Different Jewelry Wire for Jewelry Making

Jewelry making needs the use of the jewelry wire with other types of the tools to connect clasps, glass or beads. The wire that it is used with the jewelry may be created using different types of sizes and materials. There are two important aspects of the wire which you have to be aware of when looking for the jewelry wire. These aspects are wire hardness and its gauge. The wire gauge refers to the thickness of the wire and the thicker wire has a small number. The hardness is how the wire is and this includes soft, half hard and full hard. The type and the size of the wire depend on the project at hand.

Before you choose the jewelry wire, you have to decide first on the project. Whenever you start with a new project, you have to get a new type of wire. The wires are made in many materials such as memory, craft, French, copper, iron and aluminum among others. The price depends at the materials that it is being used in order to make a wire. Tiger tail wire is normally common in the jewelry making and sometime it can be stainless steel wire which is coated by the nylon. It is strong and it comes in many colors. It is used to give the beads, invisible setting where they look as if they are floating around.

Other cheap jewelry wire is made in copper, niobium or aluminum. The copper wire is found in the silver or gold color and it is coated by the use of the enamel. The color coated aluminum wire is found in different gauge and colors. The niobium is not heavy, it is found in different colors and it is normally delicate. French wire is the coiled wire and it is great for the accenting jewelry. It can be in vermeil, sterling silver, silver plated, gold plated and copper. When the coil is small, it means that a precious metal has been used which means that the wire is also expensive.

Gold filled jewelry wire does have a 100 times gold in it than a gold plated wire. It can be soft, half hard or full hard. This ranges from being delicate to extreme tough. This is normally expensive wire and it should be saved to be used with only special projects. Memory wire is found in the stainless steel and carbon steel. It is great for the loops and bangles. It is not used for the project that needs wrapping. After the material of the wire, you have also to choose the gauge of the wire. 30 to 28 gauges are used for delicate jewelry.

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