Electroplate Glass Beads Reviews Haul

Many beaders love to use faceted glass beads in their jewelry projects because these little sparkling jewelry beads could reflect light and they made the finished jewelry work very shining. Electroplate glass beads which has good cutting and clear surface are fascinationg; they are one of the most favoured glass beads used by beaders and that’s why they get into our best-seller playlist.

Thanks to our customer Sparkleyourway who have shared her own reviews of these adorable electroplate glass beads, we could know more about these sparkling faceted glass beads by watching her review video. Sparkleyourway has got different colors of electroplate glass beads from us, and she said that she really loves these absolutely gorgeous and sparkly beads. “It’s a really beautiful color makes I can’t wait to use them.” she said.

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Sparkleyourway has not only reviewed these beautiful glass beads, but also given her opinions on cube Hematite beads, mixed shape gemstone beads and gift bags like Organza Bags, paper bags and plastic bags. In her review video haul, you can find opinions about shippment, product quality, color and so on. Hearing from our customer Sparkleyourway’s opinion would help you to know these items better. Let’s watch the haul video!

Here are the jewelry beads and gift bags that received by Sparkleyourway:

Electroplate Glass Beads Strands, Imitation Jade, AB Color Plated, Faceted, Abacus, Mixed Color, 3.5~4×2.5~3mm; Hole: 0.5mm, about 150pcs/strand, 15.5″

Electroplate Glass Beads, Mixed Color, AB Color Plated, Faceted Abacus, 8mm in diameter, 6mm thick, hole: 1mm, about 72pcs/strand


Electroplate Glass Bead Strands, Faceted Round, Mixed Color, about 4~10mm in diameter, hole: 1~2mm, 13″/strand, about 35-83pcs/strands

Cube Glass Beads Strands Mix, AB Color Plated, Multi-colored, Bead: 4mm wide, 4mm long, hole: 0.8mm


Non-magnetic Hematite Beads Strands, Cube, Black, about 4mm long, 4mm wide, 3mm thick, Hole: 1mm

Glass Cabochons, Plated Pearlized, Half Round/Dome, Mixed Color, 14×5.5mm


Mixed Shapes Gemstone Beads, Mixed Stone, 6~34×6~20.5×4~8mm, Hole: 1~2mm

Organza Bags, Rectangle, Mixed Color, 90x70mm

Plastic Packaging Bags, PE Material, Mixed Color, 145x85x60mm thick, Hole: 1mm, about 93pcs/strand


These colorful glass beads with plated appearance are perfect for creating festive costume jewlery and they match with hook, jump ring for your jewelry design!

After watching this review video, would you want to get these fascinating electroplate glass beads to make your jewelry or decorate your favorite items? Tell us your opinions!

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