Smart Seed Beads for Beading

Seed beads are very smart for beading. Don’t dismiss these tiny beads because they will surprise you with their versatility! Because seed beads are versatile and can be used to make any kinds of jewelry, pendants, beaded animals, beaded flowers and any decoration items , some experienced beaders choose these small seed beads as their main jewelry beads and they use these small beads in most of their beadworks. Here we have gathered some seed bead jewelry designs that made by our customers. Take your time and enjoy them!


The beads used in the above pendant is sienna, iris round seed beads 8/0, which is 3mm in diameter. The metal color of this seed bead is antique and charming. Jewelry made with these seed beads are gorgeous and decent. Here are some other accessories that made with these seed beads and designed by Irina. If you want to get them, please go to and search for itemcode: SDB3mm601


Here are some other iris round seed beads, these 6/0 see beads are purple and about 4mm in diameter. The cuff bracelet and earrings set is designed byАлена and the other pair seed bead earrings and pendant necklace is made by Olga. Itemcode: SDB4mm603


Other seed bead jewelry that made with iris round seed beads 12/0. Itemcode: SDB601


Safety pins bracelet with seed beads, designed by by Mitzi. Itemcode: SEED-A009-3mm-606


Seed beaded snail designed by Svetik584. Itemcode: EED-A005-4mm

SEED-A005-4mm -1

Seed bead animals- seed bead horses made by anastasya. Itemcode: SEED-A005-4mm

SEED-A005-4mm -2

Here are some mixed color seed beads and their lated jewelry works like triangle earrings and rainbow necklace. Frosted Colors seed beads do not have the sparkling shine but the slight shine on the frosted surface is full of allure. Itemcode: SEED-A008-4mm


Gorgeous seed bead pendant and seed bead bracelet designed by Christine. Itemcode: SEED-C012-M1


All the above accessories are made with round seed beads. If you’d like to use some kinds of seed beads, you can try this two cut seed beads. Itemcode:CSDBTC01 (designed by by Elena)


Here is a cute bracelet which is created with fringe seed beads. Designer: Angela. Itemcode: SEED-C012-M5


Egyptian Collar, ladder stitch created by Caine. Caine used bugle beads and round seed beads in this Egyptian coller project. Itemcode: TSDB6MM176


Are you surprise by this amazing design? Hope to get more fresh jewelry ideas that created with bugle beads? Then, you can have a look at this Cute Dolls Pendant DIY.



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