Product Review- New Goodies From Pandahall

It’s product review time again for this week! We have another creative craft maker here to share amazing new goodies she got from! Super excited as she is, I even repeated viewing this awesome haul video for several times! OMG! I just don’t have the “favorite” ones from what she got! All are just sparkly fabulous, yet cost effective! Let’s get right to them!

First, she showed you the silver chunky chains, which are perfect for making charm bracelets to dangle a bunch of jumprings with beads or beads with eyepins. It’s no wonder a huge jewelry fashion trend now.

X-CHA-K1631-7_500 Jewellery-making-ideas-about-a-big-chunky-necklace-with-threads-and-chains6

Second, it’s those various shaped tiny silver metal stamping tags are ideal supplies for making jewelry gifts for the coming mother’s day. You can stamp one letter on each of them and make them as pendants for your mom.

metal stamping

metal stampping

Third, mixed colors of 5 strands bead chain is so shining and tempting jewelry chain, that you can use to make necklaces or bracelets with just a bracelet clasp. Howver, you could make a little bit more stunning to dangle things on.

AJEW-PH00498_500 20150427170558

Other funky colors of imitation pearl beads, chunky cube beads, heart glass beads, big drop acrylic beads can give your more possibilities in jewelry designs!

X-PACR-4D-M_500 9cf56b43-7e8a-4bda-9899-1ffb1d56915a-680-330

X-TACR-Y03BC-16mm_500 2aa4e5eeedc046f1b3c4a614b9d3a798_2

G030V10mm-M_500 20150427170940

X-PL511Y_500 20150427171258

And enjoy video and comments by the viewers:

“Definitely start with the glass hearts. They are gorgeous and sparkle even over the Interweb and it’s the month of LOVE.  I am really impressed at the quality of some of those beads and frankly I will admit I am surprised. I didn’t expect to see such pretty and sparkly beads.”

“I would LOVE to see you do something with those adorable little fish charms! TFS luvy! ♥ dig”

“I love the silver fish,imagine pairing them with bluegreen sea glass… cant wait to see what you come up with”

So do you heart these lovely beads? If  yes, go and check more wonderful supplies we have! Never miss the frequent promotions!

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