How to Make and Dye Wooden Beads

In case you use wooden beads for most of your project, you will be happy to know how you can make the beads on your own. You can use the twigs which are found in the yard.   It is possible to make the beads in the size that you like and you can color them, varnish them or paint them so that they can be in the color you like. If you want to make the beads from the woods, you have to start by gathering the twigs in the diameter you want your beads to be. You have to remove the bark, for some types of the wood can be done easily while for others, it can be hard and you may need using a pen knife. You can boil the twigs so that the bark can loosen up if it is too stubborn. While cutting the beads, they have to be somehow longer compared to the length you want. When you have the wooden beads you want, you should drill the holes into them. If you are using a dried wood, you can dye them directly but if the twig where not dry, you should dry them first before you dye them.

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Beads made in the woods are common in making the bracelets and necklaces. However, most of the time, its color is not what many people want to get for their jewelry. This is why they choose to die the wooden beads so that they may achieve the perfect color that they are looking out for.

To dye the wood beads, you have to get everything you will need and have them with you. You should put the beads into hot water and let them to soak for 20 minutes. This is to make the beads porous. Add food dye into boiled water and have a bowl for each color you want to make. You can change the level of the colors when you half or you double the amount of the dye you are using. Softer color is the result of less dye and stronger color is when more dye has been used. You should add water softener in the bowels. You can use a strainer or a slotted spoon when you add beads in the colored bowls. Leave the beads to stay for 20 minutes. While using the strainer, lift the dye from the bowl while making sure that you drained the extra dye. You should put the wooden beads on paper towel so that it may dry and you should leave it overnight before you can use it. Your beads are ready and you can use them in any project you wish.

how to dye wood beads

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