Pandahall Best Sellers – Characteristic Leaf Jewelry You can Collect

Hello lovely friends! Happy to see you on Friday~ Today I will bring some of our best sellers to you all. Here I choose some leaf link, pendants and earrings. Hope there is you favorite leaf jewelry. Then follow me to see them together~
First of all, leaf plating iron pendants
leaf plating iron pendants
The leaf pendants are so vivid and lovely, do you like them? It’s about 20~60mm wide, 50~95mm long, 0.6mm thick and the hole is 3.5mm. For me, I will attach a silver twisted chain with a silver leaf pendant, then I will get a nice and simple pendant necklace. Do you wanna have a try? They are 30% off now and you can find them with: IFIN-N3253-22.
Second, brass computer beaded patch maple leaf pendants
brass computer beaded patch maple leaf pendants
Brass pendants with maple leaf are popular in several decorations. As you can see, these leaf pendants are of exquisite workmanship, and they are also 30% off now. Their size: 13mm wide, 17mm long, 0.5mm thick and the hole is 1mm. You can search KKC-F001-17 to find them.
Next, antique bronze Tibetan style leaf links
antique bronze Tibetan style leaf links
The Tibetan style leaf links are lead free and nickel free, 13mm long, 14mm wide, 2mm thick and the hole is 2mm. You can add them to necklaces, as charms, links, or pendants, and I can bet the jewelry will be characteristic. They are 35% off now and the item code is: TIBE-A13982-AB-FF.
Last but not least, Tibetan silver leaf pendants
Tibetan silver leaf pendants
This Tibetan leaf pendant is lead free and cadmium free, about 47.5mm long, 38mm wide, 4mmm thick and the hole is 1.5mm. It is 6% off and you can get 80 pieces with only $9.48. If you like the leaf pendant, you can search its item code LF10890Y to find it.
Here I bring 2 pairs of leaf dangle earrings to you. The leaf one is leaf turquoise dangle earrings, with rhinestone beads and iron earrings hooks. It is 6% off now and you can get 3 pairs with $2.43. The right one is leaf cluster earrings, about 93mm long. It is 9% off now and you can get 6 pairs with $6.11. The item code: EJEW-JL144 and EJEW-JL033.
leaf dangle earrings
For more hot sellers, please visit our web, it will surprise you a lot!

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Fantastic Beading Bracelets Collection Made by Pandahall Customers

Hello, friends. Happy Wednesday! How is everything going with you guys? Are you looking for any beading bracelets patterns? Then I think today’s Pandahall post can bring you any inspiration. Now, I am going to show you a collection of fantastic beading bracelets made by our Pandahall customers. Hope you will love them.
Double Beads Strands Bracelet
Double Beads Strands Bracelet
Designer: Katsiaryna Mukhortava
Materials: faceted round agate beads, clear glass beads strands, brass rhinestone spacer beads, faceted handmade glass beads, Tibetan style charms
Pretty charm beaded bracelet, do you like this style? The combination of different kinds of beads is always a good way to design jewelry, do you agree me? It might be a great thought to add other types of beads onto this bracelet making. Do you want to try it?
Glass Pearl Beads Bracelet
Glass Pearl Beads Bracelet
Designer: Andrea Nagyimre
Materials: glass pearl beads strands, black nylon thread
Have you ever made the similar bracelet? You know that this kind of nylon wrapped bracelet with beads is popular among jewelry fans. You can also try to make one and add the beads you like.
Multi Strands Acrylic Beads Bracelet
Multi Strands Acrylic Beads Bracelet
Designer: Nina Petrovna Pylnova
Materials: red acrylic beads, alloy watch band clasp
Look at this multi strands beaded bracelet, elegant design, yes? Slide the red acrylic beads onto wire and connect them with this band clasp, then this bracelet is mostly finished. Don’t you think it is easy? Do you want to try another bead color?
Pretty Beaded Bangle
Pretty Beaded Bangle
Designer: Karina Wójcik
Materials: imitation jade glass beads strands, frost transparent glass beads, rhinestone European beads, rhinestone European clay beads
Imagine this beaded bangle match with a skirt in summer, beautiful! This light beaded bracelet is perfectly suitable for this summer. You can wear it and attend any occasion you like. Have any interest?
Which type of bracelet do you like best? Tell me your thoughts and feel free to share us your works. Thank you! See you next time~

