Beads Container – Store and Organize Your Beads

As a jewelry maker, we all know that we need to prepare the materials and make sure everything is set in place before we start the beading or DIY. And along with the increased projects, the beading supplies are increased too. Soon, you will consider about how to store the beads. Because if you just place your beads and supplies here and there , they are easy to lose and you will find that you need to spend more time to find the beads than you do actually making the jewelry. That’s why organizing beads properly is important for us crafters.

Today, I will share some bead storege tips and tricks with you. They would help you a lot to store and organize your beads. Here are some beads containers that crafters love to use.

#1. plastic beads containers with interseptal grids inside. You can put your different beads in different compartments. And Each of them has a cover to protect beads from scatteering. This is the most common type of beads containers. Where to find it? Go to and search itemcode of:C005Y

beads container 1

#2. Round beads containers with seperated dividers. You can put your pearl beads in one divider and your crystal beads in other divider and you can open each dividers seperately; it’s quite easy to use and it is much convenient. And I prefer to use this kind of bead container to store my seed beads. Itemcode:C008Y

seed beads container


#3. Plastic beads container with round bottles. this type of container has many interseptal grids inside too, but it has seperated round bottles instead, not compartments. Super useful and I love it very much. Go to our online store and get them to store your beads. Itemcode: C004Y

beads containers 3

#4. Clear plastic bead containers with lid. This type of beads container is super good for storing a large amount of beading supplies. If you have a bead store or you have a jewelry business, this is just right for you to store your huge amount of beads and supplies. If you want to get them, go to, the itemcode for this product is C058Y.

beads container 4

#5. Clear tube plastic bead containers with lid. This tube container is my favorite one too. The container is composed by a clear tube with the bottom and a lid. Simple style but practical. I used it to store jewelry beads like seed beads, acrylic beads and so on. Want to get them? Go to, the itemcode for this product is C065Y.

tube bead container


#6. Glass bottle bead containers with tampions. This little glass bottle can not only help you organize your beads, but also can be used for candy glass bottles, gift glass bottles. Also, if you don’t need them to store beads any more, you can use them to make bottle necklace or other bottle jewelry. Cool, aha! Itemcode: CON-Q014

glass bottle beads container

All these 6 types of beads containers are clear so that you can see what beads are inside without opening them. Except from beads, you can also use them to store your fingdings like jumprings, claps and so on. They will do a favor for you to store and organize your beads!



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