Spring Craft : DIY Charm Bracelet

Do it yourself bracelet will attract the people who will approach with admiration for your unique jewelry. Today I will show you an easy spring craft – DIY Charm Bracelet. This bracelet turns classic beads and bead caps into beaded dangles, then hangs them from chain to make the really additive charm bracelet. This bracelet is so much easier and quicker to make than you probably think it is!

DIY charm bracelet: supplies needed:
petal bead caps ( I used two different shapes, 4 small, 3 large)
white pearl beads ( I used four 10mm drilled, three 12mm drilled)
headpins (I had some fancy ones with little round ends)
spacer beads
1 charm bracelets( or you can make a charm bracelet with jewelry chain, jump rings and clasp)
a pair of flat nose pliers
a pair of round nose pliers
a pair of wire cutters

image via

image via

Start by counting up how many charms you need – I went with 15 beaded dangles, but you could use more or less for different styles of bracelet.
Step 1:
Thread a headpin through a pearl bead, and thread the petal bead cap and a spacer bead on top. Then bend the headpin over at about a 90º angle.
Step 2:
Use the round nose pliers to make a little loop from the remaining headpin. Then add the charm on the chain.
Step 3:
Do the same thing with the rest of pearl beads and petal bead caps, until the charm bracelet is finished. Now it is ready to wear!

Really hope that you enjoy this diy charm bracelet tutorial and you will try to make it yourself. If you love this post, comment below. If have some suggestions for me, please comment below. Thanks for reading! :)

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7 thoughts on “Spring Craft : DIY Charm Bracelet

  1. I don’t wear much jewelry, but I love just about every piece you posted! My favorites are the hand-stamped ring, the & necklace.. and if I were a mom, I would absolutely want the necklace with my kids’ handwriting.

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