10 Quick and Easy Craft Ideas for Children’s Day

10 Quick and Easy Craft Ideas for Children’s Day

Children’s day is fast approaching. In previous posts, we’ve updated some posts all about kids like: 5 DIY Gift Ideas for Children’s Day; 10+ DIY Heandband Ideas for Kids; Children’s Day Themed Hama Beads, aim to inspire you and get some crafts or gifts to surprise them. And today, I’m going to share with you some funny, quick, and easy crafts to do with kids. They are all great ideas to get you and the whole family involved. So just think it, how happy it would be! :)

Bottle Print Button Flowers
Let your kids to choose their favorite colors of paint and you can make this really quick and easy recycled bottle print flower with craft buttons! Draw a flower stem on paper, place the bottom of bottle with colored paints, then put in close to the stem, allow it dry for several minutes and glue a cute button in the center of flower. So easy, right? ( Source )

DIY button bookmarks
If you kids love reading, guide them to make some adorable bookmarks. It’s again a gluing thing, just so simple to glue all sorts of craft buttons on each paper clip. They could be great gifts between little buddies. ( Source )

Bottle Caps Crafts

Bored at home? The cute bug crafts can make your family happy! Just grab some recycled bottle caps and some beautiful colored paint to start now! I just love the funny dots, haha~~ ( Source )

Plastic Bottle Rocket Power Jet-Pack
I really like this jet package craft idea, so awesome! If your kids love rocket, this must be a fantastic idea to you guys to try together! ( Source )

Clothespin Dragonfly
I really love the words “quick and easy”! This beautiful dragonfly craft is obviously quite easy to make! And kids would love to make this as well.  ( Source )

Rainbow Paper Plate Twirler
Who don’t like bright colored rainbow? Go make a rainbow spiral stripe with your children! Star by painting the stripes on the paper plate, dry it and trim it into spiral shape.  Do be patient while drying.   ( Source )
Melted Bead Key chains

Make a keychain with colorful transparent acrylic beads and your children would be thrilled by the beautiful colors! Do remember to DIY this with them in person, since it requires the process of melting the beads in oven. ( Source )
Pipe Cleaner Bunny Rabbits
Children at all ages love using pipe cleaner to make different crafts. You can take them together to make a piper rabbit or any animals that they love. It’s a great and funny experience to have with them as well. ( Source )

Mini Dreamcatcher
Everything cute will arouse kids’ interest. I bet this lovely mini dreamcatcher will make them happy too. Go get some ribbon, wool, feather, threads, or beads, and try this funny idea together! ( Source )

Tiger Craft out of paper hearts
What an adorable paper tiger! I just can’t believe it used all paper hearts. So cute, right? ( Source )

Hope you enjoyed the quick and easy craft ideas for kids! Have fun!

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