How to Make a Beaded Ladder Stitch Bracelet

Hey friends, another new jewelry making tutorial video is coming. This time, we will tell you how to do a beaded ladder stitch bracelet . Hope you will like it ! Now, let’s start!

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PandaHall Jewelry Making Tutorial Video–Make a Chain Bracelet with Pearl Beads for Bridesmaids

Pearls are widely used to create wedding jewelry. In this jewelry making tutorial, we ( will teach you how to make a chain bracelet with pearls for bridesmaids. Easy to learn but gorgeous & elegant. Just have a try. ^_^

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How to Make Chic Handmade Jewelry Sets with Purple Jade Beads

Summary: This tutorial is entirely about how to make handmade jewelry set with beads. This pair of necklace and bracelet sets are very suitable for chic office lady. Hope you will like it!

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How to Make Chic Handmade Jewelry Sets with Purple Jade Beads

This pair of jade jewelry sets contains a jade bead necklace and a jade bead bracelet. To DIY these necklaces and bracelets sets, you just need to prepare some jade beads, eye pins, copper wires and brass chains, and they are ended with lobster clasps. Now, let’s enjoy the craft trip on how to make handmade jewelry with jade beads!

Materials needed in DIY necklaces and bracelets sets:

8MM Mashan Jade Beads
0.5MM Copper Wire
Eye pins
Jump rings
Brass Chains
Lobster Clasps

How to make handmade necklace jewelry with jade beads?

Step 1: Make bead-link chain for the handmade necklace

1st, use an eye pin and a jade bead to make a bead link;
2nd, make another 32 bead links in the same way;
3rd, connect two bead links together, do another 13 bead links in the same way to form a bead-link chain;
4th, do the other bead-link chain in the same way.

Step 2: Make the dangle for the handmade jewelry necklace with beads

1st, cut off about 12cm copper wire, and then follow the specific diagrams to bend the wire to form a four leaf clover shape;
2nd, fix the end by wrapping wires around the center of the four leaf clover;
3rd, cut off three brass chains as the length of 3cm, 5cm, 7cm, and then attach a bead link to each brass chain end;
4th, use jump rings to connect the three dangles to the four leaf clover as picture shows.

Step 3: Finish the necklace of the necklace and bracelet sets

1st, use the four leaf clover dangle to connect both bead-link chains’ ends;
2nd, use a lobster clasp to connect both ends.

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How to Make Chic Handmade Jewelry Sets with Purple Jade Beads

The final look of the necklace with jade beads is like this:

How to make handmade bracelet jewelry with jade beads?

Step 1: Wrap a four leaf clover shape in the same way as process 1st and 2nd in step 2 in handmade necklace jewelry making.

Step 2: Make two 6 bead-link chains, you can add or reduce the number of bead links to make it fit to your wrist.

Step 3: Finish necklace and bracelet sets

1st, attach the four leaf clover to one end of each bead-link chain;
2nd, cut about 3cm brass chain, and add it to one end, then use a lobster clasp to connect the both ends.

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How to Make Chic Handmade Jewelry Sets with Purple Jade Beads

look of bracelet of necklace and bracelet sets is like this:

Wow! So far, the DIY necklaces and bracelets sets have been finished! Have you known how to make handmade jewelry with beads? You can change the color of jade beads as you like. Just enjoy the craft trip!

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Create Your Own Jewelry with Jewelry Findings

Jewelry is not just a fashion accessory. For many it’s a carefully selected statement of their own selves. When worn on self or attached to clothes, it indicates personal taste, economic status, social standing as well as fashion consciousness. But all things that are trending are invariably costly, given the high demand. Moreover, one gets to choose only from limited options, many a times not locating the exact one, therefore settling down with a compromise. For creative minds, this is not a problem. All one needs is the idea and the right jewelry findings.

Jewelry findings are the small pieces or components, which when assorted together, sometimes with jewelry beads, create the actual jewelry. In ancient Egypt, gold along with gemstones, colored glass, and silver were the main jewelry components.  Similar use of precious metals and gems were common in all other ancient civilizations. Apart from these, amber, glass beads, colorful plant seeds, clay and wood were also in use as jewelry findings.

beads spacer, jewelry findings

Tibetan Silver Beads Spacer


However, for someone, who is planning to make jewelry at home, creating intricate designs on precious metal or cutting and shaping gems are mostly out of question. Because first of all these are difficult activities requiring skills and expertise, and secondly not an absolute necessity for today’s trendy and fashionable jewelry. If, one wants to use metals and stones in the jewelry, these are available in the market in ready to be used forms. But, apart from these there are several other possible jewelry findings that one may use. These are discussed below.

Jewelry findings nowadays come in various forms. These could be glass beads, plastic beads, bead spacers, cabochons, acrylic or silver charms, chains, ready to use gemstones and semi-precious stones, acrylic rhinestones. The choices for materials used are also wide. For example, cabochons could be made of metals, glass, stones, rhinestone glass, acrylic, plastic, wood, raisin, shell, polymer, porcelain and so on. Each of these is available in different colors, shapes and styles. For example, a metal cabochon could be round, oval, polygonal, flat or in the shape of a butterfly or shoes. One may also find different styles and textures in the same item. For example, an oval raisin cabochon may have cat’s eye imitation or inner flowers. Depending on the design in mind, one needs to choose the right jewelry findings.

Cord Ends, jewelry findings,

Tibetan Style Cord Ends

But, no matter what the jewelry findings are, one must need some sort of clasping mechanism. Threads to tie the two ends together, hooks or clasps can be used for necklaces, wristbands, bracelets. One may want to use earring hooks, ear studs or even earring clips for earring designs. If it is to be worn on a dress, like a brooch, then eye pins or other types of pins can be used as well. The easiest way to assort the rest of the jewelry is to thread it. One may also like to try super glue, or jewelry glue for piecing the jewelry together.

For more fun ideas on jewelry findings, one may visit and go through their exhaustive inventory of wholesale jewelry supplies.

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PandaHall Jewelry Show–Glass Pearl Jewelry Sets

PandaHall New arrivals:

Glass pearl jewelry sets–earrings, bracelets and necklaces

Fall in love with affordable fashion jewelry sets. Designed with fashion, jewelry sets stand out with colorful beads completing the style. Great for giveaways, party favors and point-of-sale items. Welcome to click pictures to check details.

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Glass Pearl Jewelry Sets


jewelry sets , earrings, necklace, bracelets

Glass Pearl Jewelry Sets


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