Making Beaded Dangle Earrings

Hello, dear friends! It is time for me to show you a jewelry tutorial today, and are you expecting it? Today, I wanna share a pair of easy beading earrings with you all. Just see the picture below, you can see it is really simple jewelry crafts and you need no more other professional skills to make them, so just follow me to see HOW~
Supplies you’ll need in making beaded earrings:
Pearl beads
Purple glass beads
Golden crystal glass beads
Golden spacer beads
Crimp beads
Earring hooks
Jump rings
Tiger tail
With all these materials and tools, then you can follow me to make the bead dangle earrings:
Step 1: Cut a piece of tiger tail (with a length about 20cm), then slide a golden spacer bead, a pearl bead, a golden spacer bead and a purple glass bead to it.
Step 2: Continue to add more spacer beads, pearl beads and purple glass beads to the tiger tail in sequence as pictured, and then slide a golden crystal glass bead, a purple glass beads and a crystal glass bead to each end of the tiger tail, and slide a crimp bead to both ends of it.
Step 3: Add an earring hook and a jump ring to the tiger tail, cross the tiger tails back though the crimp bead and pinch it into flat to fix the tails. Cut off the excess tiger tails. Repeat to make the other one of the bead drop earrings.
The finished earrings are like this:
Now, this pair of simple beading earrings is finished quickly. I think it is quite suitable for both green hands and professionals to have a try. If you also like the bead dangle earrings, join us to make ones yourself!

Tutorial from our co-blogger ANITHA:

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Pandahall New Arrival-Different Kinds of Glass Beads You Will Need

Hi, friends. Happy Monday. Hope your weekend is unforgettable! You know that it is our Pandahall new arrival time. We just shared you many supplies for jewelry making before. And today I am going to show you a collection of glass beads which are widely used in jewelry or crafts making. Hope you will like them and collect them after seeing this post.
Imitation Glass Beads Strands
Imitation Glass Beads Strands
I am sorry that I just can share you part of them and you can see more colored beads from Pandahall. Common glass beads with nice colors and shapes, have you used them in your jewelry making? If not, then you cannot miss this great kind of jewelry beads.
Electroplate Glass Beads Strands
Electroplate Glass Beads Strands
Special shape in cuboid, do you like them? It sounds great to add them in your pendant necklace making, do you agree me? Then please just collect them if you have any jewelry ideas about them. Do not forget to share your crafts made by electroplate glass beads with us.
Cat Eye Beads Strands
Cat Eye Beads Strands
Round jade cat eye beads, and you can see many colors of them from Pandahall. Earrings, necklaces or bracelets making, you can add them in it. It should be nice to make a pair of dangle earrings with one color of them you like. Just have a nice try!
Jade Glass Round Beads Strands
Jade Glass Round Beads Strands
Summer is coming and it is suitable to wear any beaded jewelry, then why do not you make them for yourself? You can start making any simple bracelets or earrings if you are a green hand. Then you will find it is easier than you imagine.
Glass beads are easily seen in jewelry making if you can figure out them. And it is also one kind of most popular bead among jewelry making fans. So just prepare them firstly then start your nice crafts making. See you!

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Nice Bracelets Designed by Pandahall Customer Ana Maria Botero Lopez

Hi, friends. Happy Monday! Time to weekend, so do you have any plans? How do you think of trying any pretty jewelry making? You can pay more attention on today’s Pandahall post if you have any interest. Next, I am going to show you four kinds of bracelets made by our Pandahall customer Ana, hope you will love them.
Leaf charm bracelet
Leaf charm bracelet
Obviously, we need to slide the pearl beads one by one and add several golden leaf charms. You can try to make a simple bracelet like this one if you are a green hand. Other colored beads are also choice to try.
Cool beaded bracelet
Cool beaded bracelet
We have to prepare different kinds of glass beads in shape and some cool Tibetan style pendants. We can see the materials clearly from the picture. I think it is suitable for both girls and boys, so do you want to make couple bracelets for your girlfriend or boyfriend?
Multi strands bracelet
Multi strands bracelet
You can wear this bracelet to attend any casual occasion, try it? Fresh color beads attract us most, do you also like it? Great designs are always from our life, so share us your pretty crafts.
Colorful beads bracelet
Colorful beads bracelet
Different colored beads are added in this bracelet making, then we can also add any funny charms in the craft making. Simple craft, and good choice to start your jewelry making steps. Are you planning to try it?
Thanks for Ana’s sharing with us, all look great, right? Then do you also want to own them? You can pick up one you like best and make it as a gift for you. Wow, it sounds a great idea! So what are you waiting for?

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DIY Boho Beaded Loop Earrings!

diy loop beaded earrins

I love colors and beads and boho style and loop earrings! What about you? Let’s create together a gorgeous pair of loop earrings in bohemian style in less than 10 minutes!!!!


Materials for Boho Beaded Loop Earrings:
Loop Earrings (I have use Loops in Antique Bronze color)
– Fabric or Ribbon scraps
– White Volcanic Lava Beads 
– Dusty Pink Eye of the Cat Beads
– Head pins
– Jump Rings
– Scissor
– Plier Set


Step 1: These is a really easy diy and it will take less than 10 minutes. Start by creating the bead part of the earrings. Pass the beads in the order you like in a headpin and create with the plier a loop at the end.


Use a jump ring to connect it with the hoop earrings.


Step 2: Cut small pieces of the fabric or ribbon you like


and create two simple knots on the earrings.

IMG_3967Earrings are ready and full of colors! Enjoy them!

Happy Crafting!!!

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Choose A Birthday Gift For Her

Hello, everyone, How’s your weekend? This post is really useful for all of you guys. Today I will teach you how to choose a gift for her, no matter your good friends or someone you like.

If you are looking for birthday gift ideas and inspiration then look no further than our fantastic birthday presents category. We have a great selection of birthday gift for her.

Whether you are looking for a gift that all important special birthday, we have something to suit most ages.

If you are looking for something more specific, why not take a look at our range of unusual, Personalized or Fun for the perfect birthday surprise.

charm bracelet

In fact, Jewelry is a perfect gift for any occasion, especially earrings or a diamond necklace. There are not many women that can resist the appeal of precious stones. It is important to know that

you can make a jewelry present only to your closest women. Any jewelry is expensive and there it is thought that the higher the price, the deeper the feelings. When buying jewelry you spend

probably the most significant part of your budget. This is why you should be certain about her and know that you really mean something to her.

The problem came again, how to choose a Jewelry? The jewelry must be fine and elegance ,must express your all love. Someone of you will ask, how?

First, choose a basic bracelet, just like the one in the pic:

charm braceletSecond, choose charms on Tinysand .If your friend like drive, you can choose a car charm ,if she likes flower, send her a flower charm.

lucky charms

Third, Buy a beautiful package.

charm bracelet

I am pretty sure your friends will very happy to receive this gift!

Find the best gift ideas among our collection of personalized presents at Tinysand!


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