Leather Evil Eye Ring DIY!

Do you want an eye-catching ring but really easy to make? If you do, this lovely pink evil eye ring is just for you! It combines sparkle, leather and pink! That’s my favorite combination!


Jewelry making supplies I’ve used for this evil eye ring :
-an amazing rhinestone evil-eye bead
-a small piece of leather cord (mine is 6mm, a good size I think, don’t use thicker)
-a big-hole metallic bead that fits the cord
-a jumpring
-strong glue
-a headpin
-round-nose pliers


First cut the cord to fit your finger and slide the big-hole bead through.


Glue the ends.


Now take your rhinestone bead, slide it through the headpin and make a loop with your round-nose pliers.


To make the bead more secure, continue wrapping the headpin like this


At the end it will look like this (just make sure to tuck the end nicely)


Finally take your jumpring and use it to attach the bead to the ring.


That’s it! Wear cute evil eye ring and sparkle! PS: pink is one of the biggest trends this fall! (yes, it is!)  Never miss more jewelry making tutorials ~ Enjoy crafting!

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Video Tutorial: DIY Lovely Halloween Keychain

Happy Friday, guys! Do you have any plan about the weekend and want to do something interesting? Follow me, let’s make DIY Halloween key chain for the coming Halloween with some jewelry making supplies which are easy to get. I’m already to celebrate Halloween although there are 2 months left. Want to have a try with me? Let’s gets started!
Halloween keychain
As you can see from the picture, this lovely DIY Halloween keychain is mainly made by nylon , they look so naughty and connect closely to Halloween with the cute design. Now let’s see the steps in details together.
Materials needed in making DIY Halloween keychain:
2mm Blue Nylon Threads
0.3mm Copper Wire
0.8mm Black Nylon Thread
1.5mm Orange Nylon Thread
Lobster Clasp Keychain
Evil Eye Round Beads

So easy, right? A lovely Halloween keychain instantly finished. Cute as it is, it could also be used as cellphone keychain. You could get some wholesale jewelry supplies and use the same steps to make other crafts, like a bracelet as the above video shows. I’m sure it will be great gifts for your kids when Halloween comes.

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Make Jewelry with Pearl Beads

I think there is no doubt that pearl bead jewelry is timeless. At the very beginning, pearl bead jewelry is a kind of luxury which could only be possessed by royal families and the rich ones, but now it has become accessible to everybody. Since they are gorgeous and graceful, pearl bead accessories are very popular among ladies at all ages. And today, I’m here to share you some of our customers’ pearl beads works, hope you guys love them!

Pearl bead cluster earrings – Design by Julija Dukate

pearl bead cluster earrings

To make these elegant earrings, all you need are grade A freshwater pearl beads, cross chains, headpins, and earring hooks. The materials are quite simple and easy to get, but once they are put together, they can make super graceful earrings, that’s really magic right? Or maybe we should say those pearl beads are really magic!

Wire wrapped pearl earrings – Design by sarosh shamsi

wire wrapped pearl earrings

I always think wire wrapped jewelry is amazing. But I’m really not good at wire wrapping, so those who can play well with jewelry wire are my idols. LOL. Without any surprise, when I saw these lovely earrings at first time, I was attracted by them! Do you guys love them as I do?

Pearl bead bracelet – Design by Mary Elliott

pearl bead bracelet

A simple bracelet made by pearl beads and decorated by rhinestone spacer beads and infinity link charm, it looks both eye-catching and low-key. What a fabulous design!

Statement pearl and chain necklace –Design by Алена Венгерstatement pearl and chain necklace

Does anybody think this pearl bead necklace looks very familiar? If you have watched the TV series 2 Broke Girls, you must be quite familiar with it. It’s quite the same with Caroline’s lucky pearl necklace!

Caroline's pearl bead necklace

See? Looks really alike right? So cute!

