girls cannot say no to those beautiful crystal jewelry sets. If you don’t agree with my point, then finish reading this article first, and show me your new points later.

crystal jewelries

How about these crystal jewelries shown in the picture? You can’t deny that they are pure and fantastic, right? If you are not so satisfied with them, it doesn’t matter, we’ve got more. Let’s see some specific crystal jewelries made by our customers, I bet you’ll definitely love them!

Crystal bracelets

crystal bracelet

This crystal bracelet is designed by our customer Amanda Klingstedt. Besides the handmade transparent crystal beads, she also used brass rhinestone beads which make the bracelet seems much cooler. And apart from its gorgeous appearance, another reason I love this bracelet is that it’s easy to match any kinds of clothes.

crystal bracelet

What’s your first impression about these two colorful bracelets? Well, when I first saw them, the blue and green glass beads of the left bracelet just reminded me of the beautiful sea beach in summer days, and the lively red of the right one made me think of Christmas. They are designed by Julija Dukate and Надежда Жмакина, different styles, but the same adorable.

Crystal earrings

After seeing impressive crystal bracelets, let’s take a look at crystal earrings.

crystal earrings

The designer of these lovely earrings are Radka Bílková, Marina Akinina, Jacob Stumpf, Subbu Vaithy, Veronica Malchevskaya, and Jana Morgo?ová. As you can see, these earrings vary in shapes, colors, and even styles, the only thing they have in common is that they are crystal. How changeable crystal jewelries are! Don’t you feel more interested in them?

Crystal necklaces

At last, let’s see some glaring crystal necklaces.

crystal necklace

The designers are Monica Benz, Марина Кириченко, and Olga Evgenievna Lebed. Among all these three necklaces above, which one is your favorite? The first one is elegant, the second one is lovely, and the third one delicate, it’s really hard to make a choice, right?

After seeing all these splendid crystal jewelries made by our customers, do you have any impulsion to make one by yourself? If you have any crystal jewelry designs, or ideas, welcome to share them with us!

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Product Review – Trendy Affordable Jewelry

If you guys are familiar with Pandahall, you may know that we are not just doing wholesale for jewelry findings and beads. There’re far more interesting trendy jewelry products that you can purchase directly, like the bracelets,necklaces, rings, watches, brooches and so on. So today, I’d like to show you a customer review about trendy affordable jewelry she got from us.

More details of what she got:

trendy jewelry -rhinestone earringsBrass Ball Stud Earrings, with Polymer Clay and Grade A Rhinestone, Round, Crystal, 10mm, Pin: 1mm
US $0.98 for 2 pairs per package
Shinning rhinestone earrings to be worn in spring or summer time! Quite elegant to go with any outfit!

trendy jewelry -pearl earringsABS Pearl Ball Ear Studs, with Alloy Rhinestone and Steel Pin, PapayaWhip, 24x16mm; Pin: 0.5mm
US $1.65 for 1 pair per package
It’s kind of pull back pearl earrings, which has diamond all around it and are you excited to wear these?

trendy jewelry -necklace~Trendy Alloy Branch and Leaves Bib Statement Necklaces, with Iron Chains and Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps, Antique Golden, 19.6″
US $2.40 for 1 strand per package
It has gold on the surface, leave links all the way, can be great accessories to wear with black dress with the adjustable necklace chain.

trendy jewelry -watchHigh Quality Stainless Steel Men Dress Rhinestone Diamond-studded Quartz Watches, Rose Gold, 63mm; Watch Head: 45x50x12mm; Watch-face: 35x35mm
US $5.53 for 1 watch per package
Rose gold colored with cute detailing inside it, great watch to wear daily!

trendy jewelry -gift bagsOrganza Bags, Mixed Color, about 7x9cm
US $1.54 for 20pcs per package
They are really cute for putting small gifts inside for your family member or friends. And if you are running a jewelry shop, they can be useful for packaging!

Apart from those below trendy jewelry Pucca received, she also got some beads supplies below. These are all quite easy ones can be quickly arranged into trendy jewelry as well.

trendy jewelry -jewelry supplies

trendy jewelry -jewelry supplies 1

trendy jewelry -jewelry supply

trendy jewelry -jewelry supply

trendy jewelry - European bracelet

If you love the above products, just head to our site and choose what you need!

