Caroline Pearl Chain Necklace in 2 Broke Girls

I love pearl necklace and I’m a big fan of the two broke girls; when I watched the show, I was attracted by the gold cream pearl chain necklace that Caroline worn. The vintage necklace worn by Caroline is gorgeous and it can be match with any outfits. She was wearing the statement pearl necklace when she met Max the first time and she always wear it. Caroline said that the pearl necklace is her lucky necklace, and she touches her lucky pearl necklace every time when she introduces herself to others.






Pearl necklace makes women noble and elegant and this is absolutely the person Caroline used to be, a rich young lady who lived a luxury life. I think this is why the peal chain necklace is so meaningful to the poor girl Caroline.

Yes, pearl necklace is elegant and almost every women love it. Honestly, I planned to get one for myself too. As an experienced crafter who has several years’ experience in jewelry making, I would rather make my own pearl chain necklace. The original pearl statement necklace Caroline worn has 2 layers of pearl beads. While I have made some changes, I used the pearl beads and gold chain to make my own necklace but it is not the original Caroline statement necklace. Here I will share the picture with you.

pearl chain necklace 2


There are lots of necklace designs that used pearl beads and chains. I have collected some of the favorite pearl chain necklaces and would share here too. Hope you can get some inspirations from them and make your own one. Or you can just buy them directly if you like it and don’t have the time to make by yourself. 🙂 By the way, the 3rd purple pearl necklace design is the most similar to the original pearl chain necklace that caroline worn.


Pearl beads are regarded as the symbol of elegance and golden usually stands for richness and nobleness. That’s why the pearl necklace are necessarily own by noble families in the past time. Now, the pearl necklace is cheap and can be owned and worn by common people too. If you love these pearl chain necklaces, welcome to leave a comment below. 🙂

PS – please don’t judge me if you think it’s idiot to love the 2 broke girls.


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How to Make Beaded Flower Earrings Tutorial with Simple Beading Techniques

Summary: Wonder how to make beaded earrings tutorial? Please check out this tutorial, which is totally about beaded flower earring patterns.

Jewelry making . diy jewelry , diy earrings

How to Make Beaded Flower Earrings Tutorial with Simple Beading Techniques

If you enjoy beading jewelry, we believe you will fall in love with this pair of beaded flower earrings. The beaded flower earring patterns are made out of crystal beads and seed beads. Now, let’s begin to learn how to make beaded earrings tutorial!

Materials needed on how to make beaded earrings tutorial:

2MM Round Seed Beads
6MM Abacus Glass Beads
Drop Glass Beads
Earring Hooks
Tiger Wire

Instructions for beaded flower earring patterns:

Step 1: Make the dangle for the beaded flower earrings patterns

1st, cut off about 70cm tiger wire, slide 3 seed beads onto the middle of wire, thread both wires to a drop glass bead;
2nd, add 4 seed beads to each wire again, cross both wires to an abacus glass bead and tighten wires.

Step 2: Make the first beaded flower for the earrings

1st, slide a seed bead and an abacus bead onto one wire, add 5 seed beads to the wire again, pass the wire back to the abacus glass bead and tighten wires;

2nd, add a seed bead and an abacus bead again, and then repeat process 3rd one time;

3rd, repeat process 3rd and 4th to make the other wire as the same;

4th, add a seed bead onto each wire, and cross both wires to an abacus glass bead and tighten wires;
5th, add 2 seed beads onto each wire again, cross both wires to a seed bead and tighten wires.

Step 3: Make the second beaded flower for the earrings

1st, add a seed bead to each wire, cross both wires to a seed bead and tighten wires;
2nd, add 2 seed bead onto each wire again, cross both wires to an abacus glass bead and tighten wires;

3rd, make the second flower in the same method.

Step 4: Finish the beaded flower earrings patterns

1st, slide 2 seed beads onto each wire, cross both wires to another seed bead and tighten wires;

2nd, conceal the wires by passing the beading path;
3rd, attach an earring hook to the beaded flower.

So far, the beaded flower earrings patterns are done! They are so simple but beautiful, are they? Now, you must have known how to make beaded earrings tutorial! Just make a unique pair of beaded flower earrings for your own or send to your close friends.

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Large Hole Beads in Customers’ Designs

What are large hole beads? Many people would list pandora beads or Enropean beads as examples. Yes, these kinds of beads are big hole beads of course. And they are the hottest large hole beads among today’s jewelry making trend. In Fact, any type of beads with 3mm or larger holes in diameter can be called as large hole beads. They can be made of wood, pearl, acrylic, rhinestone or any other materials. Jewelry makers love to use large hole beads in their designs because large hole beads are versatile in jewelry making. You can string them to chains, suede cord, leather cord, ribbons and any other thicker stringging materials.

