Plastic Beads for Your Fashion Statement

Anyone who has an eye for fashion can see that nowadays there is a rising popularity of jewelry that is popularly known as “junk jewelry” or costume jewelry. As opposed to “real” jewelry, junk jewelry cannot be treated as investments. Nonetheless, these are growing in popularity because of their relative affordability, unique designs as well as wide variety. The main components of many of these jewelries are acrylic or plastic beads.

For ages, beads, mostly glass beads, have been extensively used in jewelry and dress designs. Only in the recent times, plastic beads are becoming more and more popular as they are cheaper. Moreover, these beads are available in such a wide range of shape, texture, and style, that for a junk jewelry lover these could become even more desirable than gemstones or semi precious stones. This is because with the money that one would need to spend on an amazingly stunning and colorful stone studded jewelry, a collection of equally stunning jewelries of acrylic beads can be available. And even though these are cheaper, these are in no way detrimental to your social status. In fact, with the new generation shunning precious metal and stones, jewelry made of plastic beads has become the ultimate fashion statement of the day.

acrylic beads , acrylic flower beads , plastic beads

Mixed Color Frosted Transparent Plastic Flower Beads


Anyone wondering why needs to look deeper into the world of plastic beads. As mentioned earlier, the varieties in shapes, sizes, styles of plastic beads are enormous. Beads could be transparent or with solid color. It could also be spray painted, printed, or glittery like gold or silver. It could have mesmerizing illusive mixture of different colors as well. If one is interested to make a “disruptive” or uncommon fashion statement, plastic beads can offer unique shapes like that of a shoe or a mobile phone or even a spider for instance. For more traditional minded ones, there are options for antique shapes or simple common shapes. One may even want to try out the acrylic rhinestones, which are in no way less attractive than real stones.

The affordability and ease of use has made plastic beads so popular today not only in jewelry designing but also in fashion designing. A plain looking dress can be completely transformed into an attention grabber, just by using colorful beads. It is so easy to use that jewelry and dress-making as hobbies are on the rise.  All that one needs to have is the idea and the assortment of beads. It does not have to be the greatest of all. But with a careful selection of colors, shapes and texture anyone can pull off a stunning fashion accessory.

 Plastic Beads, acrylic beads , wholesale beads

Faceted Bicone Crystal Beads Transparent Plastic Beads


For dress designing, plastic beads may have to be stitched to the cloth. But for jewelries like necklace, earrings, hair accessories, bracelets etc these can either be threaded or stuck with powerful glue. For people with a creative bend of mind, this opens up an area that could be emotionally gratifying as well as economically beneficial. Because, even though jewelry made of plastic or acrylic beads are cheaper, it is still not cheap.

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How to Make Olive Pearl Bead Jewelry with Orange Seed Beads at Home

Summary: Today’s tutorial is to show you pearl bracelet and earrings, hope you like this olive pearl bead jewelry.

jewelry making , jewelry making tutorial , free diy tutorial

How to Make Olive Pearl Bead Jewelry with Orange Seed Beads at Home

Among lots of pearl bead jewelry designs, we want to introduce the olive pearl bracelet and earrings. The olive and orange colors bring you fresh and warm feelings. They are very suitable for those young female office ladies, so let us start to learn how to make pearl jewelry at home.

Materials on how to make pearl jewelry at home

3mm orange seed beads
8mm olive pearl beads
Crimp beads
Earring hooks
Lobster clasp
Tiger tail
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier

Tutorial on how to make pearl jewelry at home

Step1: Make pearl bracelet

1st, thread a crimp bead to a 30cm tiger tail, make a loop by pinching the crimp bead, thread 1 pearl bead and 4 seed beads to wire, thread the wire back through the first seed bead and tighten, that is the basic beading pattern, continue this pattern until reach desire length, here I use 19 pearl beads;
2nd, add a pearl bead, then fix the beaded strand with a crimp bead;

3rd, connect the pearl bracelet with jumprings and lobster clasp;

Step2: Make pearl earrings

1st, thread three pearl beads with three seed beads alternating to wire, thread the wire back to the first three beads to make a triangle shape and tighten, add three seed beads with two pearl beads alternating, thread the wire back to the below pearl bead on the first bead triangle and the first four beads to make the second triangle shape and tighten, then thread three seed beads with two pearl beads alternating again, thread the wire back to make a triangle shape; you can see clearly on below picture;

2nd, continue this pattern, remember that when you thread wire back, you need to make a triangle shape, till you make the below picture shows;

3rd, thread one seed bead, one pearl bead and one seed bead to left wire, thread the wire to the third pearl bead on top row, add a seed bead, thread the wire to the second pearl bead on second row and the adjacent seed bead, at last, cross both wires through the top pearl bead;

4th, thread shorter wire to adjacent beads to fasten, add 12 seed beads to the other wire, thread the wire to the top pearl bead and the first 6 seed beads to make a beads loop, thread a pearl bead and a crimp bead to wire, thread the wire back through the crimp bead to make a loop, pinch the crimp bead, then cut down extra wire;

5th, connect en earring hook to the basic pearl earring, do the same to make the other pearl earring;

6th, now I have finished making pearl bracelet and earrings;

The final look of pearl bead jewelry designs:

The final look of olive pearl bead jewelry designs:

Now the tutorial on how to make pearl jewelry at home is over. Maybe a little time-consuming, but really worthy and beautiful. There are lots of elegant pearl bead jewelry designs on our Pandahall Learning Center, so if you like pearl bracelet and earrings, welcome to click our website.