More pearl beads works:

mysterious purple pearl necklace

Mysterious purple pearl necklace designed by Марина Кириченко

Tibetan style pearl chandelier earrings

Tibetan style pearl chandelier earrings designed by Evgeniy Slomintsev

colorful pearl bead jewelry set

Colorful pearl bead jewelry set designed by Nina Furu

Now, after seeing so many wonderful pearl bead jewelry made by our customers, do you have the impulse to make one by yourself? If you have any lovely DIY jewelry, welcome to share with us!


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New Arrival-Amazing Snap Buttons for Jewelry Making

Hello dear readers, happy Monday, and welcome to New Arrival. Last week, I shared with you many ready-made beautiful bracelets that you could buy directly from our pandahall.com. Now this week, I will share you some new arrival-snap buttons for jewelry making. Normally snap buttons are flat round but today’s snap buttons take on rather adorable shapes. I am so sure that you will like them. Now take a look.
snap buttons Snap button-plants
snap buttons-plants How lovely it will be to use these snap buttons to make cute hair clips with hair findings! They will look extremely good for little girls.
Snap button-animals
snap button-animals Aren’t they cute and lovely? I love the butterfly snap most. Which one is your favorite?
Snap button-Christmas
snap jewelry-christmas Those snap buttons are best for Christmas, don’t you think so?
Snap button-umbrella
snap button-umbrella Have you ever thought of snap buttons of umbrella shape? Then you can never miss this new snap buttons lines.
Snap jewelry 
snap jewelry1 Gorgeous! Look at those fabulous and charming snap jewelry, aren’t they a feast to eye? Combine the snap buttons with bracelet clasps and ring findings, these beautiful snap jewelry will be yours. Nice try.
Here is another example of those interchangeable snap buttons for jewelry making. Aren’t they too easy to make for you jewelry lovers?
snap jewelry So what do you think of those snap buttons? Are they charming and attractive? This interchangeable snap buttons are versatile that they can be made into necklaces, bracelets, hair accessory and so on to satisfy different needs. Now check more charming and cute snap buttons at new snap button lines.

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6 Stylish Pendant Necklaces You Should Never Miss

There is no doubt that necklace is one of the most basic and important accessories for girls. Every girl has her own taste. If you ask me what kind of necklace I like best, I will answer pendant necklace without hesitation. So I bet you guys must have known what I will share with you today, right? Here are 6 stylish pendant necklaces which I love very much, hope you like them, too.
pendant necklace
Album pendant necklace
album pendant necklace
The pendant of this necklace is an album, which looks so unique. We could put in the photos of our lovers’, it feels like our loved ones always accompany in our side. So romantic, right?
Cube pendant necklace
 cube pendant necklace
This cube pendant necklace is mainly made up with glass beads and seed beads, which are easy get. The cube pendant makes the necklace full of special temperament and will help you win attention in public.
Heart pendant necklace
heart pendant necklace
Heart pendant necklace is always on the fashion trend. Even though this love pendant necklace looks very simple, it can still give off vogue like other heart pendant necklace does.
Crescent pendant necklace
crescent pendant necklace
Blue sapphires and antique natural diamonds add much vintage feeling to the crescent pendant, which reminds me of werewolf, in the TV plays werewolf transforms into wolf every time the full moon appears. Do you have the same connection in the mind?
Tree pendant necklace
tree pendant necklace
Do you like this handmade tree pendant necklace? Aluminum wire and acrylic beads are the basic materials you’ll need for making it. If you are going to make it, you could choose other beads as you like.
Tribe pendant necklace
tribe pendant necklace
Frankly speaking, this one is my favorite pendant necklace among the six. Jade beads and metal spacer beads are the main materials. The vintage pendant makes the necklace full of exoticism. It is mysteries, yet fabulous and fashionable.
So, what do you think those pendant necklaces? Do you have a better understanding of pendant necklace? In fact most of those pendant necklaces are handmade, and the materials are easy to get. You could get some jewelry making supplies and tutorials online, I’m sure you will create much more fabulous pendant necklace than I have mentioned above.

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