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Wow! It’s sunny day outside and beautiful day, so why not enjoy some shining beadworks I am sharing this week? There’s nothing wrong with bling bling jewelry this season! Evgeniy Slomintsev used glass beads to create these gorgeous jewelries. No doubt that glass beads are fascinating, fashionable and shining. Their appearance is full of beauty of simple and pure, which always give people a feel of exquisite and elegant. And glass beads are top fashion glamour with colorful, affordable and lightweight. Maybe those are the main reasons why jewelry makers love to DIY jewelry with glass beads, including Evgeniy Slomintsev. She chose the perfect color palettes to work with, so you can focus on the intelligent bead dangles. These glass beads stand out among other beads and jewelry making supplies.
Evgeniy Slomintsev's Designs with Glass Beads
I am always exciting to see green jewelry coz green is my lucky color. This green glass beaded bracelet cheer me up in this colorful season. Leaf shaped tibetan style pendants and flower bead caps are perfect additions for this bracelet. Cool and brief-looking, right?! Love it, seriously!

Evgeniy Slomintsev Designs with Glass Beads (2)

This headband is another bling craft with glass beads. This beautiful design which being used imitation jade glass beads and electroplate glass beads to create the highly pretty look. Because the headband is made from delicate beaded flower, you can wear it in the sunshine to attach boys’ or girls’ attention. It’s really eye-catching!

Evgeniy Slomintsev Designs with Glass Beads (3)

Beyond that, Evgeniy Slomintsev also used normal glass beads, cat eye beads and jade beads in her gorgeous jewelries. She loved making bead dangles that she was making so many these kinds of jewelries with her beading technique.

Evgeniy Slomintsev Designs with Glass Beads (4)

You’ve seen some fabulour jewelry designs with glass beads to get you inspired, and now it’s time to spark your imagination. Make sure to share your designs with us in the comments below. :)

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