Smart Seed Beads for Beading

Seed beads are very smart for beading. Don’t dismiss these tiny beads because they will surprise you with their versatility! Because seed beads are versatile and can be used to make any kinds of jewelry, pendants, beaded animals, beaded flowers and any decoration items , some experienced beaders choose these small seed beads as their main jewelry beads and they use these small beads in most of their beadworks. Here we have gathered some seed bead jewelry designs that made by our customers. Take your time and enjoy them!


The beads used in the above pendant is sienna, iris round seed beads 8/0, which is 3mm in diameter. The metal color of this seed bead is antique and charming. Jewelry made with these seed beads are gorgeous and decent. Here are some other accessories that made with these seed beads and designed by Irina. If you want to get them, please go to and search for itemcode: SDB3mm601


Here are some other iris round seed beads, these 6/0 see beads are purple and about 4mm in diameter. The cuff bracelet and earrings set is designed byАлена and the other pair seed bead earrings and pendant necklace is made by Olga. Itemcode: SDB4mm603


Other seed bead jewelry that made with iris round seed beads 12/0. Itemcode: SDB601


Safety pins bracelet with seed beads, designed by by Mitzi. Itemcode: SEED-A009-3mm-606


Seed beaded snail designed by Svetik584. Itemcode: EED-A005-4mm

SEED-A005-4mm -1

Seed bead animals- seed bead horses made by anastasya. Itemcode: SEED-A005-4mm

SEED-A005-4mm -2

Here are some mixed color seed beads and their lated jewelry works like triangle earrings and rainbow necklace. Frosted Colors seed beads do not have the sparkling shine but the slight shine on the frosted surface is full of allure. Itemcode: SEED-A008-4mm


Gorgeous seed bead pendant and seed bead bracelet designed by Christine. Itemcode: SEED-C012-M1


All the above accessories are made with round seed beads. If you’d like to use some kinds of seed beads, you can try this two cut seed beads. Itemcode:CSDBTC01 (designed by by Elena)


Here is a cute bracelet which is created with fringe seed beads. Designer: Angela. Itemcode: SEED-C012-M5


Egyptian Collar, ladder stitch created by Caine. Caine used bugle beads and round seed beads in this Egyptian coller project. Itemcode: TSDB6MM176


Are you surprise by this amazing design? Hope to get more fresh jewelry ideas that created with bugle beads? Then, you can have a look at this Cute Dolls Pendant DIY.



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DIY Delicate Alphabet Necklaces

Hello, hello! Today, I will share these delicate alphabet necklaces with you. This a quick and easy alphabet project shared by Kathie who is really a beautiful jewelry maker. These kinds of necklaces can spell out anything from the name of your favorite or your favorite food name. They were love at first sight and must be a “special for you” gift for Mother’s Day. Layered necklaces become more and more popular this year. Would you like to have a try? Now I’ll give some details on making this kind of alphabet necklace.
DIY Delicate Alphabet Necklaces
The Main Materials you will need:
alphabet beads (I used acrylic beads in black and gold)
more beads, end caps, nuts as arrange with the alphabet beads or to make a layered necklace
jewelry findings
eyepins – the ones I used are 5cm long and hold up to 5 alphabet beads. For longer words use longer eyepins.
The Main Tools you will need:
round nose pliers
chain nose pliers
Now let’s enjoy Kathie’s detail steps of how to make alphabet necklaces:
1. String the alphabet beads and any other beads onto an eyepin. Make sure there are about 2cm left at the end to create a second eye.
Need inspiration? How about: hope, love, rain, dream, diy, bff, pizza, cake, hello, roar, meow, cool, fancy, wow, yeah, xoxo, brave, tgif, smile …?
2. Make a second eye at the end of the pin. It’s not that complicated but I would advise you to practice it a few times beforehand. To make an eye, grip the pin with the chain nose pliers right behind the last bead and bend the remaining pin into an 45° angle. Now make a loop with the round nose pliers until the end of the pin points downwards, cut away the excess wire using the sidecutter and maybe correct slightly with the chain nose pliers again. Here’s also a nice video tutorial.
3. Pick the chain up, that you want to use and cut it open at the exact opposite of the clasp. Use the sidecutter for that. The necklace has now two ends. String the last loop of each end onto an eye of the eyepin.
4. Start over and make another! The alphabet necklaces look great alone and layered. Try out a few combinations with your existing necklaces ore make new ones to accompany them. For the one with the meow necklace I just put two end caps with a large bead in between onto an eyepin. Easy peasy.
This project is made by Kathie, tutorial source:

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Cute Dolls Pendant DIY

Crafting is such an interesting and creative activity that you can show your talent and make your image come true. If you are tired of making ordinary necklace and bracelets, maybe you could try something fun. How about this cute Doll pendants?

diy doll pendant

This cute dolls pendant is easy to DIY; and it would be much fun to do them at home with little girls who will love them very much! Also, it is a good choice for craft lessons! Now, let’s get the materials and do it together.


