Guide To Buy the Wholesale Charms

Charms can define the personality of a person along with his or her likes and interests. If you have interest in music, you can wear a charm that has some musical instrument attached or musical symbols. Charms are available in many themes. They are an integral part of jewelry making. Charms can be included in all types of jewelries. They are mostly used in bracelets. It is all up to you what you wish to choose and what type of charms you wish to include in the jewelry you are making.

One can buy wholesale charms too. They are available in the sets of 20 and 150. For those who make handmade jewelry, it is important to separate a budget for what you wish to buy. Some of the sets might be fixed and some may come in single sets. When you are buying wholesale charms, here are some important things that you must keep in mind:


Appearance of the charm will matter a lot as it defines what sort of person you are. There are several things you have to consider while choosing the charms. The first one is shape. Charms are available in plenty of shapes from medical, sports, stars to animal figures. Such charms are there too that reflect the hobbies of people like book (for reading books), purse (for shopping), player (listening to music) and more. Another important thing that needs to be considered is the dimension. Two and three dimensional charms are available. They can be found in plenty of different colors. The choice of the color depends on the taste of the buyer.  Charms are available in different sizes. Jewelry makers prefer the ones that are small in size because they are more comfortable while wearing. Larger ones are available too and they are meant to give a bolder statement.

Agate Crystal Pendants, pendants, gemstone pendants , charms

Agate Crystal Pendants


The material of the wholesale charms matters a lot as it will affect the durability of the product. Some materials in which charms are available include wood, plastic, glass, metal and stone. The type of material you choose will influence the price of the beads. The charm made out of precious metal will be more expensive than the one made from plastic.

Pendants, gemstone pendants, pencil pendants, charms

Natural Crystal Pencil Pendants


The way a charm is worn is also important in making the decision to purchase them. Comfort will decide which type of charms you are willing to purchase. Charms are available in different latches. With the help of these latches, you can position the charm to its desired place. Before purchasing the charm, it is best that you know how it’s attached. Material of the latch should be considered too. You would want the one that is durable. The wholesale charms you buy must have durable latch material like metal.

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The Role of Cabochon Settings in Jewelry Making

Cabochon is a gemstone which is also known as cab. It is a stone with a certain cut which has made it popular to be used among various jewelries. It is particularly used in those jewelries in which gemstones are included. They are available in ceramic, porcelain and even wood. Cabochon is flat on one side and it is round or dome on the other side.

Cabochon is available in different colors, styles and sizes. They can let you create versatile jewelry whether it is bracelets, earrings or even necklaces. Cabochon settings and tools are required to make essential pieces of jewelry. As they are sort of versatile stones, you can easily find them in different styles. For those jewelry designers who are experienced, it is quite easy to make their own creations with cabochon. They can be used with beads and other gemstones too for adding unique touch and color to the jewelry.

cabochon settings , rhinestone settings

Alloy Rhinestone Settings


If you are working with cabochon for the first time, it is best to start with making earrings. It is the simplest design any beginner can choose. Cabochons cannot be used alone; a base is required to hold them up securely. These bases are known as cabochon settings. Choosing the cabochon settings is quite important in making jewelry. You will need the cabochon gemstone, setting, earring hooks, glue for fixing the stone and head pins for making the earrings.

Before getting started, make sure you gather all the supplies. Cabochon settings will be available in a variety of sizes. You must choose the one that fits the size of your stone. If the size of the setting and the stone does not match, the stone will never set into the setting properly. If the setting and the stone are of the same size, there is no big deal, you can simply glue them up for making a piece of jewelry.

Cabochon settings , pendant cabochon settings

Tibetan Style Pendant Cabochon Settings

Gluing the stone to the setting is will be easy because these stones are flat from the back and they can easily be fixed. But choosing the right adhesive will play an important role in forming a bond. The glue should become transparent when it dries, you don’t want to see it visible from the setting. If the setting is made from metal or glass, you must apply glue to the gemstone. If the stone has a rim, then apply glue to the rim. You can use wooden tooth pick for applying glue. Do not apply glue on the setting.

The cabochon settings must be clean before you place the gemstone for fixing. If it’s not clean then the stone will not fix to the setting properly. Once you have glued the gemstone to the setting, make sure you give it plenty of time to dry otherwise it may fall off.

Choosing the best cabochon settings that perfectly match the size of the gemstone itself is important. Do consider these things before you actually purchase the settings. They are widely available at the online jewelry stores and even the retail stores that provide jewelry supplies and stones.

