Jewelry Show—Fabulous Antique Silver Earstuds with Glass Rhinestone Cabochons

These stud earrins are crafted out of antique silver earstud components and glass rhinestone cabochons. Simple yet beautiful! Love the design? Just find the jewelry findings at to make one for your own.

Wooden Beads – A Natural Feeling to Fashion

There is something about wooden beads that sets them apart as the fashion accessory that’s a must have, no matter who you are and what your fashion preferences are. The sleek look that they have is something that is eye catching to everyone. Whether it’s a catchy bracelet or a beautiful ornament, everybody wants it. Being inexpensive and available in a multitude of shapes, sizes and textures, they are a sure hit, no matter what you’re wearing them on.

What sets wooden beads apart as a fashion accessory is the material that they’re made up of. The question is, what is it that’s so special about wood? The answer is diversity. Wood has a huge range of colors, patterns and densities depending on the type of wood. Not only that, it’s also easy to handle and carve. There’s a whole range of processes you can put it through like burning, lacquering, polishing etc. that all create unique results, end product being a variety of beautiful and artistic beads.

Making wooden beads means you need wood. But not just any wood is used. Fruit trees are given a preference as the wood from these trees has more fragrance in them. Most companies that manufacture these beads prefer using fir or basswood. However there are also some kinds of hardwood like the Mahogany, Burma Teak or the African Ebony that are used so much because of their beauty and structural properties that they have become endangered and are now protected by law. Of course the cause isn’t the bead-making industry as wood has a number of other uses too like construction and the making of paper.

In the past traditional tools were used to make these beads, a process that was long and mind numbing. But being in the 21st century aka “the age of technology”, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, modern lathes are being used by numerous companies for making these beads which means a process that’s much faster, more efficient, more accurate and much cheaper than manual labor. A number of modern modifications are also introduced now for increasing the beauty of the beads. Assembling for example is a process in which several combinations of wood are combined and then shaped into a unique looking bead. Other process like bleaching, coating, oiling etc. are also standard industry process to enhance the beauty of the beads.

Since their introduction as a fashion accessory in the 1920s, wooden beads have grown into a very dynamic accessory. They not only hold a fashion value, but are also considered a part of culture and tradition in several parts of the world. Some users are also seen taking the use of these beads much farther than an accessory or tradition. Prayer beads are specifically made out of wood and have a special value to the more spiritual users.

Being easily available, unique and cheap, wooden beads are something that will always be an accessory of choice when it comes to fashion or tradition.

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How to Bead Jewelry-pair of Cheery Star Earrings for Christmas


Here we would like to share a jewelry making tutorial about how to bead a pair of cheery star earrings for Christmas with you. Christmas is the biggest festival in many countries, and many jewelry designs are preparing for this festival now. For this pair of Christmas earrings, we only need earring hooks, seed beads (red and green) and nylon wire. For the detailed instructions, please click the following link to check.

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