Materials needed to make the dolls pendants:

Brass Eyepins

10/12 mm Pearl beads


8 pieces of Bugle Beads

11/0 and 6/0 Seed Beads

Flower pendants

Bead Caps about 10mm in diameter

Bead Caps about 13 mm long

Now, let’s get started.

step 1

Step 1, make the lace dress. Cut about 5cm lace and sew it with needle and thread. You just need to sew one edge of the lace and the cutting edge.

step 2

step 2, make the body part of the dolls. Firstly, let’s make the arms and legs; sring 1 piece of 6/0  seed beads, 1 flower bead cap, 1 black bugle bead, 1 piece of 12/0 seed beads and 1 black bugle beads into the brass eyepins; and then cut the spare brass and make a loop at the end of the eyepin. Thus, the legs and arms are finished. Remember to sring the beads to the eyepin in order.

step 3

Step 3, finish the whole project. String the 2 legs to the eye of the brass eyepin, and then string a bead, the lace dress and the 13mm long bead cap and 2 arms to the eyepin, and use a small bead cap to mix and strengthen the body part. Lastly, adding a pearl bead as head and a lace and flower pendant as hat to the eyepin. Cut the spare length of the brass and make a loop and you get finished!

More clear instruction? Please watch the step-by-step tutorials video to follow the making steps:

Sponsored by; Designed by Cinzia Grandi Creazioni


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Glass Beads Jewelry Designs

Wow! It’s sunny day outside and beautiful day, so why not enjoy some shining beadworks I am sharing this week? There’s nothing wrong with bling bling jewelry this season! Evgeniy Slomintsev used glass beads to create these gorgeous jewelries. No doubt that glass beads are fascinating, fashionable and shining. Their appearance is full of beauty of simple and pure, which always give people a feel of exquisite and elegant. And glass beads are top fashion glamour with colorful, affordable and lightweight. Maybe those are the main reasons why jewelry makers love to DIY jewelry with glass beads, including Evgeniy Slomintsev. She chose the perfect color palettes to work with, so you can focus on the intelligent bead dangles. These glass beads stand out among other beads and jewelry making supplies.
Evgeniy Slomintsev's Designs with Glass Beads
I am always exciting to see green jewelry coz green is my lucky color. This green glass beaded bracelet cheer me up in this colorful season. Leaf shaped tibetan style pendants and flower bead caps are perfect additions for this bracelet. Cool and brief-looking, right?! Love it, seriously!

Evgeniy Slomintsev Designs with Glass Beads (2)

This headband is another bling craft with glass beads. This beautiful design which being used imitation jade glass beads and electroplate glass beads to create the highly pretty look. Because the headband is made from delicate beaded flower, you can wear it in the sunshine to attach boys’ or girls’ attention. It’s really eye-catching!

Evgeniy Slomintsev Designs with Glass Beads (3)

Beyond that, Evgeniy Slomintsev also used normal glass beads, cat eye beads and jade beads in her gorgeous jewelries. She loved making bead dangles that she was making so many these kinds of jewelries with her beading technique.

Evgeniy Slomintsev Designs with Glass Beads (4)

You’ve seen some fabulour jewelry designs with glass beads to get you inspired, and now it’s time to spark your imagination. Make sure to share your designs with us in the comments below. :)

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Coconut Buttons Bring You More Ideas!

Hello guys, I’m so excited to announce that our new arrivals Coconut Buttons are now added on site Pandahall. If you are an enthusiast like me who is quite obsessed with all sorts of buttons for making different crafts, I highly encourage you to try our new product line: coconut buttons. You’ll know it’s really a creative natural idea to recycle the hard shell of coconuts and turn them into useful buttons. Normally coconut shell will be first separated from the raw material and then removed the remaining flesh by machine, cut into pieces, drilled holes on into them, and dried for last step. After this, they may be painted with different colors to make them more suitable for craft designs. Just take a look at below, the coconut buttons Pandahall now launching are all affordable and comes with many shapes you might need, like round, oval, square, heart, etc. And even some bright painted colored shapes are included for you to choose from.

BUTT-O008-14_500 BUTT-O008-20_500 BUTT-O008-24_500

BUTT-P008-20_500 BUTT-P008-28_500 BUTT-P008-11_500

BUTT-O008-30B_500 BUTT-O008-29A_500 BUTT-P008-32A_500

Judging from the appearance of coconut buttons, we may feel they are generally dark rustic pieces. So if you want your designs to look more natural and plain, why not try them? They are able to combine perfectly with any of your jewelry making supplies like gems, beads, stones, twine, threads, and so on. What’s more, these big cheap buttons can add finishing touch as bracelet or necklace closures to your designs if you don’t want to use metal bracelet clasps.

coconut button bracelet DIY

coconut button necklace diy

other coconut button diy

coconut button closure for bracelet

WOW~~ I just can’t wait to use them on my next crafts and I might make a doorway curtain with different shapes of these buttons, kindda country style, I guess. So come on, I bet you’ll be excited to get more ideas if you try out this new line!

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