May Promotion – Sales for Early Summer

Hello lovely readers! PandaHall monthly promotion as usual! If you missed our April promotion, never mind, you can get your desired items at cheap price this month! Now come with me to check what we’ve got on sale!

may promotion

The sale will last from May 3rd to May 17th, 2016 PST. And you can get free shipping for orders valued $349+! If you are planning to buy some wholesale jewelry beads and findings, never miss this chance! Following are some details of our promotion items, take a look and you’ll find something you’ve been looking for!

may promotion 1

may promotion 2

Besides the monthly promotions, we’ve prepared some free coupons codes for you either! You can use the following coupon codes while enjoying our month sales, what a crazy promotion!

Save $5 on your order of $50+ with coupon code PHPRMT5
Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code PHPRMT20
Save $40 on your order of $400+ with coupon code PHPRMT39
Valid until July 16, 2016 PST

Save $2 on your order of $20+ with coupon code: YTBPM2
Save $3 on your order of $30+ with coupon code: YTBPM3
Save $4 on your order of $40+ with coupon code: YTBPM4
Save $5 on your order of $50+ with coupon code: YTBPM5
Save $10 on your order of $100+ with coupon code: YTBPM10
Save $20 on your order of $200+ with coupon code: YTBPM20
Save $40 on your order of $400+ with coupon code: YTBPM40
Valid until January 1, 2017 PST

Any further questions, be free to contact our customer service: [email protected]. Happy your shopping on & happy crafting!

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Gorgeous Glass Beads Jewelry Designs from Pandahall Customers

Hello, dear Pandahall readers! I’m so happy to share some gorgeous jewelry crafts made by glass beads from our Pandahall customers here. Glass beads are widely used in making jewelry, and they are always nice and exquisite. I hope you can get some inspirations from today’s customer show. Let’s see together now~
glass beads
Colorful and shining glass beads!
Pink Beaded Bracelet
Pink Beaded Bracelet
Designer: Dusana
Do you love pink? Pink jewelry is always sweet and pretty, just like this pink beaded bracelet, yes? You see, there are so many different pink beads in this bracelet, including pearl beads, glass beads, jade beads and so on, and it is great for the warm spring.
DIY Ring
DIY Ring
Designer: Dusana
Do you wanna DIY ring yourself? If yes, then I hope this one can give you some information in making handmade rings. All the materials are easy to find and it is also so easy to make this one. Just try to make one yourself!
Fresh Beads Bracelet
Fresh Beads Bracelet
Designer: Dusana
Like the first 2 jewelry crafts, this beaded bracelet is also made by Dusana, and I love her works so much. There are many different beads in this fresh beads bracelet as well, yet the beads are more fresh and clear, and I think it is fit for hot summer more. How do you think of it?
Colorful Beaded Earrings
Colorful Beaded Earrings
Designer: Low
These colorful beaded earrings are easy to make, but they are cute, right? With so many colors, you can change a pair of earrings every day, and then you may change your mood each day. I think it will be a funny thing; do you wanna have a try?
Today’s jewelry crafts are beading works mainly, and there are many other styles on our web. You can search on Pandahall to find more customer show, and you can show your own works on it. Hope to see your great works earlier!

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The Difference Between Tinysand Charms and Pandora Charms

When you heard Charms, the most brand you will know is Pandora, right? It is a very old brand which founded on 1982. Pandora concentrate on making Luxury Jewelry, so the price is expensive.
pandora and tinysand charms

In facet , I’m not all about spending a lot of money on jewelry.  I like it, and wear it when I don’t have a toddler with me that threatens to rip open my ear lobes or strangle me with a necklace.  But

there are women in my family who love it.  They wear their favorite pieces everywhere they go.  So when Christmas, birthdays, or Mother’s Day rolls around, finding the right gift is easy, but costly.

So I like to choose Tinysand, a  cheaper jewelry instead of Pandora. I can use the rest money buy more charms to customize my own bracelet.

The common :

1.Good quality , both made of S925 sterling sliver.

2.Unique design with sophisticated technology.

3.Plenty of styles for you choosing.

4.Tinysand Charms can fit the Pandora Bracelet very well.

Here is the Tinysand Charms:

Tinysand charms

The difference:

1.Obviously, the brand, if you pursue the brand, you will choose Pandora, if you pursue cost-effective,just like me, you can try Tinysand charms, you will not disappoint.

2.Price, Pandora is 3 times price than Tinysand

3.Pandora came from Tailand, they have stores all over the world. Tinysand came from China. We only have stores in China. So you can just buy from our website.But now online shop is very

popular, and all the items on Tinysand is free shipping, you just wait one week, the package will arrived to your door, very convenient.

Tinysand charms

Tinysand is an option you can consider if you want something that will not hurt your wallet. It is worth the buck. I find that the overall quality is good and price is reasonable. Aside from the charm

bracelets, We have a lot of Fine Jewelry that will catch your eyes.


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Chain Necklace Making with Stones and Brass Tubes

Hello, guys. Happy Tuesday! Thanks for all your support for Pandahall, hope everything is going well with you. Today, I am going to show you a simple project on how to make a pendant necklace with stones and brass tubes, special design, right? You will know that how beautiful it is after seeing this post.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes1
Jewelry making supplies for stones chain necklace making:
Oval jasper stones
Brass tubes
Eyepins with different lengths
Jewelry pliers
Step 1: make the pendant of the chain necklace
Firstly, take out three eyepins and three jasper stones. Then slide them onto the eyepin respectively. And make a simple loop at the other end.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes2
Secondly, slide two brass tubes onto two long eyepins and make loops. Then connect one stone beaded dangle with them. You can add a jump ring or connect them directly with opening the loop. Here, the opening of the loop is chosen.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes3
Thirdly, continue to add another two stones then you can get this pattern like below photo.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes4
Fourthly, take out a bigger brass tube and slide two eyepins. Keep the direction of the two loops is opposite.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes5
Step 2: finish this chain pendant necklace making
Firstly, attach the third brass tube to the pendant pattern through opening the jump ring and fix them.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes6
Secondly, cut off a piece of chain with suitable length according to your neck. Then connect it with this pendant.
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes7
Now, this pendant chain necklace has been finished!
Chain Necklace Making with Stone and Brass Tubes8
Now, can you finish this pendant necklace by yourself? It is a really cool necklace, right? It should be a great idea that changing the color of the stone beads. Then feel free to share your works with us. See you next time!

Tutorial  source:

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SHARE TO WIN Mother’s Day Gift!

Gift for Mother's Day

Hello there! Mother’s Day is approaching, to thank you for your continued support, PandaHall decide to give away 20 stands of Grade A white shell pearl beads to two lucky winners (each will get 10 strands)! If you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts, never miss this gorgeous PandaHall giveaway!

How To Enter:

1. Like and comment this post with your favorite PandaHall products or your complaint about PandaHall service.
2. Share PandaHall Mother’s Day Giveaway images on Pinterest:
3. Share PandaHall Mother’s Day Giveaway post on Facebook:

Among all those three entries, you can choose each one to enter the giveaway. Ending time is May 8, 8:00 p.m. ,PST and two lucky winners will be drawn by The winners have three days to claim the gift, if there’s no response in three days, winners will be picked randomly from the remaining list.

Thank your for participating in, and good luck to you all!

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