Familiarize Yourself With The Latest Range of Contemporary Glass Beads

Glass beads don’t require an introduction. They can be simply classified as beads made from glass that would be usually transparent, if not colored. Several colorful glass beads can be used to create a beautiful piece of jewelry and worn for adornment. Since these beads are mainly universal and ancient forms of art, they are also considered significant anthropologically.

Beads made out of glass have a long history associated with them. In fact, archaeological evidence holds that these beads have existed since the Roman era. Likewise, some more studies have been done to reveal how sophisticated methods were used to make these beads in some of the regions like Caucasus and Mesopotamia in the early 2340 to 2180 BC. In addition, beads have also been associated with other cultures like that of Venice, Egypt and Mediterranean regions.

Contemporary and latest glass beads are intricately designed and much advanced compared to the older ones. They are widely available in myriad designs, colors, sizes and shapes. The smaller beads come with elaborate designs, also known as seed beads. Today, these beads are generally used for making jewelry items.

There are mainly two key uses of glass beads – for curtains and ornaments. However, they are most prominently used in making jewelry of all kinds. Today, the use of these beads has been taken to a next level, thus making them absolutely fantastic choice for use.

Curtains made out of glass beads are considered items for interior decoration. Several glass beads and stones are used to fabricate curtains in multiple colors, having intricate cravings, bewitching coating, and enticing finish. These are unique characteristic of glass beads, which makes them perfect for decoration. They are commonly available in oily or greasy finish, iridescent finish, metallic finish, color lined finish, and other finishes.

Glass beads are also commonly used for jewelry making too. These types of beads are commonly made in cottage industries and factories, crafted for the purpose of jewelry making. They are precisely and intricately designed than other beads. These stones have also been commonly used for collage jewelry making. Graceful, artistic, colorful – glass beads have a gleam among appeal to it.

There are different types of glass beads commonly available for your choice. Even people who are new in the world of jewelry making business can differentiate between these types. One should have the eye to choose some of the finest collection of beads from the variety available. Venetian, chevron, handmade and silver foil glass beads are some of the most popular choices available. In addition, alphabet glass beads are also commonly used.

Venetian glass beads, for instance, have their roots in Venice. They are created by highly proficient Venetian artists, hence the name. These beads reflect the Venetian culture too. Similarly, handmade glass beads depict the ingenuity and creativity of artisans. There are no constraints with respect to the shape, design, size, variety and color. These beads can be found in a vibrant shade of colors, often resembling a kaleidoscope, and in varied finishes too.

Chevron beads are the oldest, having diverse patterns and multiple colors with 4, 5 or 6 layers. The seven layered beads are amazing.

You can choose your glass beads from Pandahall according to the jewelry items you wish to design.

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