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How to Make a Long Pendant Necklace with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Beads for Summer

In the long turquoise pendant necklace, I make use of the very cute yellow drop turquoise beads. With silver chains, the sleeping beauty turquoise bead necklace looks cool for the hot summer. Now let’s make a turquoise pendant silver necklace in 3 easy steps. You will like it!

Materials:Turquoise Beads StrandJump RingClaspChains (in 2 different sizes), 0.5mm Brass WireNeedle (optional), Flat Nose PlierSide Cutting Plier


Types Of Wholesale Jewelry Displays

Whether you showcase your jewelry designs at a jewelry tradeshow or sell through a retail store, it is important to make use of displays to get your creations noticed. By using fancy and the latest and jewelry displays, you will ensure that your jewelry pieces grab more attention. If you are a jewelry designer or retailer, you know how important it is to keep up with your competition. You can look for resources in magazines and keep up with the latest marketing trends. In addition, you can keep up to date with the latest news from the jewelry industry and boost sales all year round.

Today, there are many different types of jewelry displays available for retailers. Some of these can be quite affordable, while some can be extremely expensive. If you require showcasing lots of jewelry items at once, it is essential that you invest in different types and sizes of displays. But, buying them individually can cost you a lot. In that case, you must consider buying wholesale jewelry displays. Let us have a look at some of popular types of wholesale jewelry displays you can consider for your creations.

Plastic Displays

These offer the most convenient, attractive and affordable way to display your jewelry. They are durable and strong and will last for years to come. Different types and sizes of plastic displays can be used for different kinds of jewelry. Whether it is bangles, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, different jewelry items have different display options. They are available in a variety of shapes too. The four main types you can consider include:

Cards - these are suitable for mounting earrings and pendants. In most cases, jewelry items are sold with these displays. You can hang them on racks, but they cannot stand on their own.

Stands - these are suitable for all kinds of jewelry and they stand on their own.

Boxes - fine jewelry can be carefully placed in plastic box displays. They are great for showcasing the pieces and also for providing protection.

Cases - these are available in smaller sizes as well as bigger sizes. Cases are basically stands that have several shelves each being used to display different type of jewelry.

Vintage Displays

If you sell vintage jewelry, then it is important that you do not showcase them on regular jewelry displays. Vintage jewelry is different and therefore they must be treated differently. Vintage jewelry displays are available in many different types, sizes and styles to suit different jewelry types. These are designed to last for ages, thanks to the material used in their creation.

Leather Jewelry Displays

Leather jewelry displays offer a great level of protection for all types of jewelry. Whether you sell costume or fine jewelry, you can make use of leather displays. These wholesale jewelry displays are usually made with a base material which can either be a metal or wood and are lined with leather. Genuine leather is more durable than faux leather and it is important that you always buy genuine leather displays. The glass thickness and the lock options are other things that you need to consider when buying them.

If you are looking for quality wholesale jewelry displays at great prices, please visit us at Pandahall.

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How to Make My Own Glass Globe Ring out of Colored Wool Cords

Craft yourself a straight-lined, casual glass globe ring filled with pieces of imitation suede wool cord. Be fashionable by wearing big, colorful and extraordinary rings. Even with sloppy look a real highlight. Follow me to see how to get this globe ring down easily!

Materials: 1 pc. blown glass pendant1 pc. ring setting, silver color, Different colored wool cords, white, rose, pink, red, dark red, purple, A few chain ends (as desired), silver color