How to Make Galaxy Gold Pearl Necklace

Looking for some special and chic pearl necklaces? Then you would love this gold galaxy pearl necklace design. In today’s tutorial video, we will teach you how to make a galaxy pearl necklace with gold pearls and gold chain. The finished pearl chain necklace is elegant and attractive. You will fall in love with it.

galaxy gold pearl necklace

Jewelry making supplies you need to prepare for making this galaxy gold pearl necklace:

14mm gold pearl beads

6mm gold pearl beads

4mm gold pearl beads

0.38mm tiger tail wire

golden chain

lobster claw clasps

How-to video about making this gold pearl chain necklace:

Now, the handmade gold galaxy pearl necklace is done! You can wear it to a party or in daily life! The pearl chain necklace is so elegant and chic that people who wear it would attract lots of attentions from passerbys. Give yourself a chance and try it right now!


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