Cute Dolls Pendant DIY

Crafting is such an interesting and creative activity that you can show your talent and make your image come true. If you are tired of making ordinary necklace and bracelets, maybe you could try something fun. How about this cute Doll pendants?

diy doll pendant

This cute dolls pendant is easy to DIY; and it would be much fun to do them at home with little girls who will love them very much! Also, it is a good choice for craft lessons! Now, let’s get the materials and do it together.


Materials needed to make the dolls pendants:

Brass Eyepins

10/12 mm Pearl beads


8 pieces of Bugle Beads

11/0 and 6/0 Seed Beads

Flower pendants

Bead Caps about 10mm in diameter

Bead Caps about 13 mm long

Now, let’s get started.

step 1

Step 1, make the lace dress. Cut about 5cm lace and sew it with needle and thread. You just need to sew one edge of the lace and the cutting edge.

step 2

step 2, make the body part of the dolls. Firstly, let’s make the arms and legs; sring 1 piece of 6/0  seed beads, 1 flower bead cap, 1 black bugle bead, 1 piece of 12/0 seed beads and 1 black bugle beads into the brass eyepins; and then cut the spare brass and make a loop at the end of the eyepin. Thus, the legs and arms are finished. Remember to sring the beads to the eyepin in order.

step 3

Step 3, finish the whole project. String the 2 legs to the eye of the brass eyepin, and then string a bead, the lace dress and the 13mm long bead cap and 2 arms to the eyepin, and use a small bead cap to mix and strengthen the body part. Lastly, adding a pearl bead as head and a lace and flower pendant as hat to the eyepin. Cut the spare length of the brass and make a loop and you get finished!

More clear instruction? Please watch the step-by-step tutorials video to follow the making steps:

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