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Using Magnetic clasps for making jewelry

The most important part of any jewelry item is its clasps. As time has progressed and more and more supplies have been developed, jewelry items have now become easier to wear.  Nothing is better than having magnetic clasps around to tie on them up simply in seconds. Some experts say that these clasps have the ability to treat arms, wrists, tendon, muscle and joint problems too.  You can find them in a wide variety in the markets these days.

The magnetic clasps have become one of the most important jewelry supplies. They are not just used in bracelets, they can also be used on necklaces and anklets.  The clasps are equipped with safety snap that can make the item of jewelry secure and there will be no fear of accidentally losing the piece of jewelry. You can easily take off the bracelet before going for swimming or taking a shower because the clasps will open flawlessly.

Magnetic Clasps, clasps

Brass Magnetic Clasps

The magnetic clasps available out in the market are different in design and style. Before the magnetic clasps were introduced, the spring and lobster clasps were used by the jewelry makers. They were like a hooking device that could fit into the loop or a ring attached at the opposite end of the bracelet. These clasps are quite hard to deal with.  They are harder to close and once you have worn the bracelet and closed the clasps, it will not be easy to take it off. A great thing is that magnetic clasps have resolved this trouble. The latch mechanism of the clasp is easy. As there is magnetic attached, the force pulls together the opposite ends and the bracelet or any other piece of jewelry is secured.  They can also be a valuable addition to any jewelry item because they don’t look bad at all. They are available in different colors too so you can choose the one that matches with the beads or other stones used in the bracelet.

Some say that magnetic clasps work on the magnetic therapy. The magnetic field created by the piece of jewelry has proven to be useful against inflammation and pain and this therapy have been used from quite years. But this is true that the magnetic field created by the clasp cannot treat chronic problems so do not just wear jewelry with these clasps because it will heal your pain.  It is also said that the magnetic field can help in improving blood circulation within the body . Many people who are into the business of making jewelry are using magnetic clasps for making the pieces of jewelry more secure. They are not just easier to operate for the ones wearing the jewelry, the ones making the jewelry also find it convenient to use these clasps. The best thing is that these clasps are affordable. These clasps are best to be used with bracelets, necklaces and even anklets. While purchasing them, you can see which ones will be best for you according to the jewelry projects you deal in.

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Charismatic Glass Beads Available for Jewelry

Jewelry made with glass beads adds an artistic spectrum of beauty in women. The bead made with glass is the real advancement in the old human art. It is the most fascinating and significant art in archaeology. That appears in fascinating and mesmerizing shapes, colors, and sizes. Jewelry made up with different types of glass that includes lampwork, dichroic, Millefiori, pearl, crystal, and Murano. Their sizes are in diameter that ranges from 1mm to 1cm and their different shapes include oval, round, square, rectangular, and cylindrical that enhance their beauty.

People go for the jewelry beads that comprise of beautiful flowers, hearts, swirls, and butterflies designs and the best part is that all these items are available in different colors. The jewelry beads made with glass require thread or wire, which is flexible enough to tie them together by passing it through the holes.

Beads made up with glass enhance the beauty of the jewelry product. Moreover, such jewelry pieces are expensive as compared to the other pieces available in the market. The reason is the material used in them.

Glass Beads

Pearlized Crystal Glass Beads Strands

To the eyewitnesses, the bead emanates a sparkling display of luminosity. It may also have faceted ends. This popular sort of crystal glass bead is also known as the Swarovski bead, or Austrian crystal bead. Beautiful embroidery patterns can also be added on it to make it more attractive and fascinating. Women mostly prefer to wear jewelry, which is made up of transparent glass because it has the tendency to be used with any color while reflecting the base color. It is very much difficult to create beads with glass but the use of vintage glass makes it easy.

To make vintage jewelry sets, you can reuse the broken jewelry made from vintage glass beads. You can reuse the beautiful bracelets, necklaces, and earrings so that the original piece can no longer be damaged. When you select beads to use them as vintage glass beads in the vintage adornments sets, the main guideline is to pick what will look great. Such beads will look special and will give an exceptional appearance to vintage adornments sets.

Glass Beads , transparent beads

Glass Beads Strands

Vintage glass beads result into beautiful new glass adornments, which can be worn by every trendy person. One more type of glass globules are popular as the most lavish glass dabs, which are known as Murano. They are made of the most noteworthy quality glass and regularly consolidated into rich adornments outlines. Hence, you can say that as a large availability is there in the markets and online shops. The supplies required to make a vintage glass adornments set including an assortment or vintage beads, new or vintage spacers, earring snares, necklace and bracelet wire, headpins, round nose pincers, flat nose forceps and flush cutter.

Thus, decide what you actually want to create and then make a purchase of required ornament accessories as per your need. With this approach, it will be easy for you to buy right kind of accessories without spending a lot of money.

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