Large Hole Beads in Customers’ Designs

What are large hole beads? Many people would list pandora beads or Enropean beads as examples. Yes, these kinds of beads are big hole beads of course. And they are the hottest large hole beads among today’s jewelry making trend. In Fact, any type of beads with 3mm or larger holes in diameter can be called as large hole beads. They can be made of wood, pearl, acrylic, rhinestone or any other materials. Jewelry makers love to use large hole beads in their designs because large hole beads are versatile in jewelry making. You can string them to chains, suede cord, leather cord, ribbons and any other thicker stringging materials.

Today, we will show some customers’ designs that made with our large hole beads. As we have said that large hole beads are versatile and can be strung with a wide selection of stringing materials. Here we shared some pandora style bracelets that made by our customer Ann, frankie, Antonia and Carlotta. The large hole beads used in these bracelets are glass european beads with 5mm hole. And our customers have chosen to use brass chains for european bracelet making, 1.5mm nylon thread and other supplies to string these beads.

large hole beads in designs

European beads are not only the most common large hole beads, but also available in various materials. Among the wide range of materails, rhinestone european beads are shining and I think they are the most beautiful ones. These glistening rhinestone beads bring beauty to your designed beadworks and they are perfect for jewelry decoration. Thanks to our customer Marina, who have shared many pretty Pandora style bracelets with us on Marina have used these mixed color roundle beads which have 4mm holes. Let’s enjoy them.

rhinestone european beads

There are also many other types of large hole beads, such like rhinestone space beads, big hole pearl beads and so on. Here our dear Cristina have shared some really cute beaded bracelets with us. She used sparkling rhinestone spacer beads in her designs. If you love these cute bracelets, please give a thumb up to Cristina.

other large hole beads


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By the ends, we hope you have enjoyed our customers beadworks and like them! If you love this topic, please share it or leave a comment below. 🙂

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