Trendy and Timeless Shamballa Bracelets

Shamballa bracelets, a set of bracelets which are woven, braided and knotted with shamballa bracelet beads, have been on-trend for a long time, though the fashion jewelry trend come and go fast. And it believed that the shamballa style bracelets will still be popular in the future years. These treny and timeless fashion bracelets are loved by men and women.

Shamballa bracelets are widely loved because of its holistic style; they are available in various colors and styles and  made with sparkle beads. If you are looking for bling jewelry, shamballa style bracelets are a perfect choice. Here Pandahall online store have collected some classic shamballa bracelets in different styles and color. Let’s have a look!

Different colors of shamballa bracelets:

different colors of shamballa bracelets

Different styles of shamballa bracelets:

different styles of shamballa bracelets

Different beads materials of shamballa bracelets:

different beads materials of shamballa bracelets

Which is your favorite one? Do you want to get your own shamballa bracelets? Then, you would definitely check as we provide shamballs bracelets at bulk prices with high quality!

Or if you want to get the sparkle beads and materials to DIY your own handmade shamballa bracelets, you could check our topic of get unique shamballa bracelet beads for shamballa bracelets too.


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Product Review- New Goodies From Pandahall

It’s product review time again for this week! We have another creative craft maker here to share amazing new goodies she got from! Super excited as she is, I even repeated viewing this awesome haul video for several times! OMG! I just don’t have the “favorite” ones from what she got! All are just sparkly fabulous, yet cost effective! Let’s get right to them!

First, she showed you the silver chunky chains, which are perfect for making charm bracelets to dangle a bunch of jumprings with beads or beads with eyepins. It’s no wonder a huge jewelry fashion trend now.

X-CHA-K1631-7_500 Jewellery-making-ideas-about-a-big-chunky-necklace-with-threads-and-chains6

Second, it’s those various shaped tiny silver metal stamping tags are ideal supplies for making jewelry gifts for the coming mother’s day. You can stamp one letter on each of them and make them as pendants for your mom.

metal stamping

metal stampping

Third, mixed colors of 5 strands bead chain is so shining and tempting jewelry chain, that you can use to make necklaces or bracelets with just a bracelet clasp. Howver, you could make a little bit more stunning to dangle things on.

AJEW-PH00498_500 20150427170558

Other funky colors of imitation pearl beads, chunky cube beads, heart glass beads, big drop acrylic beads can give your more possibilities in jewelry designs!

X-PACR-4D-M_500 9cf56b43-7e8a-4bda-9899-1ffb1d56915a-680-330

X-TACR-Y03BC-16mm_500 2aa4e5eeedc046f1b3c4a614b9d3a798_2

G030V10mm-M_500 20150427170940

X-PL511Y_500 20150427171258

And enjoy video and comments by the viewers:

“Definitely start with the glass hearts. They are gorgeous and sparkle even over the Interweb and it’s the month of LOVE.  I am really impressed at the quality of some of those beads and frankly I will admit I am surprised. I didn’t expect to see such pretty and sparkly beads.”

“I would LOVE to see you do something with those adorable little fish charms! TFS luvy! ♥ dig”

“I love the silver fish,imagine pairing them with bluegreen sea glass… cant wait to see what you come up with”

So do you heart these lovely beads? If  yes, go and check more wonderful supplies we have! Never miss the frequent promotions!

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How to Make Happy Hearts Jewelry Sets

Our topic today is how to make happy hearts jewelry sets, this project is quite suitable for jewelry making beginners to learn how to make happy hearts necklace, happy hearts bracelet and happy hearts earrings! Hope you enjoy them!

Jewelry making supplies you need to prepare are:

6mm glass pearl beads (2 colors; itemcode: X-HY-6D-B72, )
11/0  seed beads (itemcode: X-SEED-Q009-FJX03)
2 size 10 or 12 needles
thread (optional thread conditioner)
pair of pliers
2 pieces of 6mm rings

(please notice that the above materials are needed for 1 project design)
1 bracelet clasps (for the happy hearts bracelet, itemcode: X-LF013Y)

a pair of earring hooks (for the happy hearts earrings)

a necklace clasps (for the happy hearts necklace)

Sponsored by; designed by HoneyBeads1



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Vampire Diaries Daylight Rings

If you are a fan of Vampire Diaries or have watched the vampire diaries movie, then you are realized that the most common jewelry that almost every vampire wears in the TV Series is the Ring – Sun Protect Ring. The jewelry ring is a daylight amulet for the vampires, they need to wear it so that they can walk freely in the day without sun burning.

