DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

The accessories with eyes are a must of this season, make this cute eye bracelet DIY with following easy steps.

You will need:

materials for DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

cheap beads
thread and cord
magnetic clasp
needle and thread


DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 1

1- Cut 25 cms of cord

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 2

2-Fold in a half and start to sew like in the picture

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 3

3- Sew the beads like in the picture. First, make a line with 1 bead, after, a line of two beads, a line of 3 beads and a line of 4 beads

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 4

4- For make the eye, you will need 1 big dark bead,and then repeat the last step but contrariwise

eyes_bracelet_diy_STEP 5

5- Make 2 or 3 eyes

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 6

6- Cut the excess

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet STEP 7

7- Paste the magnetic clasp

And this is the finished beaded bracelet with eyes! It’s very easy and you don’t need more than 20 minutes for make the eye bracelet.

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

DIY Beaded Eye Bracelet

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Wedding Headbands’ Floral Look

As we discussed yesterday, headbands are all about delicate and fashion look. There is no one isn’t feeling like to wear headband except men. :)Pandahall has a much wider variety of wedding headbands that give your wedding party a floral romantic atmosphere, in particular perfect for the beach wedding party. No matter you are going to step in the world of love and happiness, or take part in your best sister’s or schoolmate’s wedding party soon, or only select some flower headbands for the coming summer trip on a beach, here is a product new line right here to ease your life!

Wedding Headbands' Floral Look

image via

Wedding headbands come in a variety of styles and materials, from beads to jewelry wire to ribbon to fabrics to lace to finished flowers, etc. You may often see pearl bead headbands or rhinestone headpieces on wedding. How about wedding flower headbands? Also often seen, right? In general, most classic but fashion girls love to choose flower headbands to complete her bridal look and make her far more beautiful, and floral headbands must be a great selection as beach headbands to be a different future bride or an attender to a unique wedding party on the beach. Check out the new arrivals that I have selected for you and tell me the one you like the most by commenting below. Click on an image to view more details about the headbands. Enjoy and have fun!

Airy Floral Headband – Wedding Head WreathWedding Headbands' Floral Look

Colorful Flower Garland – Wedding Floral Headband

Wedding Headbands' Floral Look                               Wedding Headbands' Floral Look

Wedding Headbands' Floral Look                               Wedding Headbands' Floral Look

Wedding Hair Garlands

Wedding Headbands' Floral Look

Wedding Headpiece – flower headpiece

Wedding Headbands' Floral Look                                 Wedding Headbands' Floral Look

Wedding Hair Garlands

Wedding Headbands' Floral Look

Summer wreath for wedding on the beach

Wedding Headbands' Floral Look                                    Wedding Headbands' Floral Look

Personally, I do love the first one of wedding flower headbands. Which is your favorite one? Don’t you feel these flower headbands so fabulous? Would you dare to add such a piece? If you want to get your own floral headbands, you would definitely check as we provide wedding flower headbands at bulk prices with high quality and fashion style!
Or if you want to get some handmade headband ideas to DIY your own headbands, you could check out our topic of Blair Waldorf’s Headbands and 7 Summer Headbands too.


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7 Summer Headbands – Perfect Summer Accessories

Summer is in the air!!!! With the goal in mind to keep you cool in summer, we are sharing a collection of summer headbands inspired your jewelry line for f-r-eeeeeeeee! If you love making your own headband which is perfect for summer, and I’m guessing you do like these 7 DIYs – Flower headband, spiked headband, beaded headband, wire wrapped headband, braided headband, crystal headband and rhinestone headband, which are my favorites when I was looking for summer accessories DIY ideas.

