11 Creative DIY Beaded Earrings Ideas

Hey my dear readers! I am always here to inspire you by sharing DIY ideas with you. For today I have made you a wonderful collection of 12 diy beaded earring ideas to create this season. All of the ideas are very easy and inexpensive, and I have already fallen in love with all of them. Are you excited? Enjoy and have fun!
Angel Earrings with Pearls & Wires

DIY Chandelier Earrings

The tutorial of making chandelier earrings above is easy and what you will need is turquoise beads, jewelry wire and eye pins. You can wear these earrings to embellish your casual outfit.
4-color Diagonal Chain Fringe Earrings

Simple Handmade Cluster Earrings

There is no need any fortune on new accessories, because these earrings look like the expensive jewelry in the store. You only need 15 minutes at your home and what you will need to do is to prepare the materials, glass beads, acrylic beads, pearl beads, turquoise beads and aluminum beads, then follow the steps from the tutorials. Find some colorful beads and start your diy project.
DIY Handmade Earring in Josephine Knot Pattern

Make Classic Pearl Cluster Earrings

Dangle Cluster Earrings with Crystal Beads and Bronze Chain

Vigorous Green Wire and Bead Earrings

Nice Chinese Button Knots Earrings

The Chinese button knots earrings could be a 20 minutes project, which will spruce your daily wear in an economical and easy way. The tutorial is interesting and fun.
Wire Wrapped Flower Ear Cuff Earring

P.S.  you don’t need any expensive jewelry making supplies to create them, they are easy and economic ideas!

Cute Fish-like Wire Earrings

Thank you for reading! I hope that you have found these diy beaded earring tutorials beautiful and fun and you will create them in your free time.  Which one is your favorite? Share with me!

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Antique Findings and Beads Assortment Review

Weekend passed by too quick and hope you guys had really big fun in rest days. So today’s post is about honest product haul review by Mrs. Greene. We really appreciate her taking the time to make this great haul video for us. We’re just so excited to see how others speak highly of their favorite products from us:

“I am loving those big beads. Checking it out and finding all kinds of great beads. My bead usage is really only for miscellaneous crafting but I like having a nice selection on hand. Thanks for the recommendation.  There’s actually a conversion calculator right on the bottom right side of the screen on their website. ”

“Awesome! Thank you for sharing my daughter makes jewelry so I will pass this along to her! Hugs!”

From this below video, you will get to know the varieties of antique finish findings Pandahall carries and also how Mrs. Greene express her own honest opinion about the bead assortment and findings she received. What she would introduce are antique finished chains, flower bead caps, ribbon end clamps and so on. However, the most impressive one is the round antique bronze cheap charm(she said it’s her favorite piece among all!). With the tree pattern on the back, I bet you will be able to whip up incredible design. Besides, what will attract you too, I think is the bead assortment, which will give you endless of jewelry ideas.

antique findings

bead assortment

All in all, if you are a jewelry maker who loves to collect tons of vintage jewelry findings, never miss this video! Just  let’s take a look at this video and let us know how you feel about these awesome jewelry making supplies!

And also check out below tutorial video by Mrs. Greene, she selected the antique finished findings & bead the lampwork bead assortment and perfectly made a beaded charm bracelet. So pretty, huh? Feel free to get the supplies and work on your own!

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Lucky Lantern Earrings DIY

A commom jewlery piece would be very special and unique when people insert cultural elements in the design. Today, we will share you how to DIY lucky lantern earrings! This pair of earrings are of typical Chinese Style. If you are interested in Chinese culture, you will love them very much!

When I saw them at the first time, I was vey impressed by these unique earrings. These lucky golden earrings are well designed and they would add chinness to any outfit. The designer ALLISON COOLING is so smart and talent as she know how to make the earrings special. And I am so thankful that Allison shared her tutorial with us. Now, Lets take a look at the whole making process.

