DIY Fashion Rhinestone Beaded Sunglasses


Hey guys, jewelry making tutorial to share! I’m so happy to show you a gorgeous DIY sparkling beaded sunglasses made by Allison. She is a person who is so obsessed in using the sparkling gems, crystals, rhinestones in jewelry making, and can often create surprisingly beautiful chic accessories or even change something dull or old into super fashion new looks. And here’s what she did – dressing the faux Prada glasses up! If you have some cheap sunglasses you might need to do this right now, coz we all need trendy luxe-looking cool beaded sunglasses in this coming hot summer, right?! Let’s get started with the tutorials:


Step 1: you’ll need a plain sunglasses(Old inexpensive sunglasses can be found at both local stores or online shops), rhinestone chains, and flat back crystal glass beads, E6000 glue and toothpick.


Step 2: Start gluing the crystal beads and rhinestone chains on the sunglasses’ frames. You can do this with the help of a toothpick to place a small dap with each one. Be careful with the curve part and you may need to do it in another separate piece.

Step 3: Glue other crystal beads on the rest part of glass frame, repeat to finish the other side and you‘re perfectly done!


Super easy to follow, right? Don’t you think the blue and silver combination on the fashion rhinestone beaded sunglasses is so awesome? Come on, tell me what colors of beads and rhinestone chain will you use for your unique sunglasses then? And never miss more other great jewelry making tutorials on Pandahall blog! Happy crafting!

Sponsored by; designed by Allison Cooling at Quiet Lion Creations

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