summer headbands

Now take a look at the DIYs within a few separate categories below! They’re super easy to make and require very little time and effort, you can choose the jewelry making supplies according to your taste and make one in a few minutes. Which one is your favorite?
Flower Headband The best option for you when you are not in the mood for doing your hair is the flower headband. You are just several steps away form an amazing floral headband features a girly feeling. All findings on the headband are mixed color seed beads and mashan jade beads.
summer headbandsSpiked Headband – Instead of trying on chic headband when shopping, how about making a piece of spiked headband by yourself? Take a look at the picture below and learn how to create this punk rock style headband by following steps. You don’t need many jewelry making supplies to prepare.
summer headbandsBeaded Headband – This cute handmade beaded mickey headband can be worn both jazz up your outfit and casually with jeans for the beach or else upcoming special party. Mixed color pearl acrylic cabochons are the outstanding materials you will need for this project below. I like it a lot and I hope you will like it too.
summer headbandsBraided Headband – The simple and classic braided headband with ribbons provides you with a natural look and emphasizes your face. With the basic braiding skill, you will form a vibrant and adorable headband in a few minutes and I like it a lot!

summer headbandsCrystal Headband – Not only a fancy wedding good, but also daily wearing hair accessory. It’s very easy to create the stunning strand DIY crystal headband within your budget. Amazing gift for yourself or your best friends!

summer headbandsWire Wrapped Headband – Do you love this wire wrapped headband? The headband is carefully wrapped with jewelry wire and stringed some flower and leaf acrylic beads on the jewelry wire. Only 3 easy steps required to create this interesting summer accessory to your hairstyle.
summer headbandsRhinestone Headband – Whether you are having a bad day or you’re looking for something special with your hair, the rhinestone headband is one of the best solutions for unique and fabulous look. Create a similar one then wear it to take your breath away.
summer headbandsHeadbands are the clever addition to your hair. If you want to know more headbands about kids, you should have a look at this post – 10+ DIY Heandband Ideas for Kids

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Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY tutorial to share with you guys!

What I adore is to create jewels with common and uncommon materials. For example, have you ever thought that buttons can be combined beautifully with gemstone beads creating a dainty bar necklace? Let’s see how to create this horizontal bar necklace and I bet it’s perfect to wear it alone or stack it with more gorgeous necklaces.

materials for Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Materials needed for Button Beaded Bar Necklace:
Craft Buttons
Gemstone beads ( I have used a large bead from white volcanic lava and two beads from lilac agate)
Gold Plated Chain
Gold Plated jump Rings
Gold Plated Round Lobster
Plier Set
Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Step 1: Let’s prepare the beaded part of the jewel. In case you do not have an eyepin (like I did) just cut the ends of the pin you have and create with the round nose plier two rings.

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Pass the beads and the buttons in the pin ( I have passed the lilac agate, then two wooden buttons, then the lava bead and then the two buttons and and the lilac agate bead again) and your bar is ready!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


Step 2: Cut a piece of the chain in a length smaller than the desired final length (just do not forget that lobster and jump rings and the beaded bar will add more length in your jewel). Use a jump ring and connect the beaded bar with the gold plated chain. Repeat this for both ends.

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


Step 3: Check where is the middle of the chain and cut it. Use again two jump rings to connect the chain with round lobster (or any lobster).

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!


The pretty horizontal bar necklace is ready!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

Button and Bead Bar Necklace DIY!!!!

What do you think? I think that buttons were combined so beautiful with the gems! And when you wear it…none will realize that you have buttons on your beaded bar necklace!


Happy Crafting!!!!

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Video Tutorial: DIY Bridal Choker Pearl Necklace

Here’s a wonderful video tutorial to teach you how to make a gorgeous bridal choker pearl necklace. So if you are going to be married and do NOT spend a fortune on your wedding, I’d highly recommend you to try out this elegant choker necklace by your own! Just be smart! Why not? You’ll be so proud of yourself to be able to finish a beautiful bridal  necklace. And it can be a great memory for a life long time! Now check out the details and give yourself a go!

DIY Bridal Choker Pearl Necklace

You’ll need:
0.3mm Tiger Wire
2mm Iris Round Seed Beads
6mm Clear Bicone Glass Beads
6x4mm Faceted Glass Beads
2mm Glass Seed Bead
12mm Light Blue Drop Beads
16mm Glass Pearl Beads
3mm Iron Bead Tips
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Lobster Clasp
Flat Nose Plier
Wire Cutting Plier
Iron Scissor

So do you love this beautiful choker pearl for the bride? You can also use other beads for example: clear, white and blue as the main colors, to make it more suitable as daily wear for the summer weather!  Hope you’ll enjoy this bridal pearl necklace and good luck!

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