Step-by-Step Patterns on Making Fish-like Wire Earrings


Today I’m going to tell you how to make wire earrings step by step. If you are fond of wire earring patterns, come and follow me!

Do you like DIY some aluminum wire earrings? It is quite interesting in making some wire earring patterns. Here is a detailed tutorial on making wire earrings with glass bead dangles. Hope you enjoy it!


10mm Deep Sky-blue Glass Beads
8mm Medium Blue Glass Beads
6mm Deep Sky-blue Glass Beads
6mm Light Green Glass Beads
6mm Khaki Glass Beads
6mm Red Glass Beads
1.5cm Dodger Blue Aluminum Wire
Earring Hooks
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutter Pliers

Why Wholesale Charms Are Ideal for Improving Your Jewelry Designs

Charm is a small trinket which is thought to have magical properties. It can be used as a part of an amulet, bracelet or a necklace. From ancient times, people have been wearing charms to ward off evil and get over bad luck. In the earlier times these charms were made from shells, bones or even clay. Gradually they were made from wood, rocks and gems. Today wearing a charm has become fashionable and many jewellery manufacturers are providing wholesale charms for the fashion conscious population. Thus wearing of charms which started as a sign of good luck or for protection, developed into fashion by the favour it found among the elite like Queen Elizabeth, and has today become a profitable industry catering to thousands of youth who are wearing charms for looking fashionable.

Various types of wholesale charms

v  Spirituality charms

With an increase in lifestyle disease like stress, high blood pressure etc, people are turning to Spirituality for calm and ability to deal with the constant pressures they live in. Thus there is an increasing demand of charms which are being made with an eye to cater to this segment by providing charms that are made with Rudraksh nuts, horseshoe shaped, Talismans, Swastiks, crosses, acorns, keys, Aphrodite’s hearts etc. These charms are supposed to bring good luck, health and wealth to the wearer by being in contact with the body of the wearer. The constant rise in demand is giving a good opportunity to manufacturers to make these charms. Many big manufacturers have introduced wholesale charms to enable retailers and smaller players to buy the charms at lower costs and maximise their profits.


v  Collectable charms

Some people are fond of old things and like to keep them as remembrances of some particular incident or person. They may be used to get inspiration or strength in times of troub

le or just give a sense of well- being to the person wearing them.  The collectible charms also come in variations of steel, alloy, string and Beads, clay etc. People use them by inserting photos of their loved ones and wearing around the neck or as bracelets. Most of these are personalised charms but with constant demands these are also available as wholesale charms with modifications for customising for individual needs.


v  Fengshui  charms

Fengshui or the study of astrology in china is known as Fengshui. These charms are available in a wide variety and are also sold on most online sites as wholesale charms to cut down on prices. You can buy charms which will help you to strengthen the good chi and weaken or remove the bad chi.

Mystic knots charms are available in various colours to use for a happy life and abundance of good fortune. They are further enhanced for brining good luck by addition of coins.

Fu dogs made from ceramic are commonly used as charms on bracelets and will help you in protecting your house from burglary. These Fengshui charms are abundantly available at most online jewellery stores selling wholesale charms.

If you are a fan of a particular kind of charm or just love a charm to create a distinct look or looking to buy some for retailing visit which offers the largest selection of wholesale charms. 

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This article is about how to make pink beaded pearl bracelet at home, you can follow me to have a try. Come on!

Have you ever want to make a pink beaded bracelet? In this tutorial, I will guide you how to make pearl bracelet at home. You just need to prepare some pink pearl beads, Czech glass beads and nylon wire. Now follow me to make it.


Acrylic imitation pearl ball beads
Czech glass beads
Nylon wire
Lobster clasp

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Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts on Making a 3-strand Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet

Check out this unique mother’s day gifts jewelry and learn how to make pearl and ribbon bracelet for mom in an ingenious and artful way.

What gift will you give to your mom in this Mother’s Day? Well, here’s a distinctive idea on making a 3-strand pearl and ribbon bracelet. Even though making this bracelet is quite easy, tie up the beads one after one snugly and neatly may still require lots of patience. Keep reading to follow the details!


Decorative Pearl Beads
Acrylic Transparent Beads
Tiger Tail Wire
Wide Chain
Strap of Stain Ribbon