Plastic Beads for Your Fashion Statement

Anyone who has an eye for fashion can see that nowadays there is a rising popularity of jewelry that is popularly known as “junk jewelry” or costume jewelry. As opposed to “real” jewelry, junk jewelry cannot be treated as investments. Nonetheless, these are growing in popularity because of their relative affordability, unique designs as well as wide variety. The main components of many of these jewelries are acrylic or plastic beads.

For ages, beads, mostly glass beads, have been extensively used in jewelry and dress designs. Only in the recent times, plastic beads are becoming more and more popular as they are cheaper. Moreover, these beads are available in such a wide range of shape, texture, and style, that for a junk jewelry lover these could become even more desirable than gemstones or semi precious stones. This is because with the money that one would need to spend on an amazingly stunning and colorful stone studded jewelry, a collection of equally stunning jewelries of acrylic beads can be available. And even though these are cheaper, these are in no way detrimental to your social status. In fact, with the new generation shunning precious metal and stones, jewelry made of plastic beads has become the ultimate fashion statement of the day.

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Mixed Color Frosted Transparent Plastic Flower Beads


Anyone wondering why needs to look deeper into the world of plastic beads. As mentioned earlier, the varieties in shapes, sizes, styles of plastic beads are enormous. Beads could be transparent or with solid color. It could also be spray painted, printed, or glittery like gold or silver. It could have mesmerizing illusive mixture of different colors as well. If one is interested to make a “disruptive” or uncommon fashion statement, plastic beads can offer unique shapes like that of a shoe or a mobile phone or even a spider for instance. For more traditional minded ones, there are options for antique shapes or simple common shapes. One may even want to try out the acrylic rhinestones, which are in no way less attractive than real stones.

The affordability and ease of use has made plastic beads so popular today not only in jewelry designing but also in fashion designing. A plain looking dress can be completely transformed into an attention grabber, just by using colorful beads. It is so easy to use that jewelry and dress-making as hobbies are on the rise.  All that one needs to have is the idea and the assortment of beads. It does not have to be the greatest of all. But with a careful selection of colors, shapes and texture anyone can pull off a stunning fashion accessory.

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Faceted Bicone Crystal Beads Transparent Plastic Beads


For dress designing, plastic beads may have to be stitched to the cloth. But for jewelries like necklace, earrings, hair accessories, bracelets etc these can either be threaded or stuck with powerful glue. For people with a creative bend of mind, this opens up an area that could be emotionally gratifying as well as economically beneficial. Because, even though jewelry made of plastic or acrylic beads are cheaper, it is still not cheap.

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