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PandaHall Jewelry—Trendy Tibetan Style Fish Chain Bracelets with Freshwater Pearl Beads Iron Twist Chains and Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps

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Choosing The Right Necklace Clasps For Your Pieces

When you are making jewelry you want to choose the right components so that people can wear your items with confidence. You do not want to put the wrong necklace clasps on your items and have your jewelry fall off of the necks of the wearers.

Choosing the right necklace clasps will entail you thinking about the material the item is fashioned from, the type of person, or activities the person that will be wearing it will be engaging in, and the average age of the person that will be wearing the item.

There are five basic types of necklace clasps available for you to choose from. These are:

• The box necklace clasps are usually rectangular in shape, but they may also be square. They have a tongue section that will slide into a groove. These fasteners usually can be opened and closed with only one hand so they are very popular. The real reason for their popularity lies in the fact that they fasten tightly and they are very hard to come undone so people do not lose as many necklaces that have these fasteners. These are great fasteners to place on jewelry you make for children to wear.

• The hook necklace clasps consists of a hook that slips through a link in a chain, or through a ring to form the necklace. They are easy to operate so they are great for the elderly wearer, but they come undone very easily so they are risky for anyone that is going to be active to wear.

• The spring necklace clasps are possibly the most secure of all necklace fasteners. They are made up of two separate rings. One of the rings will have a nub that can be pressed causing the ring to separate so that it can be slipped over the other ring and form a linked bond. They can be tricky to open and close when they are small, but they are secure, and they hold in place when with the jewelry is put under stresses.

• The lobster claw necklace clasps work on the same basic principle that the spring clasps work on. The difference is that the spring clasps have two rings that hook together, and on the lobster clasp there is one oval shaped section with a spring latch that will open when a nub is compressed. Necklaces that have these clasps can be worn when you are engaged in just about any activity because the clasps are secure and hold tightly. These clasps are great for jewelry that will be worn by children and the elderly.

• The toggle necklace clasps consist of a straight bar that fits through a ring. These are designed so that the weight of the necklace will hold the item shut. Necklaces that feature these clasps should be worn when you will not be engaged in strenuous activities. It is very easy for the straight bar to slip out of the ring causing the item of jewelry to fall.

Necklace clasps come in five basic designs. Most necklace clasps are not designed to keep the jewelry in place during vigorous activity. You can get more information from pandahall.

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Making a Simple but Elegant Wire Wrapped Necklace with Pearl Beads


Look for a special jewelry to suit your beautiful dresses? Here is the tutorial on Making a Simple but Elegant Wire Wrapped Necklace with Pearl Beads! Intrigued? Read on! Firstly, slide 1 pearl bead onto the headpins, make a loop with round nose plier, then cut off the extra copper wire to make bead dangles. Next, wrap wires to a certain shape and connect 3 parts with jumpings. Finally, hang bead dangles to the bigger loop; prepare a length of 20cm chains, attach the wire wrapped pendant to the chain. Also, attach a lobster clasp. As always, you may check the specific instruction through the below link!

Jewelry Show—Elegant Micro Pave Cubic Zirconia Bracelets with Brass Watch Band Clasps and Findings

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