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3 Reasons To Buy Wholesale Jewelry Supplies Online

When looking for cheaper jewelry making supplies, there are lots of different options for consumers, but buying wholesale jewelry supplies is one of the more cost-effective and legitimate ways to get hold of the supplies that you need. Whilst wholesale jewelry supplies are sometimes available on the high street, buying your supplies online is also an option. Here are some of the main reasons why buying wholesale jewelry supplies online is a great idea:

Convenience: When you buy wholesale jewelry supplies online, you do not have to bother with all of the inconveniences which can be associated with real shopping, such as having to drive to the store, push a trolley full of heavy products around, walking through row after row of beads that you do not want, and then having to load all of your new supplies into the car so that you can take them back to your home. If you buy your wholesale jewelry supplies online, you can use clever internet search facilities to find the exact items that you need, and then put them in your virtual basket, so you don’t have to physically carry them. The best thing is that you can do this at any time of day or night, without having to leave the comfort of your home or place of work.

Price: When you buy wholesale jewelry supplies online, it is often possible to find beads at a much lower price, even when you consider the costs of shipping. Online sellers have different overhead costs than regular high street sellers do, and when they are able to make savings, they are often happy to pass these savings straight back to the customers. The internet is also awash with additional special offers, voucher codes and fantastic deals. When you are on the internet, it is really easy to find the lowest prices, compared to having to drive to three or four stores, to look at the prices, whilst also wasting gas in your car.

Variety: When you buy wholesale jewelry supplies online, you will have access to a much wider variety of products. Online suppliers are far less likely to be constrained by space issues than high street sellers are, and so they will be able to offer you a much wider range of products. You will also be able to see products which are not traditionally sold in your home country. When you shop online, you have the whole world at your fingertips, so you will be able to see types of beads which are popular in China or the Czech Republic. This means that you will be able to use a wide range of fantastic components in your next jewelry making project, to help you to make your latest products completely unique! You will even be able to see products which are no longer in stock, but will be back in stock soon, whereas when you go to a high street seller, you probably won’t be able to see an example of products which are not currently available.

Buying wholesale jewelry supplies online is a great way to save money. When buying wholesale jewelry supplies online, make sure that you always use a reputable seller. You can get more information from pandahall.

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Wire Wrapping Jewelry Tutorial on Making a Vintage Butterfly Brooch with Beads

Do you want to wrap a vintage butterfly brooch? Brooch has a long history and it is one of the most common ornaments favored by women in modern society. Women usually wear brooch to show their good shape and social status. Hurry up! Join me to make a wire wrapped butterfly brooch for yourself now.

Materials:Acrylic Rhinestone BeadNatural Dyed Jade BeadAluminum WireCopper wire,Iron Brooch FindingWire Cutter PlierRound Nose Plier , Flat Plier


Jewelry Show —Different kinds of rings , fashional rings 

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Cabochon Settings To Make Interesting Craft And Jewellery

Jewellery with gemstones has been a favourite with the elite class for a long time now. A touch of gemstones in any kind of jewellery gives it a unique and rich look thereby giving even ordinary looking jewellery a royal touch. To use gemstones with the jewellery they have to be set in a framework with the help of glue or wires. Before using the gemstones, they have to be cut and polished. They can be cut and polished according to the requirements into two kinds; that is to say a faceted cut or a Cabochon cut. The faceted cut is pretty intricate & therefore is not used very commonly used. While the Cabochon is easier to be made and hence more popular. Many crafters are using Cabochon settings to set artificial gemstones, personal charms, in a variety of geometrical shapes in addition to those of animals and plants.

The term Cabochon has been derived from an ancient French word “caboche” which means a small knob or dome. Thus a gemstone that is highly polished, round or convex topped without any facets and a flat base is normally called a cabochon. The cabochons might be in various shapes but is most commonly oval. The cabochon can be set or mounted on a framework which can be made up of alloy, silver, zinc-alloy, etc. These frameworks come in many beautiful designs and variations and are known as settings. Therefore a cabochon mounted on a Cabochon setting makes up a beautiful piece of jewellery which can be made into a pendant, cufflinks, Bracelets, bangles or a beautiful pair of earrings. The Cabochon settings are also being used to make beautiful crafts combined with colourful beads.

There are various materials that can be used to make Cabochon settings. If you want to use these for arts and crafts or making junk jewellery you can use cabochon settings made up of vinyl, plastic, enamel, brass, iron, stainless steel, acrylic etc. If you are looking to make some good jewellery you can use cabochon settings made of silver. The large variety available to the crafters and jewellers is providing endless opportunities to create unlimited variety of products.

You will find a number of variations of shapes, the most common being a cabochon setting for oval stone. Some of the other shapes available are square, round, cross shaped, heart shaped and so on. Many online sites are offering various intricate designs in silver and sterling silver. So it actually depends on your requirement and your budget. If you are going to use the cabochon settings for craft or hand made things then you can try some of the more uncommon designs to make your craft unique.

The Cabochon Settings are available in antique silver, antique gold, bronze, platinum, copperish red, and the traditional common silver, and gold. This is just a small variety though these can be found in many other colours too. There are an unlimited variety of cabochon settings available online alongwith other materials for creating unique and amazing craft and jewellery.

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