Pretty Jewelry Designed by Pandahall Customers

Happy weekend, dear friends! Do you love handmade jewelry? I made some special crafts sometimes, and today, I want to share you some pretty jewelry that designed by our Pandahall customers. I will make them later, and hope you can get some idea for jewelry making.
Pearl Bracelet
Pearl Bracelet
Designer: Cindy Henderson
Materials: dyed pearl beads, steel ring toggle & Tbar clasps, tiger tail
Hey, how do you think about this pearl beads bracelet? Light blue faceted glass beads and white pearl beads make this 2-strand bracelet elegant and cute. It is not difficult to DIY such bracelet, then do you want to have a try?
Beaded Red Heart Pendant Necklace
Beaded Red Heart Pendant Necklace
Designer: alina iuliana
Materials: glass beads, jump rings, tiger tail, jewelry making necklace cord
As the approaching of Valentine’s Day, do you have any good ideas about Valentine gifts? This heart beads pendant can show your love to your lover, why not choose this heart pendant necklace as a gift?
Flower Beaded Bracelet with Elastic Wire
flower beaded bracelet with elastic wire
Designer: Evgeniy Slomintsev
Materials: glass beads, acrylic beads, elastic fiber wire
Wow, how beautiful the bracelet is! You can wear it easily for all the beads are connected by elastic wire. No matter you enjoy your vacations or just go shopping, this flower bracelet will be a great jewelry to show your personality. Love it?
Blue Pendant Necklace and Earrings Set
blue pendant necklace and earrings set
Designer: Tara Lawyer
Materials: glass beads, seed beads, headpins, earring hooks, tiger tail, Tibetan style toggle clasps, end caps
An easy necklace and earrings set, I love them so much! Blue is the main color of this jewelry set, so I think the designer may love blue, and the blue crystal beads give me a feeling of dignified. How are you feeling about it?
All the jewelry I shared is so pretty that I love them so much, and I will make them later. Do you want to have a nice try? Have fun~

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DIY Long Boho Tassel Necklace!!!!


This year on of the fashion trends are long tassel necklaces! And if they are in a lovely vintage style, it is even more trendy! So, are you ready to create such a beautiful Necklace? Let’s start!


Materials for Long Tassel Beaded Necklace:
Bronze Chain
– Eyepins (with or without an end)
– Bronze Jump Rings
– Tassel
– Beads (I have used a bronze wire bead, a glass lampwork bead and a pink agate bead)
– Ribbons scraps
– Plier Set


Let’s start by creating the beaded parts of the pendant. I didn’t have eyepins with loops at the ends, so I use a head pin. If you have the same problem just  cut the head of the pin and create a loop.


Pass the beads according to your taste


and connect them with the tassel, creating a long tangle pendant.


Pass it with a jump ring from the antique bronze chain.


Since the necklace is really long, there is no need of using a lobster. A single jump ring can connect the two chain’s ends without a problem.


Necklace is ready! But let’s make it more shabby chic…with a beautiful detail! Use two small ribbon’s pieces and make simple knots on the chain next to the pendant. Now we are ready!


Isn’t it adorable???


Happy Crafting!!!!

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Cute Accessories Made by Transparent Glass Beads from Pandahall Customers

Happy Friday, friends! Do you love transparent beads jewelry? Transparent beads are always clear and shining, so that many people love them so much. Next, I will show some cute accessories made by crystal glass beads with you, and hope you like them.
Transparent Glass Bead
Wow, so clear and sparkling! Let’s see the next cute jewelry together.
Flower Bracelet
Flower Bracelet
Designer: Alona
Wow, so beautiful this flower bracelet is! So many different type and different shape beads make this flower bracelet so charming! I love this colorful bracelet so much, and you? I can imagine how eye-catching I will be with this flower bracelet, and I will make it at home! You can also have a try!
Wire Wrapped Rings
Wire Wrapped Rings
Designer: Judy
Wanna make some special rings for yourself? For this wire wrapped ring, you need just jewelry wire and glass bead, then you can DIY it easily. Love it?
Charm Bangle
Charm Bamgle
Designer: Alona
Some girls love multi-strand bangles, for the bangles can show their slender arms. Alona is really good at making bracelet bangles with different beads and charms, and I love her crafts so much. Do you like this one?
Easy Wire Necklace
Easy Wire Necklace
Designer: Lydia
See this wire necklace, easy yet elegant! You can wear it while you wearing dress, I can bet you will be more attractive with that. It just uses pearl beads and glass beads, so you can make it quickly.
So far, we have already appreciated all the cute accessories, which one does you like most? Nest time I will continue to share other graceful jewelry with you, see you then~

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DIY Handmade Woven Charms Bracelet

Hey, guys! Happy Thursday~ Wanna try to make some personalized jewelry yourself? Today, I will show you a jewelry video about DIY handmade woven charms bracelet. Hope you can get some useful ideas from the braid bracelets. Then let’s start!
DIY Handmade Woven Charms Bracelet
See this DIY charms bracelet, it looks so easy to make yet so graceful, yes? And do you wanna know how this easy woven bracelet is made? Just follow me to see, and hope you can make the braid bracelet easily. Jewelry making supplies you will need:
8 lengths of cord of 1m each
4 spacer beads
Jump rings
Cord ends
Jewelry Findings
Now, just let’s enjoy this video tutorial together!

Wow, making such coven bracelet is so easy, do you think so? Of course, you can add other cute beads to this woven bracelet, just you like. If you are green hand, then I should say “congratulations”, for you can start your DIY journey from this. And do you have any good thoughts? If yes, hope you can share with me really. Anyway, have a nice day~


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Nice Accessories Made by Colorful Acrylic Beads from Pandahall Customers

Hello, friends! Wanna make accessories by yourself? I will show you some easy making jewelry that you can also DIY yourself at home. Now, follow me to see~
 Colorful Acrylic Beads
Colorful acrylic beads, love? Ok, let’s start!
Flower Beaded Earrings
Flower Beaded Earrings
Designer: sarosh
See this pair of flower beaded earrings, it just use acrylic beads and clay flower beads, though that the earrings look so eye-catching. You can also make the delicate earrings, just send them to your friends, they will be surprised and happy for your minds.
Easy Beading Earrings
Easy Beading Earrings
Designer: Marek
The second accessory that I will introduce to you is also a pair of beading earrings. Differ from the first ones, this pair of earrings are so easy for green hand, what you need is the common materials which can be found on Pandahall.
Key Chain with Letters Beads
Key Chain with Letters Beads
Designer: d One Creative &
Do you love these beaded key chains? You can pick up your name letters or your friends’, and make one, I can bet they will be moved by your heart. What’s more, you can make this craft with your kids, I believe they will enjoy this happy time!
Flower bracelet
Flower bracelet
Designer: Detelina
Now, the last accessory, a flower bracelet! Have you been attracted deeply by this colorful beaded bracelet? For me, I will wear this flower bracelet when I enjoy sunshine on beach. It looks so lovely and beautiful. Do you love it?
These 4 accessories are the whole contents that I want to share with you, which one do you like best? I suggest you to make them yourself, and I can bet you will be proud of yourself. Anyway, have a nice day!

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