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Pandahall New Arrivals – Cool Jade Beads You will Need in Making Jewelry

Hey lovely readers! Happy to see you on Monday again. The exciting and wonderful Olympic Games is over, all the athletes are delightful and excellent, yes? During the free time, I also prepare some new arrivals – jade beads – from our web and here I will share with you all. Let’s see together~
Round Dyed Natural Jade Beads
Round Dyed Natural Jade Beads
The color of the jade beads is quite fresh and clear, right? You can make an easy bracelet with one color or mix many colors, isn’t it a good idea?
Natural Chip Beads Strands
Natural Chip Beads Strands
Chip beads are widely used in jewelry making. Here I bring some popular chips beads to you all, you can thread some of them to make a simple jewel, or you can add some chip beads with other jewelry beads or findings, then it will be a nice jewel.
Drop Dyed Natural Malay Jade Beads
Drop Dyed Natural Malay Jade Beads
The drop jade beads are colorful and chic. For me, I will choose to use them as pendants or dangles with earrings or necklaces. Do you have any other good thoughts?
Faceted Flat Round Dyed Natural Malay Jade Polymer Clay Rhinestone Beads
Faceted Flat Round Dyed Natural Malay Jade Polymer Clay Rhinestone Beads
Like the last kind of jade beads, this kind of jade beads include clay rhinestone beads as well, but they are flat round. You can make a statement necklace with these jade polymer clay rhinestone beads, the final work will be shining.
During all the jade beads I bring to you today, which one do you like most? There are more other new arrivals on our web, and I will show to you next time! See you then~

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Tassel beaded keychain to DIY!

Let’s make an easy keychain with tassels and beads! It could make a great and not very expensive gift for a friend, after all who doesn’t love a new keychain?


Materials :
-Keychain ring
-Various beads
-Charms of your choice


First, take some headpins and cut the heads. Form a loop at one end using round-nose pliers. Thread some beads and attach any charms you like. I chose a heart and a crown! Secure the other side again with loops.

needs photoshopedited

Now using round-nose and flat-nose pliers, open some jumprings and attach the headpins you made and the tassels in them.


With the open jumprings attach the headpins with the beads and charms and the tassels too, to the keychain ring. Close the jumprings and you are done!

fix itedited

You can use this as a bag charm too! How cute is your new tassel and beads keychain?


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Pandahall Hot Sellers – Shining Jewelry Findings and Beads

Her body! Happy to see you on Friday! As usual, today I will bring you some hot sellers. Here you will see some jewelry beads and findings, hope you will like it. Then let’s see~
black plated alloy owl pendants
First, black plated alloy owl pendants
The first one that I wanna show you is owl pendant, so vivid and cute, right? The Tibetan style own pendants are cadmium free and lead free, about 52mm long, 34mm wide, 3mm thick and the hole is 3mm. The owl pendants are limited in stock, so if you like them, you need place order as soon as possible. Their item code: X-TIBEP-13743-B-RS.
Second, half round cat eye cabochons
Cat eye beads is always popular, and here I bring to you is cat eye cabochon. It is 12mm in diameter, 3mm thick. You can get 300 pieces with $10.52, and the item code: CE-J002-12mm-M.
Third, environmental brass micro pave cubic zirconia crown beads
See these crown beads, they are spackling and chic. They are 12mm wide, 12.5mm long and the hole is 1.5mm. They are also lead free, nickel free and cadmium free, and you can find them with: ZIRC-M069-14-NR.
The last one is triangle alloy charms
The triangle charms are quite shining, and they are suitable as pendant with necklace or dangle with earrings, do you agree with me? The gold pendants are $10.35, with 9% off. Search ZIRC-R007-039A-02 to find them.
For more hot sellers, welcome to visit our web, and you will happy to find more cute and good quality items.

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