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Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings!

Boho trend is huge this summer! Just make a pair of stunning boho style chandelier earrings, if you are looking to complement your boho outfit! Here’s the easy how-to!

Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings

Materials for boho style earrings:
-acrylic beads, I used 10 small acrylic drop pendants
-2 earring findings like the one pictured
-10 small 4mm beads
-2 earring hooks
-10 headpins with loop
Also, you’ll need round-nose pliers.

Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings

Take one headpin and thread one bead and make a loop at the end. Make the loop big enough to fit the drop pendant’s hole.

Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings

Slide the pendant through and secure.

Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings

Now open the smaller loop and attach all of it to one of the earring finding’s hole.

Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings

Repeat the above steps until you have connected all drop pendants to all the holes.

Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings

Finally, connect the earring hook and move on to the second earring.

Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings

That’s it! Don’t the boho chandelier earrings look lovely? Go on and make them!

Boho Style Dangle Chandelier Earrings

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Fresh Shinning Sequin Beads!

Fresh Shinning Sequin Beads

images via

Hi guys, hope you all had great time with your daddy or hubby in the past Father’s day!

So today, I’m going to share with you guys new product line as usual – sequin paillette beads. In the old days, they were made from shiny metals, however today, the beads been upgraded to be made out of plastic with more geometrical shapes and color varieties. And in order to reflect more lights, there are many great sequin beads with more facets available in the craft supplies market. They are just so shinny and sparkling beads like disk, that are widely used for mainly decorative purposes in our daily life, like being stitched or glued on clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry and so on. Thus we’ve kept sourcing more and more sequin beads here to meet your craft demands. We believe that everyone desires some dazzling and gorgeous piece. Only need to take a little time to stitch or glue the shinning sequin beads on your purse or shoes can you be be impressed by others!

Fresh Shinning Sequins

The new line of sequin beads include 2 kind of main usages: one is for making ornament accessories, another is for fashion/jewelry making. If you are going to throw a party, sequin beads can be your perfect decoration supplies for table, centerpiece, pillows, invitation cards and so on. And being an enthusiastic fashionista, how can you not use sequins to embellish your outfits or make a piece stylish sequin jewelry?! Just let your next DIY crafts shine with sequin beads! And for more ideas about embellishing clothing or other accessories, never miss this post “6 Hot Embellishment Beads for Clothing” by Cristina! Hope you’ll get inspirations from there!

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Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!!!!

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Hey guys, yesterday Cristina shared a personalized paracord keychains tutorial for dad and do you get the hang of easy square knot? If yes, here’s another beaded dad keychain for you to try! It’s another great idea of a custom keychain with wooden beads, that you can craft really fast and easy, as father’s day gift or any other holiday.
materials for Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Materials needed for personalized dad keychain:

Wooden Beads
Key Holder Ring and key chain
Jewelry findings (Jump Rings, eyepin, end for cord)
Plier Set
wooden large beads

Steps for making dad keychain:

Step 1:  This is a really easy craft to make and you only need less than 5 min. So first choose the beads you wish to use ( I used three large wooden beads in blue and white shades) and cut a piece of the cord.

white tiny tassel

Pass the  tassel in the cord

semi chochet bead key holder

and then use your first bead. Pass the two ends of the cord via the bead in opposite directions

bead and tassel

and draw.

white blue key holder

continue with two more beads ( or more if you wish) and strech each time the cord. Please do not over do it, because if you stretch it enough it will become crooked.

fathers day gift idea

cut the two ends of the cord

tutorial of Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

and use a protection end to unify the the cord’s ends.

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Step 2: Pass the key holder ring to the beaded part and the personalized keychain for dad is perfectly done!

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Personalized Wooden Keychain for Dad!

Isn’t easy? and if you use your imagination you can use more color or different type of beads or even replace the tassel with any charm and you will create amazing keychain for dad! And we have other great posts about father’s Day theme like:

Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas
DIY Men’s Beaded Bracelet
Make a Safety Pin Bracelet for Dad
Lava Beads in Customers’ Designs

Never miss them and happy crafting!

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