Their sunshine protection ring is usually a piece of ring with a lapis lazuli gemstone that enchanted by witches, so that it could protect vampires from the sunlight. Though the powerful function of the ring is just happened in the Vampire diaries, the ring itself is attractive and retro. The vampire diaries rings are ideal for costumes, cos-play and gift giving, especially for the “Vampire Diaries” fan!

Here is a general collection of vampire diaries rings! If you are a big fun of the TV series, you will enjoy these gemstone rings very much.

Damon’s Daylight Ring – Vintage Silver Ring With a D on it.

Damon’s Daylight Ring – Vintage Silver Ring With a D on it

Stefan’s Protection Sun Ring – S Crest Ring

stefan daylight ring with s on it

Elena Gilbert’s Lapis Lazuli Ellipse Ring

Lapis Lazuli Ellipse ring Elena Gilbert Ring The Vampire Diaries

Caroline’s Sunshine Protection Ring –  Retro Vintage Blue Ring

caroline daylight ring

Jeremy Silver Plated  Ring; He Is The Vampire Hunter , Not Vampire

The Vampire Diaries Silver plated jeremy Ring gift

The Originals Family Daylight Ring

The Vampire Diaries The Originals Family Daylight Ring

This vampire diaries ring gallery is not a overall collection, but you could have a look at all the main vampires rings. These daylight amulets have lapis lazuli bead on them, a deep blue semi-precious gemstone. The lapis lazuli stone has been used for jewelry making for a long time, and the most famous usage of lapis lazuli is that it was used for the eyebrows on the funeral mask of King Tutankhamun. While, lapis lazuli rings are really retro and vintage, which are perfect for Vampire Diaries series; and they are fashionable too. Here we also have collected some lapis lazuli rings that you can wear daily. They are not the original vampire diaries rings, but they are popular too!



Retro Quadrangle Lapis Lazuli Rings




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Smart Seed Beads for Beading

Seed beads are very smart for beading. Don’t dismiss these tiny beads because they will surprise you with their versatility! Because seed beads are versatile and can be used to make any kinds of jewelry, pendants, beaded animals, beaded flowers and any decoration items , some experienced beaders choose these small seed beads as their main jewelry beads and they use these small beads in most of their beadworks. Here we have gathered some seed bead jewelry designs that made by our customers. Take your time and enjoy them!


The beads used in the above pendant is sienna, iris round seed beads 8/0, which is 3mm in diameter. The metal color of this seed bead is antique and charming. Jewelry made with these seed beads are gorgeous and decent. Here are some other accessories that made with these seed beads and designed by Irina. If you want to get them, please go to and search for itemcode: SDB3mm601


Here are some other iris round seed beads, these 6/0 see beads are purple and about 4mm in diameter. The cuff bracelet and earrings set is designed byАлена and the other pair seed bead earrings and pendant necklace is made by Olga. Itemcode: SDB4mm603


Other seed bead jewelry that made with iris round seed beads 12/0. Itemcode: SDB601


Safety pins bracelet with seed beads, designed by by Mitzi. Itemcode: SEED-A009-3mm-606


Seed beaded snail designed by Svetik584. Itemcode: EED-A005-4mm

SEED-A005-4mm -1

Seed bead animals- seed bead horses made by anastasya. Itemcode: SEED-A005-4mm

SEED-A005-4mm -2

Here are some mixed color seed beads and their lated jewelry works like triangle earrings and rainbow necklace. Frosted Colors seed beads do not have the sparkling shine but the slight shine on the frosted surface is full of allure. Itemcode: SEED-A008-4mm


Gorgeous seed bead pendant and seed bead bracelet designed by Christine. Itemcode: SEED-C012-M1


All the above accessories are made with round seed beads. If you’d like to use some kinds of seed beads, you can try this two cut seed beads. Itemcode:CSDBTC01 (designed by by Elena)


Here is a cute bracelet which is created with fringe seed beads. Designer: Angela. Itemcode: SEED-C012-M5


Egyptian Collar, ladder stitch created by Caine. Caine used bugle beads and round seed beads in this Egyptian coller project. Itemcode: TSDB6MM176


Are you surprise by this amazing design? Hope to get more fresh jewelry ideas that created with bugle beads? Then, you can have a look at this Cute Dolls Pendant DIY.



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