Glass Pearl Beaded Bracelet with Lace and Chain

jewelry making lace scraps bracelet

Do you love romantic shabby chic jewelry? I adore them! They are really cute, always in fashion and  just perfect for a romantic bride or bridesmaids! So let’s create a beautiful bracelet with lace, pearls and chain details!

materials for glass pearl bead lace bracelet

Materials Needed for Pearl Beaded Bracelet with Lace and Chain:

Glass pearl Beads (10mm)

Bronze Chain

Bronze Lobster Clasp

Bronze Jump Rings

Bronze Crimp Beads

Wire in Bronze or Gold tones

Lace Scraps

Plier Set

diy jump ring on lobster

Steps for making Pearl Beaded Bracelet with Lace and Chain

Step 1: Let’s start by creating the main bracelet. First use a jump ring and connect it with the lobster clasp.

tutorial jump ring and wire on lobster

Use a piece of jewelry wire and pass from the jump ring and close the loop with a crimp bead.

glass pearl bead bracelet diy

Pass the Glass pearls in the wire and create a bracelet according to your wrist length.

end wire and jump ring

Close the second end of the wire with a crimp bead and again connect it with a jump ring. Have in mind that we want this bracelet not to be tight, but loose enough.  The main bracelet is ready.

tutorial pearl bead chain bracelet

Step 2: Now we are ready to connect the chain with the pearl bracelet. Cut a piece from the bronze chain a little bit bigger than the pearl bracelet and connect it with the jump rings in the ends.

lace bead bracelet tutorial

In order to give a pattern to our bracelet, we have first to design in our mind how we would love to look like…

how to create beaded shabby chic bracelet


and then proceed to tide the chain on the pearl bracelet by using the lace scraps. Something simple, just a knot.



jewelry making tutorial


Continue that as many times as you want….

diy romantic bridal bracelet


and the bracelet is ready! Lace and Pearls and Bronze chain connected all together, creating a romantic bracelet in shabby chic style, simple adorable to wear it with your jeans or more elegant dresses. It is just perfect also for a romantic bride!

glass bead bronze chain bracelet

Happy Crafting!!!!


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