Today, we will show some customers’ designs that made with our large hole beads. As we have said that large hole beads are versatile and can be strung with a wide selection of stringing materials. Here we shared some pandora style bracelets that made by our customer Ann, frankie, Antonia and Carlotta. The large hole beads used in these bracelets are glass european beads with 5mm hole. And our customers have chosen to use brass chains for european bracelet making, 1.5mm nylon thread and other supplies to string these beads.

large hole beads in designs

European beads are not only the most common large hole beads, but also available in various materials. Among the wide range of materails, rhinestone european beads are shining and I think they are the most beautiful ones. These glistening rhinestone beads bring beauty to your designed beadworks and they are perfect for jewelry decoration. Thanks to our customer Marina, who have shared many pretty Pandora style bracelets with us on Marina have used these mixed color roundle beads which have 4mm holes. Let’s enjoy them.

rhinestone european beads

There are also many other types of large hole beads, such like rhinestone space beads, big hole pearl beads and so on. Here our dear Cristina have shared some really cute beaded bracelets with us. She used sparkling rhinestone spacer beads in her designs. If you love these cute bracelets, please give a thumb up to Cristina.

other large hole beads


If you want to get large hole beads in your jewelry making and hope to know more about large hole beads, welcome to visit

By the ends, we hope you have enjoyed our customers beadworks and like them! If you love this topic, please share it or leave a comment below. 🙂

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Glass Beads Have Been Used for a Long Period in Jewelry Making

The glass beads have origins in Egypt and they were used by the court attendants and Pharaohs. They have beautiful and smooth quality and this is why bead workers like to use them. You can choose quality glass beads to make any bead projects. You have to visit a bead store and see all the types of the beads they have in order to choose the one you like most. The glass beads are found in different types and you can find manmade beads in different size from small to large sizes and you may choose anyone that can fit into any project you want. The beads are also found in different colors so you are the one to choose the color you like.  The glass beads can also be gotten in many   shapes like bugle, hex cuts, cubes, triangular, cylinder, animal shaped, heart shaped, oval, hole, donut shaped and round.  You have also to consider the weight of the beads and the design of the beads you want to make.

jewelry beads, wholesale beads , glass beads, crackle glass beads,

Two Tone Spray Painted Crackle Glass Beads Strands


In case you are interested in making the jewelry using glass beads for your earrings, necklaces or bracelet, you need to ensure that you are using the best beads according to the design you want to get. When you start to make the beading, you have to ensure that you have enough time to make them and that you have picked the right design with the right beads.

You have to choosing the jewelry that you are looking to make. You have to make the beading choices based on the design you have decided on. For example, you can create necklace and the bracelet that match one another.  When you buy the glass beads, you have to look for the beads that look the same. If the beads are made in glass, all the beads you want to use should be made in the glass. If you wish to have a focal bead, it has to match the theme of other beads.  This is the same thing if you are using other type of beads such as wood or metal.

glass beads, beads wholesale , jewelry beads

Handmade Glass Beads


If you are going to use the beaded pattern with different types of glass beads, you have to do a research of how you have to achieve this be it offline or online.  You have to choose the pattern which repeats itself and it may allow a focal bead so that it can be used.  If you want to use a certain pattern, you are going to use the same pattern for other items to go with it such as the bracelet.

If you want to make a special project, you should check in the lampwork glass bead.  The lampwork is in category of its own and each one is unique and it is handmade. Such uniqueness can be reflected into its price.   Before you buy glass beads, you should ensure that they are annealed. This means that the beads are heated and also cooled within the kiln. In case the process was not followed, the glass bead may shatter or break easily.

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How to Make a Single Braided Charm Bracelet out of Suede Cord

Summary: Want to make a single braided bracelet? Well, today’s jewelry making tutorial will totally share you about how to make a single braided bracelet. Hope you will like it!

jewelry making , diy jewelry , diy bracelets, handmade jewelry

How to Make a Single Braided Charm Bracelet out of Suede Cord

This single braided bracelet is made up of suede cords and aluminum wire. We use aluminum wire to form a bangle and braid suede cords around the wire bangle. At last, the silver charms are a wonderful and shiny addition to this single braided bracelet’s beauty. Now, follow me to learn how to make a single braided bracelet step by step!

Materials needed in making a single braided bracelet:

1.5MM Aluminum Wire
Yellow Suede Cords
Green Suede Cords
Pink Suede Cords
Tibetan Style Pendants
Jump rings

Instructions for making a single braided bracelet:

Step 1: Wrap the bangle frame for making a single braided bracelet

1st, cut about 20cm 1.5mm aluminum wire;
2nd, wrap the wire around a cylinder several turns, then take it out of the cylinder; now, you get a circle wire wrapped bangle, you can adjust the size of the circle to fit your wrist.

Step 2: Start to make the single braided bracelet

1st, cut three 40cm different colors of suede cords, thread the three cords through the bangle frame, and fold them in half so that you have the same length of cord on either side;
2nd, divide the six suede cords into three different strands as picture shows;
3rd, make your first braid stroke around the bangle to secure all of the cords, and use 3-strand braid way to make the single braided bracelet, remember every time you braid from right to left, wrap around the wire wrapped bangle;
4th, continue to braid until the entire bangle is covered, back to where the braid started.

Step 3: Finish making a single braided bracelet

1st, take one of the suede cords to tie a side knot around the rest of the cord strands, pull it tight and trim the ends of the each suede cord;
2nd, attach charms with jump rings directly onto the single braided bracelet between the beginning and end of the bracelet.

So far, this tutorial on how to make a single braided bracelet has been finished! For making this single braided bracelet, you can use other materials such as silk instead of suede cords as well. Just have a nice try! We believe you can have a better design!

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