Materials needed to make lucky golden earrings:

golden hematite beads: 18 pieces

4mm faceted turquoise beads: 14 pieces

2 golden earring hooks

6mm bicone beads: 2 pieces

some golden jumprings

golden cross chains

golden headpins

eye pins

jewelry pliers (round nose and wire cutters)

Steps to DIY lucky golden earrings:

Now, here is the finished earrings DIY. Follow the tutorials and you will make your own earrings easily;

If you need more details about how to make the lucky lantern earrings, please visit ALLISON COOLING’s blog at quietlioncreations.

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How to Make and Dye Wooden Beads

In case you use wooden beads for most of your project, you will be happy to know how you can make the beads on your own. You can use the twigs which are found in the yard.   It is possible to make the beads in the size that you like and you can color them, varnish them or paint them so that they can be in the color you like. If you want to make the beads from the woods, you have to start by gathering the twigs in the diameter you want your beads to be. You have to remove the bark, for some types of the wood can be done easily while for others, it can be hard and you may need using a pen knife. You can boil the twigs so that the bark can loosen up if it is too stubborn. While cutting the beads, they have to be somehow longer compared to the length you want. When you have the wooden beads you want, you should drill the holes into them. If you are using a dried wood, you can dye them directly but if the twig where not dry, you should dry them first before you dye them.

wooden beads

Beads made in the woods are common in making the bracelets and necklaces. However, most of the time, its color is not what many people want to get for their jewelry. This is why they choose to die the wooden beads so that they may achieve the perfect color that they are looking out for.

To dye the wood beads, you have to get everything you will need and have them with you. You should put the beads into hot water and let them to soak for 20 minutes. This is to make the beads porous. Add food dye into boiled water and have a bowl for each color you want to make. You can change the level of the colors when you half or you double the amount of the dye you are using. Softer color is the result of less dye and stronger color is when more dye has been used. You should add water softener in the bowels. You can use a strainer or a slotted spoon when you add beads in the colored bowls. Leave the beads to stay for 20 minutes. While using the strainer, lift the dye from the bowl while making sure that you drained the extra dye. You should put the wooden beads on paper towel so that it may dry and you should leave it overnight before you can use it. Your beads are ready and you can use them in any project you wish.

how to dye wood beads

Image source: http://www.wikihow.com/Dye-Wooden-Beads

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Vintage Jewelry Gallery – Lina Eidukaite

Hey, I hope you are having great day! Do you guys love vintage jewelry? I love everything vintage! So this week we are featuring customer – Lina Eidukaite’s vintage jewelry! Lina is really good at choosing earthy elements, old metal and dark colored beads to make vintage style jewelry. You can see the common point of most earrings she did are the usage of antique bronzed colored findings with long bead links or glass cabochon dangling.

Vintage flower Dangle Earrings

The first pair of earrings is finished with bead dangles & brass filigree flower base glued on acrylic flower beads. The filigree flower base is an amazing piece that can be applied for making hair clips and brooches, too! It’s just simple thing of gluing, right?!

Vintage Dangle Earrings1

The second type is oval cabochon setting with drop bead as earring dangles, so pretty! I love the flower image under the transparent glass dome. And the other one is that Lina she put the drop glass cabochon as dangle and bead link in the middle. For these two glass cabochon elements, you can use your favorite graphic patterns or even your family snaps. Yeah, it would be perfect to wearing your beloved ones picture wherever you go!

Pendant Earring Design

And for the rest two are just normal cluster earrings with charming dark colored beads gathering. It’s good to make dozens of these cluster earrings to gift for your friends, and meanwhile to hone your skills of using pliers! Therefore, to make vintage jewelry, just remember to purchase earthy old jewelry findings with good quality and pretty luster.

Apart from making vintage jewelry with antique jewelry findings, we can also think of other supplies often used, for example ethereal old-world lace; up-cycling vintage brooch, buttons, or earrings from Grandma & Great-Grandma, and feathers! So what will you consider to make for next vintage project? If you have any cool ideas, leave a comment below to share with us!

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