10 Lovely Lace Jewelry Ideas

Lace is such a wonderful ethereal and vintage material for craft or jewelry makers to try on any designs. We can use it for decorating our home, clothes, and accessories; or even for some special occasions or holidays like wedding, valentine, etc…

lace jewelry DIY ideas

Many girls all love the classic elegance and charm of the lace projects, especially the DIY lace jewelry, including me. I always love keeping the scraps of fabric or lace trims for future purpose. How can I easily throw out something so charming? What about you? And if you’ve also got other leftovers of some shiny beads, crystals, buttons, you could just embellish them on the lace trim and a stunning lace jewelry piece is ready to shine! So long story short, in today’s post, we’re going to introduce 9 ideas of filigree lace jewelry diy ( lace bracelets, lace earrings, and lace necklaces ) for your inspiration! These lace jewelry ideas can definitely turn your old lace trims into something pretty! Do let us know what you feel after trying them, and remember don’t be too surprised by your own ingenuity in the end!

lace bracelets 1

1, Mix your white lace fabric with some lovely beads like pearl beads, glass beads, crystals and so on, thread the lace and beads on a wire at intervals and tighten them a little to get the ruffles.

lace bracelets 2

2, How charming this leather lace bracelet! Love the rustic leather and feminine lace in this design, mixed by the pretty “loved” charm. You can also choose different charms or phrases to fit with your personality.

lace bracelets 3

3, Being attached with the polymer clay flower and dangling charms, made this lace bracelet so girly and perfect for summer wear!

lace bracelets 4

4, The most traditional way for lace jewelry DIY is embellish the beads and leftovers on the lace pieces and this lace bracelet shows you how exactly it was made.   Quite easy to follow and absolutely awesome to pop up your look!

lace earrings 1

5, This filigree lace earrings are great combination for vintage flower charms & earrings findings with old-world lace!  Super love this idea, and you gotta make a pair NOW!

lace earrings 2

6, The most direct, simple, and time saving lace jewelry DIY among all! Cut your lace scraps into the patterns you love and attach it with earring hooks, perfectly done!

lace earrings 3

7, Feel bored with the normal white lace? Let’s dye it! These are so summery, aren’t they?

lace necklaces 1

8, So here comes the usually look of lace necklace, for bridal, for daily wear as well! 2 pieces of lace patterns with a necklace chain, perfect!

lace necklaces 2

9, Lovely one again! Head to lace fabric store and start trying the black lace jewelry out! This lace necklace can definitely elevate your simple outfits into something special!

lace necklaces 3

10, Roll the lace straps into ruffle flower and add a shiny pearl in the center, simple but elegant!

Have you ever made lace jewelry before? Share with your lovely designs in below comments! And check more other great jewelry making ideas at our blog~


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10 Quick and Easy Craft Ideas for Children’s Day

10 Quick and Easy Craft Ideas for Children’s Day

Children’s day is fast approaching. In previous posts, we’ve updated some posts all about kids like: 5 DIY Gift Ideas for Children’s Day; 10+ DIY Heandband Ideas for Kids; Children’s Day Themed Hama Beads, aim to inspire you and get some crafts or gifts to surprise them. And today, I’m going to share with you some funny, quick, and easy crafts to do with kids. They are all great ideas to get you and the whole family involved. So just think it, how happy it would be! 🙂

Bottle Print Button Flowers
Let your kids to choose their favorite colors of paint and you can make this really quick and easy recycled bottle print flower with craft buttons! Draw a flower stem on paper, place the bottom of bottle with colored paints, then put in close to the stem, allow it dry for several minutes and glue a cute button in the center of flower. So easy, right? ( Source )

DIY button bookmarks
If you kids love reading, guide them to make some adorable bookmarks. It’s again a gluing thing, just so simple to glue all sorts of craft buttons on each paper clip. They could be great gifts between little buddies. ( Source )

Bottle Caps Crafts

Bored at home? The cute bug crafts can make your family happy! Just grab some recycled bottle caps and some beautiful colored paint to start now! I just love the funny dots, haha~~ ( Source )

Plastic Bottle Rocket Power Jet-Pack
I really like this jet package craft idea, so awesome! If your kids love rocket, this must be a fantastic idea to you guys to try together! ( Source )

Clothespin Dragonfly
I really love the words “quick and easy”! This beautiful dragonfly craft is obviously quite easy to make! And kids would love to make this as well.  ( Source )

Rainbow Paper Plate Twirler
Who don’t like bright colored rainbow? Go make a rainbow spiral stripe with your children! Star by painting the stripes on the paper plate, dry it and trim it into spiral shape.  Do be patient while drying.   ( Source )
Melted Bead Key chains

Make a keychain with colorful transparent acrylic beads and your children would be thrilled by the beautiful colors! Do remember to DIY this with them in person, since it requires the process of melting the beads in oven. ( Source )
Pipe Cleaner Bunny Rabbits
Children at all ages love using pipe cleaner to make different crafts. You can take them together to make a piper rabbit or any animals that they love. It’s a great and funny experience to have with them as well. ( Source )

Mini Dreamcatcher
Everything cute will arouse kids’ interest. I bet this lovely mini dreamcatcher will make them happy too. Go get some ribbon, wool, feather, threads, or beads, and try this funny idea together! ( Source )

Tiger Craft out of paper hearts
What an adorable paper tiger! I just can’t believe it used all paper hearts. So cute, right? ( Source )

Hope you enjoyed the quick and easy craft ideas for kids! Have fun!