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How to Make a Simple Crystal Bracelet with Ribbon for Beginners

In today jewelry making video, we ( will show you a easy crystal ribbon bracelet made with some blue crystals, yellow seed beads and end with yellow organza ribbon. This simple beaded bracelet tutorial is very suitable for beginners, so join us & have a try!

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Get To know About of The Various Beads For Jewellery Making

Every day with the growing demand, new products and innovative things are being offered by various companies. A hobby that is growing by leaps and bounds is making jewellery. In some cases the success of amateur experiments leads to the establishment of beneficial businesses. More and more people are trying to use their creativity to make innovative jewellery for creating a personal style statement and showcasing their creative craft.

gemstone beads

Natural Amazonite Bead Strands

Variety of Beads for jewellery Making

  • Acrylic Beads: These are man-made beads which offer a wide range of beads in a rainbow of colours. These colourful beads are perfect for jewellery making as they are available in different shapes like faceted, floral designs etc. These beads are not very expensive and are light in weight thus making these ideal beads for jewellery making.
  • Bone & Horn Beads: As the name suggests these beads are made up from bones and horns. These are mostly available in natural colours like white, black and tan. Though you have the option to colour these beads and use them for creating interesting jewellery.
  • Clay Beads: There are many kinds of clay beads like polymer clay beads, Porcelain Beads and Indonesia Beads. These beads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. These are not very expensive and the various patterns of beads can be used for making jewellery.
  • Lampwork Beads: These beads are made by a lamp to melt glass and then mould them by movement of hands and tools into various shapes. These beads are found in beautiful colours and shapes .The beads themselves are a work of art and this makes these good beads for making jewellery. There is a wide variety of lampwork beads like normal lampwork beads, blown glass, dichoric glass, gold sand lampwork,  evil eye lampwork, foil glass, Millefiori Glass etc. The heart lampwork beads and round lampwork beads are in high demand.
  • lampwork beads

    Fine Handmade Inner Flower Lampwork European Beads

  • Gemstone Beads: These are by far the most commonly used beads for jewellery making. They have been used for perhaps the longest time. These beads give the jewellery a classy finish and make it look regal. It is comparatively more expensive than the other options, but then it also provides you with the best jewellery. The beads come in endless varieties like Agate, amethyst, aquamarine, bronzite, coral, citrine etc. The popularity of gemstone bead jewellery is gaining momentum with Astrologists suggesting various gemstones to people.
  • Shell Beads and Pearl Beads: Shell beads are hand-made beads as they are cut and shaped by hand from natural shells. These beads come in shiny texture and vibrant colours and are thus widely used beads for making jewellery.
  • Pearl Beads: These come in two varieties: the Mother of Pearl which may be round or flat and Pearl beads which are generally round but can be found in other shapes too. The white coloured round pearls are the most commonly used Pearl beads for making jewellery.
  • Wood and Nut beads: Jewellery made from these beads is highly desirable and makes for an ideal gift. These beads are available in different shapes and colours.


To know more about various kinds of beads that you can use for making jewellery do visit .

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The Wholesale Jewelry Supplies are Available for People of Different Skills

Buying the wholesale jewelry supplies is easy and they can be bought online. However, the jewelry supplies depend on the beginner level to the advanced. They are found in many components, themes and focuses like organic materials such as leather or beads.   If you want to buy the supplies for the children, you have to buy the supplies that emphasizes on safety and simplicity. If you want to buy the kit for the novice, you have to buy the supplies meant to be used for intended and basic adult beginners or from advanced child jewelry supplies. For a starter person, you have to buy the kit for tools and supplies for the person who wants to begin making the jewelry as a hobby. Instructional kit starts from the beginner and reaches to advanced. It comes with a video or a written guide which teaches the people how to make the jewelry.

wholesale jewelry supplies, jewelry beads, beads wholesale, gemstone beads,

Natural Gemstone Beads

The wholesale jewelry supplies can also be themed. This is when the supplies focus on only one topic such as season, materials or style. Jewelry type is the supplies that focus on the rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Intermediate kit is meant for the people who want to create sophisticated jewelry piece but they do not need to have supplies or sophisticated techniques. Advanced kit is for the people who want to create a complex jewelry items and it may involve swaging, melting and soldering.  Supply oriented wholesale jewelry supplies is used to emphasize the diversity and it is generally intended to offer the crafter a chance to get a certain type of supply like pins, clasps and beads. The tool kit has the tools needed to make the jewelry like tweezers, pliers and scissors.

The wholesale jewelry supplies are found in different types and there are many supplies that are found in the market. Regardless of the supplies you need, there are materials to fit all your needs. The following are type of common materials found in the wholesale jewelry supplies.  Wire and cord are used in most jewelry projects. The beads are strung on them and you may also consider silver or gold chains instead of cord and wire. They are important in making the bracelets and necklaces which helps you to add or to remove the links.

jewelry beads, wholesale jewelry supplies, jewelry beads, beads wholesale

Alloy Rhinestone Beads

Spacers and beads are important.  When you have the right wire and cords, you can use other embellishment which can be suitable for the project.  You have to think about buying the wholesale jewelry supplies of spacers and beads, in order to get the assortment bead at affordable price.

Clasps and hooks also can be found in the wholesale jewelry supplies. There is no jewelry which is complete with clasps or hooks.  They are used to fasten different ends of the jewelry together.  The use of different clasps and hooks may create different jewelry and styles. They are found in different sizes, styles and shapes.  You can also get the supplies of essential tools like scissors, pliers and cutters. It is always important to have with you the right tool to use such as cutting extra cord and wire.

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