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DIY Candy Bead Necklace Tutorial

Today, I will show you a simple candy bead necklace tutorial. You do not need many jewelry making supplies, and you can get your own original kids bead necklace design.

Candy bead necklace is a perfect gift for the coming Children’s Day. Kids always have their lively mind and unique ideas, they like special and charming gifts so the mixed color of the candy beads necklace can be very suitable for little kids. That would be a pleasantly surprise if they get a handmade gift on their day. Read on to see how you can DIY the Simple candy bead necklace.

candy bead necklace

 Supplies for making simple candy bead necklace:

Candy Acrylic Beads

Black faceted glass beads

Nylon wire

Barrel clasps

candy bead necklace

candy bead necklace

candy bead necklace


Steps on making simple kids candy bead necklace:

Step 1: Take a length of nylon wire, and then double it and tie it onto the barrel clasp.

Step 2: String the black glass beads and candy beads in alternate sequence. Keep string the necklace until it’s about 14-16 inches long. Make a knot at the end of the bead.

Step 3: Tie it through another part of the clasp; double knot it then thread the wire back through the beads to make sure it will be tight. Cut off the excess nylon wire.

This is a perfect craft idea for kids. Also you can change the length of it to make a same style bracelet. Enjoy it and have a try to make this colorful simple kids candy bead necklace!

Tutorial source: Doodlecraft

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Glass Pearl Beaded Bracelet with Lace and Chain

jewelry making lace scraps bracelet

Do you love romantic shabby chic jewelry? I adore them! They are really cute, always in fashion and  just perfect for a romantic bride or bridesmaids! So let’s create a beautiful bracelet with lace, pearls and chain details!

materials for glass pearl bead lace bracelet

Materials Needed for Pearl Beaded Bracelet with Lace and Chain:

Glass pearl Beads (10mm)

Bronze Chain

Bronze Lobster Clasp

Bronze Jump Rings

Bronze Crimp Beads

Wire in Bronze or Gold tones

Lace Scraps

Plier Set

diy jump ring on lobster

Steps for making Pearl Beaded Bracelet with Lace and Chain

Step 1: Let’s start by creating the main bracelet. First use a jump ring and connect it with the lobster clasp.

tutorial jump ring and wire on lobster

Use a piece of jewelry wire and pass from the jump ring and close the loop with a crimp bead.

glass pearl bead bracelet diy

Pass the Glass pearls in the wire and create a bracelet according to your wrist length.

end wire and jump ring

Close the second end of the wire with a crimp bead and again connect it with a jump ring. Have in mind that we want this bracelet not to be tight, but loose enough.  The main bracelet is ready.

tutorial pearl bead chain bracelet

Step 2: Now we are ready to connect the chain with the pearl bracelet. Cut a piece from the bronze chain a little bit bigger than the pearl bracelet and connect it with the jump rings in the ends.

lace bead bracelet tutorial

In order to give a pattern to our bracelet, we have first to design in our mind how we would love to look like…

how to create beaded shabby chic bracelet


and then proceed to tide the chain on the pearl bracelet by using the lace scraps. Something simple, just a knot.



jewelry making tutorial


Continue that as many times as you want….

diy romantic bridal bracelet


and the bracelet is ready! Lace and Pearls and Bronze chain connected all together, creating a romantic bracelet in shabby chic style, simple adorable to wear it with your jeans or more elegant dresses. It is just perfect also for a romantic bride!

glass bead bronze chain bracelet

Happy Crafting!!!!


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How to Make Galaxy Gold Pearl Necklace

Looking for some special and chic pearl necklaces? Then you would love this gold galaxy pearl necklace design. In today’s tutorial video, we will teach you how to make a galaxy pearl necklace with gold pearls and gold chain. The finished pearl chain necklace is elegant and attractive. You will fall in love with it.

galaxy gold pearl necklace

Jewelry making supplies you need to prepare for making this galaxy gold pearl necklace:

14mm gold pearl beads

6mm gold pearl beads

4mm gold pearl beads

0.38mm tiger tail wire

golden chain

lobster claw clasps

How-to video about making this gold pearl chain necklace:

Now, the handmade gold galaxy pearl necklace is done! You can wear it to a party or in daily life! The pearl chain necklace is so elegant and chic that people who wear it would attract lots of attentions from passerbys. Give yourself a chance and try it right now!


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